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  1. Plugins New in v0.2.13 # Plugins are custom code that Eleventy can import into a project from an external repository. List of Official Plugins # All official plugins live under the @11ty npm organization and plugin names will include the @11ty/ prefix. RSS: Generate an Atom feed to allow others to subscribe to your content using a feed reader
  2. 11ty Plugin Repository. Plug11ty is a community-run repository for 11ty plugins. It's powered using NetlifyCMS Open Authoring. If you want to submit a plugin, click the Add Plugin button at the top. Plugins Add Plugin. Blog Tools. This plugin is a series of shortcodes and filters that aim to help you write and organize your blo
  3. Plugins; Syntax Highlighting Plugin # A pack of Eleventy plugins for syntax highlighting. No browser/client JavaScript here, these highlight transformations are all done at build-time. Supports individual line highlighting. This is the documentation for eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight v3.x. GitHub. Contents
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  5. Eleventy plugin to assist with internationalization and dictionary translations

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Embed CodePen.io Pens into your 11ty website by using a ShortCode. It directly embeds an iFrame for efficiency (without loading CodePen's Javascript) This plugin is a good example for how you can use AMP as just that - a component library. For example, the plugin provides the option to opt out of AMP Cache delivery and to self-host the AMP runtime. This gives you complete control on how and where your page is being served. Read on to learn more about the plugin and how to use it The plugin can be somewhat configured. Refer to the customisation section for a complete look at the settings.. Usage. Wrap a text section with the footnoteref Liquid tag while making sure to pass it an id as first argument, and the footnote content as a second argument. See example.. Render the footnotes section at the bottom of the article layout (or where you feel like) using the. Install the plugin package. In your chosen OS's terminal interface, enter the command npm i -D @11ty/eleventy-img. This will install ( i) the plugin package as a development dependency ( -D ). Configure Eleventy to use Eleventy Image. Now that the plugin package is installed, you'll tell Eleventy that it's there by going into the project.

Hugo is a static site generator built with Go (a.k.a. Golang), released in 2013 by Steve Francia and actively (since version 0.14) maintained by Bjørn Erik Pedersen. Hugo is incredibly widely supported by Jamstack hosts and CMSs, and has more than 100K live sites, largely because of its well-deserved reputation for speed, simplicity and. Bryan: First and foremost, what we want to understand about 11ty plugins is they are basically modular portable config files that you can include in other projects. My first prototype, I did a short code, going into the images directory, find an SVG and spit the contents on to the page to have an embedded SVG as opposed to an image tag eleventy-plugin-cache-buster by mightyplow will add content hashes to JavaScript and CSS resources. Search for eleventy-plugin on npm; Adding a Plugin # Install the plugin through npm. # npm install @11ty/eleventy-plugin-rss --save Add the plugin to Eleventy in your config file # Your config file is probably named .eleventy.js An 11ty plugin is an NPM package that exports additions to your 11ty configuration. So all you have to do to add one to your site is to npm install the package and then add the plugin to your configuration. At that point you have access to anything the plugin offers. Most plugins are adding custom filters, tags or shortcodes

Plugins # New in v0.2.13. Plugins are custom code that Eleventy can import into a project from an external repository. List of Official Plugins # eleventy-plugin-rss is a collection of Nunjucks filters for RSS/Atom feed templates. eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight for syntax highlighting using Markdown and Liquid tags. Unofficial Plugins Part of what makes the 11ty image plugin so efficient is the fact that it caches images locally once it has generated them. This is great if you have lots of paginated pages with images that get reused, like for article thumbnails. Instead of regenerating the same image several times, 11ty will process it just once, and all subsequent requests. Recommended Eleventy Plugins. In the intro, I briefly mentioned there were plugins available, but that they aren't always needed. However, there are a few I tend to use on most projects, which include: @11ty/eleventy-plugin-rss If you would like to have an RSS feed, this official plugin provides some filters to help you to generate the feed. npm i @11ty/eleventy-navigation --save-dev Plugins must be referenced in your .eleventy.js configuration file before the final return statement: // 11ty configuration module. exports = config =>. We already know that eleventy is powerful. In this episode, Bryan Robinson will teach us how to take 11ty even further with custom plugins!- demo: https://11..

An 11ty plugin to help create responsive images using the Sanity Asset Pipeline. Bryan Robinson. Go to 11ty Sanity Image Helper Netlify Deploy. Official (made by Sanity team) Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Netlify builds. Go to Netlify Deploy. Platfor The npm package @11ty/eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight receives a total of 6,554 downloads a week. As such, we scored @11ty/eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight popularity level to be Small. Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package @11ty/eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight, we found that it has been starred 74 times, and. Weakness of 11ty: There is some change in files, 11ty rebuilds the whole site. It's painful if we work with markdown files and save them regularly! Cannot access the site while the building processing. Idea: Build manually, e.g. npm run build-local to _site folder. Copy all files in _site to a so-called folder _liv Check out my extended collection of Eleventy resources available on 11ty.Rocks! I spent a decade creating WordPress themes and plugins then flipped to product development + leading development of a multi-platform enterprise design system. My intro to Jamstack was with Gatsby, but 11ty fills a special place that is so needed for truly static sites

We'll be using the @11ty/eleventy-plugin-vue plugin. Create your project directory and install two packages: mkdir eleventy-vue-demo cd eleventy-vue-demo npm init -y npm install @11ty/eleventy @11ty/eleventy-plugin-vue --save. Create your Eleventy configuration file (the default is .eleventy.js) and add your plugin An 11ty plugin to help create responsive images using the Sanity Asset Pipeline. Use Sanity's Asset Pipeline with 11ty Alpha Release. This plugin is a template helper to connect Sanity's Asset Pipelines to your 11ty templates for images. This is currently in early stages. Installation

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To do this, I used an 11ty plugin: Respimg. This package automatically connects to Cloudinary and creates base srcsets based on some small configuration. I had it up and running in about 20 minutes. My biggest hurdle was making sure to allow my Cloudinary account to accept fetch requests from my domain Plugins # Added in Eleventy 0.2.13. Plugins are custom code that Eleventy can import into a project from an external repository. List of Official Plugins # eleventy-plugin-rss is a collection of Nunjucks filters for RSS/Atom feed templates. eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight for syntax highlighting using Markdown and Liquid tags. Unofficial Plugins

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Plugins # (New in Eleventy v0.2.13) Plugins are custom code that Eleventy can import into a project from an external repository.. List of Official Plugins #. eleventy-plugin-rss is a collection of Nunjucks filters for RSS/Atom feed templates.; eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight for syntax highlighting using Markdown and Liquid tags.; Adding a Plugin # Install the plugin through npm Eleventy Cache Assets Plugin. This is really handy for caching fetched data so as not to exceed API limits or do undue work on every build. 11ty Netlify Jumpstart is another from Stephanie Eckles but this time a quick-start boilerplate rather than blank canvas. It includes a minimal Sass framework, generated sitemap, RSS feed and social. 11ty can do more. This isn't everything 11ty is capable of. In addition to the features we covered here, 11ty also has data filters, plugins, shortcodes, and advanced configuration options to customize it to your needs. You can see everything 11ty is capable of in the 11ty docs With CloudCannon's WYSIWYG editor for 11ty, the whole team can contribute. Add your environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more to automate your build. 3 - Invite your content team to collaborate Give your team access to update the content on the site, using our Eleventy CMS, and without the help of a developer..

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Well, this is awkward. Despite migrating from WordPress to Jekyll only a couple of years ago, I am about 99% finished making a version that uses Eleventy (a.k.a. 11ty) instead. You can actually read this exact same post generated by Eleventy and/or generated by Jekyll.. I know what you're thinking: You're late to the game! Eleventy isn't even the new kid on the block anymore Install the plugin first, declaring it as a development dependency (which adds it to your package.json): npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight And then use the plugin in the build configuration, which in full now looks like this When it comes to choosing tools to optimize your JavaScript for an 11ty project, the choice is entirely up to you, if like me you don't want to configure a complex build, you can leverage the great work of others, by using Open WC rollup config. Here is my config. npm i rollup deepmerge rollup-plugin-output-manifest @open-wc / building-rollup - A collection of Eleventy (11ty) starters, projects, plugins, and resources created from Stephanie Eckles CSS Modern CSS Solutions for Old CSS Problems from Stephanie Eckles CSS Style Stage from Stephanie Eckles Tools, Color, Accessibility, Contrast Contrast Rati The next plugin I'm using is @11tyrocks/eleventy-plugin-emoji-readtime which provides a filter for outputting estimated read times. That's it, it does this quite well and with a emoji which I like! @11ty/eleventy-img. @11ty/eleventy-img is an official 11ty plugin that can do all sorts of magic things with images! My own plugins

Eleventy plugin for generating social images (using SVG) While porting my website to 11ty, I wrote my own plugin to automatically generated social-sharing-images for my articles. A social-sharing-image shows as a thumbnail for a website/blogpost when shared on social media. This plugin generates such images automatically using the title of your. Nunjucks; Liquid; Handlebars; This is a demo site for the Eleventy Reader Bar Plugin. You can browse through Nunjucks, Liquid and Handlebars templates to see the default and customized reader bars I'm creating (would like to create) an eleventy (11ty) plugin that can automatically generate Open Graph images based on a pages data. So in the template:--- generate_og_image: true image_text: text which will be baked into the image og_image_filename: some_file_name.jpg --- #some markdown.

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The jekyll-assets plugin syntax was removed so that assets were directly served from the assets directory. Up and Running with Statics. As a minimal fix to replace the Jekyll plugins for CSS and JS, the CSS (Sass) and JS were built with Command Line Interface (CLI) scripts added to the package.json using Uglify and SASS In this tutorial, we used Webpack to bundle assets (a simple bundle at that), 11ty to make our portfolio, and Halfmoon for the main design. Thanks to @khalby786 for making brockly, which made the browser-like previews. Some snippets of code (such as the sitemap and html mimifier came from 11ty/eleventy-base-blog and the 11ty docs

  1. So we're going to talk easy wins for 1) image format and size optimization with the <picture> element, and 2) automating your process in any JAMstack setup using 11ty's image plugin. This talk's based on an in-depth blog post you can find here! Ben Holme
  2. imgSource - The package will automatically download and optimise your WordPress posts featured images - and will generate 3 types of image files for modern browsers. This is done using the 11ty-image plugin if you want more detailed information about what that will do. But, it will only automatically grab featured images
  3. Creating Filters, Shortcodes and Plugins. Filters, shortcodes and plugins are among the most powerful features in 11ty. Let's understand the concepts and learn how to create them. This is the 8th post of the series - building personal static site with 11ty. Here is the GitHub Repo jec-11ty-starter if you prefer to read the code first. Filter

First, npm install @11ty/eleventy-img into your project. If you don't have npm, download and install Node.js. If you don't have a project, run npm init -y in a new, empty directory. Then head over to Unsplash and find yourself a nice image. I like to look for a nice picture of a Nebula. Here's a good Nebula Eleventy provides a standard navigation plugin, which is installed by entering the following: npm i @11ty/eleventy-navigation --save-dev Plugins must be referenced in your .eleventy.js configuration file before the final return statement For a while now I've been meaning to take a look at the Image plugin for Eleventy and this week I finally got around to building a simple demo. I'm not sure I used the plugin exactly as intended (I'm great for using tool the wrong way!), but once I wrapped my head around the plugin, it was fairly simple to get it working Minimal 11ty Tailwind Starter. A very minimal eleventy starter using Tailwind CSS for styling. It features a smart navigation component that sets active states automatically. See more details. 16. Dark Portfolio Theme for 11ty. This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty! See more details. 17. 11tyFram

Building the overview page for the articles was not much more than following the instructions in the 11ty documentation on paginations. You might find the sections Paging a Collection and Remapping with permalinks useful. Here's the front matter of the overview template, where pagination and permalink are the interesting parts 11ty comes with some useful plugins for markdown manipulation, one of these is markdown-it-attrs.. This plugin should be used combined with its big brother, the markdown parser markdown-it, which is already added in 11ty basic installation.. markdown-it-attrs uses markdown-it and adds the possibility to add attributes to HTML nodes generated from markdown DEMO: https://11ty-iiif-manifest-generator.netlify.app/ The program utilizes the power of 11ty, a static site generator (SSG), and the 11ty Image plugin to generate an overview page, a separate Mirador 3 IIIF Image Viewing Client page for each image(s) set, and a IIIF manifest for each image(s) set Some of the features offered by 11ty are: uses independent template engines. works with your project's existing directory structure. works with multiple template languages. On the other hand, Hugo provides the following key features: Run Anywhere - Hugo is quite possibly the easiest to install software you've ever used, simply download and run What is 11ty. To quote its website, Eleventy is a simpler static site generator, and simple is right, you can start with a single markdown file, and generate a HTML page from that. Author in a portable format e.g. HTML/Markdown, so I could post my content to other locations. As minimal build as possible

Here I want to show how you can create your own 11ty plugin. Below I'm going to illustrate how to lazy load images using Eleventy plugins. Concept. The idea is the following: In your markdown files you can freely use markdown images (via ![alt](img)) Eleventy Plugin to Embed CodePen.io Pens (using iFrame) Embed CodePen.io Pens into your 11ty website by using a ShortCode. It directly embeds an iFrame for efficiency (without loading CodePen's Javascript). Yet another 11ty plugin to embed CodePens into you pages. The other plugins that I had seen use CodePen's preferred Javascript based embeds

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  1. Goodbye Squarespace. Hello Eleventy, Tailwind CSS and Netlify! 05 Jul 2020. Early last month, I came across Eleventy, a simple static site generator, and this got me curious.Together with Tailwind CSS (a utility first CSS framework), I thought of transitioning my blog from Squarespace to Eleventy, host it on Netlify and take control of my content. I disliked the experience of creating and.
  2. This can be mostly avoided by using a good caching plugin. 11ty. 11ty is a simplified take on static site generators. I've been a huge fan of static sites since Jekyll first came out in 2008. There's something so nice about your website consisting of only HTML and CSS. Pros
  3. Turning manu.ninja up to 11ty. Apr 19, 2020 · 6 Minutes / 1,578 Words. I recently migrated manu.ninja to Eleventy. Never have I ever had such a pleasant experience with a static site generator, and I've tried many of them. This is why I want to share five snippets from my setup that might be useful for your own Eleventy projects

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By default it expects you to have a folder img which then can be copied passthrough by 11ty. What I did was: copy images to src/img; convert them to wepb + use blog post dates as a prefix. Gatsby in the other hand is coping through images linked inside markdown. To accomplish that in 11ty you can use eleventy-plugin-page-assets If you write a technical blog and use 11ty (or Jekyll or just use Liquid or Nunjucks) as your static site generator of choice you might run into a conundrum: How do you show Liquid or Nunjucks template code in your code blocks? Whether you use the official syntax highlighting plugin, a custom PrismJS plugin or something else you'll run into this issue I wanted to reduce the amount of JavaScript and was quite successful with a plugin called gatsby-plugin-preact. It replaces React with Preact and cut the bundle files size of my framework-[hash].js from ~40kB to 8.6kB. That was great, but at the same time, it was a bit strange to erase the developing framework React at build time Create a Sitemap.xml with Eleventy. Sitemaps are an underrated tool for helping search engines crawl into every corner of your website. Fortunately building an XML sitemap in Eleventy (11ty) like this one is super quick and easy.. Demo on GitHu From WordPress to 11ty. Since the beginning of this blog 2019, I was using worpress.com. It was easy to use, fast to set up, has fancy themes, I didn't need much to know about the technologies behind it, and it came with a reasonable good text editor for postings. But the ease of use had a price

11ty. 11ty is a Node.js based static site generator which can compile simple markdown files into HTML or can help you setup a full website with templating languages such as Nunjucks, Liquid, Handlebars, Pug etc. 11ty has extensive support for many templating languages. It also offers using static or dynamic data in your static site during build. #Getting Started with 11ty. This integration guide is following the Getting started guide.We assume that you have completed Step 8 and therefore can consume the API by browsing this url (opens new window).. If you haven't gone through the getting started guide, the way you request a Strapi API with 11ty (opens new window) remains the same except that you will not fetch the same content 11ty and tailwindcss template, Part II 3 min read. Part I: code - Setting up the scaffolding Part II : code - Enabling TailwindCSS. Enable tailwindcss # Time to get tailwindcss added and compiling into our project. Install the tailwindcss and enabling packages: $ npm install tailwindcss postcss-cl

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Finally, there were a couple of 11ty plugins that I did not use still set-up and most of the template files had unused or legacy keys in their front matter which was just, again, messy. I tided up all of the images and includes as part of the migration to webpack and spent a good few hours cleaning up the front matter and unused template files WordPress ranks better than 11ty when it comes to customization because of its large and thriving community, which has provided all the plugins you will ever need. Besides, these plugins are easier to use than what you will get from a static site generator such as 11ty eleventy-plugin-wordcount. Description. Eleventy plugin word count; which calcutates the number of words in a text corpus. Keywords. eleventy. wordcount. Publisher. fliptopbox. published 1.0.5 • 9 months ago Eleventy Plugin: Emoji Read Time. Display an estimated read time for Eleventy content, optionally with an emoji visual indicator. To Use. This plugin provides a filter that can be applied by passing in the Eleventy-supplied content variable, which work best from the layout used by the content. A simple string is returned, so the text formatting is up to you Eleventy Plugin Syntaxhighlight and other potentially trademarked words, copyrighted images and copyrighted readme contents likely belong to the legal entity who owns the 11ty organization. Awesome Open Source is not affiliated with the legal entity who owns the 11ty organization

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The amazingly capable Chris Biscardi has come up with a Gatsby plugin for this. It's not (yet?) listed in the official Gatsby plugins section, which gives me some pause, but I'll probably check it out. If it's not the answer, I'll probably just try to adapt this site's .11ty.js webmentions-related code for use in that repo. 11ty #. Eleventy is fairly new, if comparing to Gatsby and Hugo. It supports plugins and you can write it in multiple template languages, you can pick one or use them all together! Eleventy seems to have all the features I wanted ( no archetypes tho ), fast-enough build speed, easy-to-use collections to group content 11ty RSS. One of the great things about using 11ty as a static site generator is that it can be extended using plugins such as the 11ty RSS plugin. This plugin will allow 11ty to generate an RSS/Atom feed using the Nunjucks templating engine. To use this plugin in a project, it first needs to be installed using a JavaScript package manager such.

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Creating Filters, Shortcodes and Plugins ; Supporting Dark Mode in Your Website ; and probably more! Let me know if the above topics interest you. I highly recommend you to try out 11ty yourself! The development experience has been great so far. Here's the GitHub repo for the code above: jec-11ty-starter. I'll update the repo whenever I write a. Smol 11ty Starter Extremely minimal Eleventy starter to kickstart a simple multi-page site / a nearly opinionless foundation to continue building on. Created by Stephanie Eckles - @5t3ph - author of 11ty.Rocks, ModernCSS.dev, and SmolCSS.dev. Quick Start. Generate a repo from this template which will copy this project into your own new repo npm init -y. Now we can install Eleventy and Tailwind CSS. We'll throw in PostCSS as well: npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy tailwindcss postcss-cli autoprefixer. We need to create a page to test whether we've successfully set things up. In a real use case, our pages will use templates, so we'll do that here as well npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy. Markdown library configured with the relevant options and plugins. Layouts. One area Eleventy currently lacks flexibility is the location of layouts, which must reside within the _includes directory (see this issue on GitHub)..

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I've added a nice little 11ty plugin which generates a changelog for the site. Seemed like a nice resource to have available and it should me keep on top of my commit messaging. eleventy-encore. 0 5 0.0 HTML Basic 11ty setup using webpack encore. 11tysass. 1 4 6.9 TypeScrip Using plugins; And more! If you're up to the task, I invite you to try these out and let me know how it went in the comments below. This demo is not the prettiest example of an Eleventy blog. However, I invite you to check out my personal blog's repository for a real-world example of 11ty running in production An 11ty plugin allowing the use of ThemeUI within your templates. This project was bootstrapped with TSDX. TODO. Reach some kind of feature parity with the React variant of ThemeUI; Add some tests; Installation yarn add eleventy-plugin-theme-ui --dev Configur I'm excited to announce the beta-release of eleventy-high-performance-blog-a high-performance blog template for 11ty based on this very website. The template itself is based on the awesome eleventy-base-blog adding features centered around performance, accessibility and some SEO.. Sites based on this template achieve 100 points on Lighthouse in the categories Performance, Accessibility, Best. Can you get access to a pages front matter (or other data) in a eleventy (11ty) plugin. I'm creating (would like to create) an eleventy (11ty) plugin that can automatically generate Open Graph images based on a pages data. So in the template: --- generate_og_image: true image_text:. It's probably great, but I don't want to add another package to call an API. 11ty has the great eleventy-cache-assets plugins to load external data, and in our case, the data is not gonna change very often so caching the response makes perfect sense. So first let's add that package to our repo. Also, there is a token so we are gonna use dotenv