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The chiefs of Lihuʻe, Wahiawa, and Halemano on Oʻahu were called lo aliʻi. Because the chiefs at these places lived there continually and guarded their kapu, they were called lo aliʻi. They were like gods, unseen, resembling men Hawaiian Chief Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland Prince Alexander Liholiho was the Son of High Chief Mataio Kekuanaoa & Princess Kina`u (daughter of Kamehameha I), succeeding the throne from his uncle, Kamehameha III on December 15, 1854. His brother Prince Lot Kapuaiwa was his successor, taking the title of Kamehameha

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Traditional Hawaiian Baby Names. These traditional names are perfect for Hawaiian babies. Ailani - (high chief) Aolani - (a heavenly cloud) Eleu - (alert, lively) Ikaika - (strong, powerful) Kamea - (the one and only) Keilani - (glorious chief) Koa - (brave, fearless Most baby names are derived from the Hawaiian language that attracts attention. They also believed that their names offer a natural and cool vibe to the baby. Some of the most popular and beautiful names are Ailani (high chief), Kai (sea), Keanu (cool breeze) and Leia (child of heaven) Mahalo! Hawaii's picturesque landscape and vibrant culture inspire images of hibiscus flowers, surfing, and white sand beaches. For Hawaiians there is an inseparable connection to the universe, land and sea that is reflected in the unique meanings of their names

Kalākaua told him to name her Ke-li'i-pahupahu-o-Kalākaua which means 'Kalākaua is a billiard playing chief.' Lili'u Kamaka'eha (Bernice Pauahi's hānai sister) was born on September 2, 1838, to the High Chief Caesar Kapa'akea and High Chiefess Keohokālole. She was named Lili'u (Smarting) Kamaka'eha (The Sore Eye) Kawika (kah-WEE-kah) is a Hawaiian form of David. David is an English name derived from the Old Hebrew name Dodaveha, which means beloved of Yahweh. Keoki (kee-OH-kee) is a Hawaiian form of George

Peak Popularity: The name Keanu hasn't ever been exceptionally popular in the United States, but there was a small surge in the mid-90s, likely as a result of famous actor Keanu Reeves gaining popularity himself. Keanu peaked at 512th in the U.S. in 2020, and was the 52nd most popular name in Hawaii Kahekili was a skilled warrior chief who, in the mid 1700's, had repelled an invasion of then Ali'i Moi of Hawai'i Island Kalaniopu'u when he attacked Kahekili's forces in Wailuku. Kamehameha, an officer in Kalaniopu'u's army, showed great bravery and skill in this battle even though Kahekili's forces prevailed List of Hawaiian monarchs. The Monarchy of Hawaii is the direct successor to the monarchies of Hawaiʻi, Oʻahu, Maui, Kauaʻi and Molokai. For those, see Aliʻi nui of Hawaii, Aliʻi nui of Oahu, Aliʻi nui of Maui, Aliʻi nui of Kauai and Aliʻi nui of Molokai. Kamehameha I established the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1795 after conquering most of the. Līloa - Name of an ancient chief. (2m) Loke - Rose,as a name and a loan word. (3f) Lokelani - Heavenly rose (11f.) An early twentieth century spelling was Roselani (4f) Lono - News, remembrance. God of agriculture and fertility.(1f,1m) Lopaka - Hawaiian form of Robert. (6m) Luana - Content, at ease. Name of a fictitious princess in the.

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  1. Hawaiian Names. Home » Names. Hawaiian names are used by the indigenous people of Hawaii. More Filters. Means the heavens or the chiefs from Hawaiian nā, a definite article, and lani heaven, sky, chief. Nani f Hawaiian Means beauty, glory in Hawaiian. Noa 2 m Croatian, Hawaiian, French Croatian and Hawaiian form of Noah 1, as well.
  2. 235 Hawaiian Baby Names With Meanings. Picturesque landscapes, vibrant flowers, and white sand beaches, Hawaiians have an eternal connection with the land, sea, and universe, which can be seen in their baby names as well. The rhythmic sounds of the Hawaiian baby names evoke exotic images of nature while staying true to their culture
  3. The name Hawaiiis a form of Hawaiki, the legendary name of the Polynesian homeland. After the first settlements sometime between AD 300-800, a unique culture developed. Diversified agroforestry and aquaculture provided sustenance. Tropical materials were adopted for housing, and elaborate temples (called heiau) were constructed from the.

Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the English name Gregory. ʻŌpūnui. Origin/Meaning: Big-bellied.. Walt Disney Studios. Keliʻi. Origin/Meaning: The chief.. Akana. Origin/Meaning: A Japanese given name from the Kanjis that means bright or play the music.. Kahananui Hawaiian Bamboo Forest image by mdrosenkrans from Pixabay Kane (God of Forests and Wild Foods) Along with Lono and Ku, Kane is the chief of the trinity of Hawaiian gods. He is the god of wild foods and the forest. He is the father of several Hawaiian goddesses including Pele, whom he banished from the heavens KEILANI: Hawaiian name meaning glorious chief. KEKEPANIA : Hawaiian form of Latin Stephania , meaning crown. KEKONA : Hawaiian name meaning second-born Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciatio KALEO: Hawaiian name composed of the elements ka the and leo sound, voice, hence the sound, the voice. KANA: This is the name of a Maui demigod who is said to have been able to take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii. KANOA: Hawaiian name meaning the free one.

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  1. Below are one hundred Hawaiian names and their meanings. Some have literal translations in the Hawaiian language, while some names are inspired by Hawaiian deities. Aelan means a beautiful flower Ailani means high chief
  2. Hawaiian Warriors. The ancient Hawaiian warriors were the battlefield fighters that would go to war for their territory and livelihood in the Hawaiian isles. Each of the major Hawaiian islands would have their own chief, and of course power and status was their priority. The Hawaiian elite warriors commonly known as the Koa, were the main tools.
  3. Ka Lupe o Kawelo is a new Hawaiian name for the Great Square of Pegasus and for the star line in which it appears. This star line includes the Kite and the constellation 'Iwa Keli'i (Cassiopeia), as well as the constellations Aries (Ram), Cetus (Whale), and the bright stars Fomalhaut and Achernar in the south
  4. The meaning of the name Ailani is: Chief, Leader. Additional information: This name more correctly means 'one who enjoys the honors and who exercises the responsibility of being chief'. Categories: Hawaiian Names, Pacific Islander Names, Polynesian Names, Unisex Names. Used in: Hawaiian speaking countries
  5. Receiving Names. It was a common practice amongst our ali'i to receive multiple names in their life based on events that occurred. For example, young Kamehameha received from chiefs and fighting men of Maui the name Pai'ea. During his life, Kamehameha also received names like Kūnuiākea and Ka'iwakīloumoku, and even the name Kamehameha.
  6. HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Honolulu Police Commission has tapped Assistant Police Chief Rade Vanic to serve as interim chief after Police Chief Susan Ballard steps down June 1. Vanic.

Iao Valley, Maui. Photo: Bernard Spragg. The word iao, on its own, means cloud supreme in Hawaiian. The name may have originated with the verdant valley's near-omnipresent cloud cover, largely provided by the equally emerald surrounding West Maui Mountains. The valley, now a 4,000-acre state park, is sacred and culturally significant Hawaiian Tiki Gods and Their Meanings The Four Major Tiki Gods Ancient Hawaii was a mythic land full of tiki-masked warriors as well as unique and interesting gods and legends. Here you'll learn about the top four Hawaiian tiki gods. Awesome Tiki Statues Ku - Ancient Tiki God of War Ku was the husband of the goddess Hina, Continue Readin The Hawai'ian approach to sex and sex education seemed to be fruitful in many ways. Sexual dysfunctions such as impotence and inhibitions of desire or lack of orgasm among males or females, common enough in Western society today, reportedly were unknown or at least rare (Pukui, Haertig, and Lee, 1972, pp. 84, 97) Hawaii is the youngest of the 50 states of the U.S. and the only one that is entirely an archipelago, or chain of islands. It's located in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental U.S., southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia.It is made up of over 100 islands, and of the eight main islands that make up the Aloha State, only seven are inhabited

A Hawaiian friend (Mrs. Pokini Robinson) who was familiar with old chief language and who read the chant for the first time was convinced that the various stages of the po are so phrased as to correspond with the development of a child from birth to the time when the light of reason dawns and he begins to ac Yuma - Son of the Chief (in Navajo) Micco - Chief (in Seminole) Alii - Chief (in Hawaiian) Desna - Boss (in Inuit) Hiamovi - High Chief (in Cheyenne) Bidziil - He who is strong (in Navajo) Kahuna - Held in high esteem (in Hawaiian) Awan - Somebody (in Awan) Akiak - Brave (In Inuit) Color-based Native American Dog Names

Royal Family of Hawaii Official Website. Royal School. Princes' and Chiefs of rank who are eligible to the throne. By the year, 1800 A.D., Kamehameha I became the first king of all Hawaiʻi by conquest when he united the Hawaiian islands. His first son, King Kamehameha II inherited the throne on May 20, 1819 followed by his second son, King. You may even have a nickname. Hawaiʻi Island also has several names. It is known as ka Moku o Keawe, or the island of Keawe. This name honors a chief, Keaweʻīkekahialiʻiokamoku, who was the great-grandfather of Kamehameha I. Because his reign over the island was peaceful and prosperous, the island bears his name: Moku o Keawe The Ancient Hawaiian Kingdom was during its period of Glory from 1219 to 1266 CE. There was a caste system on which the hierarchy of the Ancient Hawaiian civilization was formed. The people during this period depended on the nature for survival. The abundant natural resources were the main support for this densely populated civilization, which. OHA Chair names Native Hawaiian attorney Colin Kippen as Board Chief of Staff. News Release from Office of Hawaiian Affairs. HONOLULU (Dec. 21, 2020) - OHA Chair Hulu Lindsey announced today her selection of Native Hawaiian attorney and administrator Colin Kippen as OHA Board Chief of Staff. He will start on Jan. 4 1841 The Hawaiian Historical Association is formed, with Kamehameha elected as president. 1842 The United States recognizes Hawaii as an independent kingdom. 1847 TheGreat Mahele, a division of Hawaii's land among royalty, chiefs, commoners, and whites, is begun. 1850 Businessmen begin to arrive in Hawaii

Hawaiian chiefs were considered the all-important middle-men between the akua, or Gods, and the people. The ancient Hawaiians followed the aikapu system of religion, and this religion shaped everyday life. The aikapu system was built on the sacred distinction between male and female elements, and men and women were required to eat in separate. The traditional tattoo art from the Hawaii islands saw mainstream exposure in the late 70s and ever since then it is only expanding globally. The symbols from the Hawaiian culture sit perfectly well on the skin and these designs also have deep cultural meanings that make them even more popular choice. The most popular Hawaiian designs are

Desha (2000:193) mentions in passing a rebellion by Mahiʻololī, the famous chief from the powerful Mahi family in Kohala that was the chief counselor for Keakealaniwahine (Fornander 1996:128). Mahiʻololī rebelled against Mahiaeʻe (also known as Mahiua), a chief from Kona in an unspecified location that is presumed to have been in the. Hawaii Gov. David Ige announced Wednesday he plans to nominate Douglas Murdock, a former state comptroller, as the new chief information officer. Murdock, if confirmed by the state Senate, would succeed former CIO Todd Nacapuy, who resigned at the end of 2018 after nearly three years leading the state's information technology agency Other articles where Piilani is discussed: Maui: A 14th-century Hawaiian chief, Piilani, built the island's largest stone temple, Piilanihale Heiau (still extant), and an extensive road system. In 1795 the island fell to Kamehameha I. In the early 1820s both whalers and missionaries began to arrive. Whaling began to decline in the 1860s as the suga Some, like John Young, married into Hawaiian royalty and lived their lives according to the rules of Hawaiian society but sent their children abroad for schooling. Some Hawaiians took in the children of foreigners; Kamehameha's prime minister in 1807, a chief named Teremotoa, cared for the children of a Captain Hart, who had died on O'ahu. A list of Hawaiian Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings of Hawaiian Baby Names. Baby names from all over the world: Baby Names Advisor: Browse by Origin: Browse by Alphabet: Baby Boy Names Hawaiian: A name that signifies chief or sky. Kalea: Hawaiian: bright; clear: Kalee: Hawaiian: a form of Kali: Kaleen: Hawaiian: a short form of.

The Hawaiian religion had taken these ancient rituals and created the ideology needed to enlarge the Ali'i (chiefs) power and prestige over the people. These God Kings called Ali'i Akua emerged as direct links to the gods by employing a system of tributes and offerings to the gods and thus, the ruling Ali'i Law Enforcement in Pre-Contact Hawaii. Ancient Hawaii, or pre-contact Hawaii, is usually referred to as the time period prior to 1778 when Captain James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. Each island was ruled by a chief who was considered a god. At birth, these chiefs were given the authority to proclaim the law

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HONOLULU (Dec. 21, 2020) - OHA Chair Hulu Lindsey announced today her selection of Native Hawaiian attorney and administrator Colin Kippen as OHA Board Chief of Staff. He will start on Jan. 4. Mr. Kippen will bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that will assist the OHA Board in its work, said Chair Lindsey Native American names come from many diverse tribes and landscapes, including the Hawaiian islands. Because of this diversity, naming traditions tend to vary as well. A few names of places or tribes, such as Dakota and Cheyenne, have seen some popularity over the years, but most Native names—even famous ones like Pocahontas and Sequoyah—are. First Hawaiian Inc. executive Christopher Dods, whose family ties with the financial institution date back to the days when his father was chairman and CEO, has been named vice chairman and chief. In 1780, Kamehameha, the first and mightiest of four leaders with the name, began a campaign to unite the islands under a single chiefdom. Hawaiian chiefs had traditionally clashed over land and the resources of the sea, but many of their disputes were settled in ritualized combat, which resulted in relatively few casualties The police chief in the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i has a history of racist and discriminatory acts, a recent discrimination investigation has revealed. The Kaua'i Police Commission investigation found that Kaua'i Police Department Chief Todd Raybuck violated anti-discrimination policies for several questionable actions including squinting of the eyes and bowing of the head up and down and.

A veteran park ranger has been named chief of interpretation at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Joni Mae Makuakane-Jarrell, who has worked at all five national park units on the Big Island, is the. Other articles where Kekuaokalani is discussed: Kailua-Kona: abandoned traditional Hawaiian religion, and Kekuaokalani, who led the forces supporting the ancient Hawaiian religion; Kekuaokalani and his warriors were overwhelmed. Lekeleke Burial Grounds, 7 miles (11 km) south of Kailua, commemorates the battle. Hulihee Palace (1837), now a museum, became the summer residence of the kings who. Hawaiʻi & Pacific Section. (808) 586-3535. Database and web pages created and maintained by: University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library. 2550 McCarthy Mall. Honolulu, HI 96822. Hawaiian & Pacific Collections. (808) 956-8264. hawnpac@hawaii.edu Stop Automatic Slide Show. Slide 1: CNHA, DHHL Announces $5 Million in Rental and Utilities Assistance for all Native Hawaiians Slide 2: DHHL Publishes Final EA for Anahola Settlement Plan Slide 3: Nānākuli Drainage Lateral Cleaning Slide 4: Public Notice to Successors (Leases First Hawaiian Bank named Christopher Dods its new vice chairman and chief operating officer on Thursday.. Dods, 46, the son of former First Hawaiian Bank CEO Walter Dods Jr., has led the bank's.

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June 13, 2018. UH News. Deanna Johnson. Deanna Johnson has been named deputy chief of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of Public Safety ( DPS ). Johnson has more than 22 years of experience in law enforcement with the Pima County Sheriff's Department in Arizona, working her way through the ranks from deputy sheriff to bureau chief That projection has become traditional in Hawaiian canoes, some say as a place where an invisible but benevolent ancestral spirit ('aumakua) can ride. These were the canoes of Hawaiian chiefs who met Cook and the early European traders in the late 18th century. Europeans marveled at the workmanship accomplished with simple tools of stone and bone Aloha from Hawaii. There are six major islands to visit in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii! Each has its own distinct personality, adventures, activities and sights. We invite you to explore the Islands of Aloha to find your own heavenly Hawaii experiences

2 police officers were killed and 3 others, including the suspect, are unaccounted for, Honolulu Police Department Chief Susan Ballard told reporters Ancient Hawaiʻi is the period of Hawaiian human history preceding the unification in 1810 of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi by Kamehameha the Great.Traditionally researchers estimated the first settlement of the Hawaiian islands as having occurred sporadically between 300 and 800 CE by Polynesian long-distance navigators from the Samoan Islands and the Marquesas Islands, Tuamotus, and the Society. (First HPD Chief of Hawaiian Ancestry) June 1, 1946 to October 1, 1948 William Hoopai, assistant Chief of Police under Chiefs Weeber and Gabrielson, was named by the Police Commission as acting Chief of Police on April 12, 1946. On June 1, 1946 he was officially named Chief of Police. The position of Assistant Chief was temporarily left vacant King Kamehameha I was born into Hawaiian royalty. His mother, Kekuiapoiwa, was the daughter of a Kona chief. There were reportedly many prophetic signs that he would be a great leader, including.

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Sacred Burial Practices. by Betty Fullard-Leo. February '98. Heiau and Pu'uhonua O Honaunau (Place of Refuge at Honaunau), Hawaii. The house was the Haleokeawe the depository of the bones of the Kings. The heiau and the Place of Refuge are now preserved by the National Park Service and is open to the public. Drawaing by William Ellis, 1825 Several other old money landowners make up the next few names on our list, with the 106,883-acre Parker Ranch on the Big Island coming in at No. 5, and 58,417-acre Molokai Ranch at No. 7 Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto was appointed state superintendent of the Hawaii State Department of Education on August 1, 2017. Her education career spans over 25 years of equity-focused work across three states, in both lower and higher education, including two previous CEO/superintendent roles in Gilbert, Arizona, and Hartford, Connecticut. Dr

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The History of the Hawaiian Lei. The lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers, who took an incredible journey from Tahiti, navigating by the stars in sailing canoes. With these early settlers, the lei tradition in Hawaii was born. Leis were constructed of flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers, and. Hawaiian Warrior Helmet Most people call these Hawaiian warrior helmets but they are really called Makaki'i or Makini. The full size versions were worn by some priests during various ceremonies and also by ocean canoe paddlers. Long ago during a visit by Captain James Cook to Kealekekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, the ship's artist John Weber saw and sketched men paddling canoes wearing. At the close of the second migratory period, which concluded their travels with the world beyond them for more than six hundred years, or from a.d. 1175 to 1778, the people of the Hawaiian island group had, for the most part, transferred their allegiance to the newly-arrived chiefs Friday, July 2, 2021. Saturday, July 3, 2021. Sunday, July 4, 2021. Check Flight Status. West Oahu (Matt Kwock) Travel Updates and Deals. Flight + Hotel deal. Get $100 off and earn 5,000 HawaiianMiles with your Hawaii flight + hotel package*. Use code MSD7FH at checkout

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By Paul LeBlanc, CNN. KITV | 801 South King Street | Honolulu, HI 9681 Get more Pitbull Names for your dogs. Native American Dog Names from Tribes. When you like to choose your dog's name after a certain tribe or famous chief, then you can get a proper guideline from here. You will find several collections of names inspired by various Native American Tribes from the list given below

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We are happy to announce that Cooking Hawaiian Style is now an authorized dealer of Shun Knives. Cooking Hawaiian Style sells all Shun knives for inquiries on other styles email [email protected].. Cooking Hawaiian Style brings you these gourmet sea salts direct from Moloka'i. Our sea salts are created by a master salt maker and are complex on the palate - offering subtle sweetness with the. The Hawaiian Islands were far from harmonious at the time, with chiefs everywhere fighting each other for reign and control. Kamehameha's goal was to conquer and unite them all. Kaahumanu advised him B. Overthrow of the Kapu System. 1. Traditional Religious System Kept Intact During Kamehameha's Reign. A major event in Hawaiian history occurred in 1819, shortly after the death of King Kamehameha, with the overthrow of the ancient kapu system. Indeed, E. G. Craighill Handy has gone so far as to refer to this as the Hawaiian Cultural Revolution

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Mar 25, 2021. Alexander & Baldwin subsidiary Grace Pacific LLC, Hawaii's largest vertically-integrated materials and paving contractor, has named Myles Mizokami chief operating officer, effective March 1, 2021. Mizokami joins Grace Pacific from Nan Inc., where he served as director, Civil Operations for more than ten years. Prior to this. Enjoy outdoor seating at the h ighest rated luau in Hawaii on TripAdvisor and Yelp! Join the chief and his ohana (family) for an amazing evening of Polynesian culture and fun. Produced by Chief Sielu, the original world champion fire-knife dancer and widely regarded as the best and funniest Polynesian entertainer in the South Pacific Chiefs set aside large fields where they hosted competitions, the borders marked with colorful banners. Large tournaments could attract more than 8,000 spectators. Wagers and gambling were often important components of Hawaiian competition. Ali`i bet on the athletes they sponsored, risking great wealth or even personal freedom or life on the. Hawaii visitors and residents have the rare opportunity to buy beans directly from the grower. Some popular coffee plantations include Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, Maui Grown Coffee, Malulani Estate, Waialua Estate Coffee, Pele Plantations, and Rusty's Hawaiian to name a few