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Sometimes the mirror gets stuck when the battery runs out too. As for finishing the cocking of the shutter, stop moving the lever when the film runs out. Press the little button on the bottom of the camera and then rewind the film back into the cannister, then you can finish cocking the shutter by moving the lever. nathan_wong|2, Oct 29, 2016 Nikon FE2 film advance stuck. Video. Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable I am able to get it back in position by advancing the lever until I'm lucky and it works again. However, the same thing happens again as soon as I wind the lever again. 1. u/spaghett9 23d ago. Has the same problem on a fm2, it seems to have the same advance. In this video about the Nikon FM, I will show what was wrong with the film advance, it was the small part under the film advance gear that sometimes get stuc.. No. Oct 27, 2012. #1. Bought an FE2, known to have wind-on problems. I have opened the bottom and found that the film advance / shutter cocking incorporates a pawl held in position with a spring, and it is this pawl that is jamming after the shutter is cocked. The ratchet-ey bit that is on the spindle that goes from the wind on lever through to.

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  1. I had the same problem with my Nikon FE. I followed your instructions. It worked! When I moved the lever to the left, it allowed me to advance the film advancer, but did not moved the curtain, then I moved the lever to the right then I was able to advance the curtain. This is an awesome tutorial. Thanks a lot, I have a functional FE again
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  3. Most likely something is broken/bent in the gear/drive train from the film advance lever to the shutter cocking and film transport mechanism. When these cameras were new (1980s), Nikon warned against running them on the MD 12 motor drives at shutter speeds less than 1/60 for fear of damage to the drive mechanism
  4. The Nikon FE uses the Nikon MD-11 or a Nikon MD-12 as its standard motor drive. All the models from this family of Nikons up to the Nikon FM3A can use these motor drives. The setup will give you a modest 3.5 frames-per-second continuous automatic advance. This is convenient and the added weight of the setup will add stability when you're using the camera with a big lens and will handy for.
  5. I just bought a Vivitar E3800N. (My first camera ever). I put the film in, and tried to follow instructions, but am unable to push the Film advance lever all the way and click the shutter button so that I can bring the dial to 0 mark. Please tell me if you need any additional information for this

Sep 6, 2005. Shooter: Medium Format. Recently I found my FE with closed shutter curtain, mirror up and the advance lever stuck. It would move out for the meter but not further. After searching and trying all the repair suggestions I could find I tried this. 1. Remove lens, 2 I would like to find a repair person as the film advance lever is stuck half way I have an 1986 Nikon FE2 and it hasnt been used in some time. I have an 1986 Nikon FE2 and it hasn't been used in some time. When I went to use it, I can not get it to advance the film. The lever will not move

My Nikon FM has its counter stuck at 35. I checked this metal tab is out when I open the back of the camera, so I don't know where the problem is : (that engages the film counter) Find that lever and flick it a couple of times. It could be stuck. $2000 should have plenty of resolution, exceptional build quality, good 4K video capture. It's the way it was designed. The ball bearing mechanism Nikon developed specifically for the F3 trades off some play in the advance lever for one of--if not the--smoothest film advance mechanisms in any manually advanced 35mm camera. Sorry no fix for this, I'd just say enjoy that silky-smooth advance stroke. level 1 The film advance lever doubles as a shutter release button lock. to unlock the shutter release button e, pull out the film advance Note: The Nikon FE2 camera has one more shooting mode besides aperture-priority auto exposure: manual operation For details about shooting in this mode, refer to pages 25—26 Shooting with the Nikon FE2 was a wonderful flashback but also a realization that very few cameras today have that aura of quality and craftsmanship. A shame really. Some cameras come close and yet there is a difference. The dials and the film advance simply feel fantastic m.s_glassworks: Hi, i have problem that i would like to solve. this summer i took a roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 to shoot some family holidays (my first time with film photography) .this morning i got it developed and i was quite surprise with the result. most of the pictures look grayish and we can't see anything on it. all the pictures have been taken in auto mode ( I wanted to try it.

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Nikon FE2 film advance stuck : AnalogRepai . Can't advance the film because lever is stuck . The FA was Nikon's techno marvel from 1983. It offers manual, aperture-priority, shutter-priority and program modes. It was the first Nikon with matrix metering, which is still used today. The Nikon FE offers manual and aperture-priority shooting modes The FE was replaced by the newer FE2 in 1983. Rear, Nikon FE. enlarge. Specifications top. Intro Specs Performance Usage Recommendations. Type. Manual-focus 35mm film SLR. Electronic shutter with two mechanical backup speeds, mechanical advance lever. Manual (crank) rewind. Lens Mount. Solid stainless steel, baby. Colors. Chromed brass and black The 50mm 1.8 E Series lens focuses smoothly, but it not well dampened (probably need of CLA). The lens body has moderate wear. The glass is clean and scratch free. The aperture blades are free from oil and are snappy when the lever is engaged. For sale is the Nikon FE2 Black 35mm Film Camera Body with 50mm 1.8 E Series Lens film - Nikon FM2 lever cannot advance - Photography Stack The combo of the F801 and FE2 rather left the FA to be forgotten. All that said, even though the FA was well-spec'd, the main issue for me was that mine, at least, was a pretty unreliable camera

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Lomopedia: Nikon S2. In 1955, Japanese camera maker Nikon released the S2, which was a great improvement of the Nikon S model. This 35 mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera sported several notable upgrades, such as a much larger and life-size 1:1 viewfinder, top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec, a lever advance, lever rewind, hot shoe for Nikon. Nikon FE/FM film advance fix. For a Nikon FE, if you can continue to crank after you already cranked the shutter once, here is the simple fix. Open the bottom cover, bend the flat lever/stopper downwards carefully (Don't Break Anything), so it fit in the groove/notch to the circular metal disc its touching. You're done

Nikon FM film advance lever stuck. Nikon Fm und vieles mehr. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Films fear of damage to the drive mechanism The film advance lever return ratchet is a little smoother and quieter than the FE2 and FE. Like the rest of the FM and FE series, you must push the wind lever all the way over to. Wonder if anyone has had experience of the film counter dial getting stuck in a Nikon FE? I shot the first roll and up until frame 32 it was counting fine, then the film would still advance, the lever was fine and the last few exposures came out ok. So when I wound the film back in and loaded a new film the counter had not reset and wouldn't move Removing film advance lever (Konica Autoreflex T3) Konica Auto-Reflex rewind crank: Film advance lever stuck - pentax ME Super: Nikon FM2 shutter replacement with unit from FM2n: Disassembling 50/1.9 Canon Serenar - How? Has this Konica C35 been hacked? Olympus XA sliding cover sticking: How do i disassemble a summicron-m 90 from 1973 Nikon FE2 repair question. B-9 5:42pm, 22 June 2009. So i was out shooting a test roll of my new FE2 everything was working great the meter was dead on and the film advance was butter. Everything was great and i was having a blast. Then i got to the end of the roll and it was getting late so me and my fiance started walking back home as i was. Nikon Rroblem advancing film while installing. New batteries - Answered by a verified Camera and Video Technician. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them

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  1. The film advance lever is also the meter's power switch: pull it out exposing the red dot and the meter is on. The advance lever is ratcheted. Wind on with one long stroke or several short ones. On the front to the left of the lens is the depth of field preview button surrounded by the mirror lock-up lever
  2. The film advance lever on the FT2 is delightful - much nicer and more solid feeling than the sloppy mess on the much vaunted Nikon F3 (and I have two of those..) Why you no mention the cool meter readout on the left side of the top plate? Kinda groovy that you can meter from the waist and so be all set before bringing the camera to eye
  3. Floppy Film Advance Lever - posted in Non-Nikon 35mm Cameras: I took out my old Ricoh KR-30SP for the first time in a decade and noticed the film advance lever is all floppy and makes no clicking noise inside the camera, does this mean its toast? Im seeing these cameras selling very cheap on ebay and wont pay to get it fixed, but I wanted to run a roll through it, I guess not.
  4. MIR site on the Nikon F2. Amazing collection of Japanese F2 brochures. Wikipedia site on the Nikon F2. Classic Camera Revival podcast on the Nikon F2. Best Japanese site on the F2 (and others) An F2 site in Chinese. Prototype F2 and pre-mass production F2 test report, in French. Thierry Ravassod's web site on the F2 (and others) C.J. Odenbach's.
  5. Keep your Nikon equipment operating like new with Nikon factory service and repair. With both mail-in and in-person service available, our expert technicians provide diagnostics, maintenance, warranty and repairs for nearly all Nikon products. Schedule Service Approve & Track. Sign In to Dealer Account
  6. In fact, the film advance is so smooth, it's sometimes difficult to know if you have film loaded! The Nikon F3HP flagship is the ultimate modular system camera. The range of accessories for a professional is almost too extensive. And the viewfinder is humongous and one of the brightest viewfinders I have ever seen

A review of the Nikon FM2n with sample images on Ilford Delta 100 and Kodak TMAX 100. Is the Nikon FM2n a desert island camera? Reviewing the rugged 35mm film SLR camera from Nikon, the FM2n with two 50mm lenses, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AIS, and Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E Camera review: 14 years with the invisible Nikon FM3a. In January 2006, after 5 or so years of film photography with a combination of cheaper cameras (e.g., a Minolta SRT-101, a Fed-3 and an old Mamiya 35mm), I bought a like-new Nikon FM3A for $429 USD on eBay. Since then it has shot hundreds (if not thousands) of rolls of film, and has. Nikon FE2 shutter release problem: doug: 2 : 1 : 09-01-05 11:50 pm: ALPA mod 6b Speed dial removal: David: 1 : 1 : 09-01-05 07:15 pm: Flexaret IVa Film Counter and Cocking: Wim Abbeloos: 2 : 1 : 09-01-05 01:27 pm: What is a transportrer? Henry: 7 : 1 : 09-01-05 11:41 am: Canon Datematic: film does not advance, possibly stuck in a rewind. Camera Service. At ACR I specialize in mail order camera restoration of classic manual focus 35mm film cameras dating from 1960 to 1990. I can service many of the classic manual focus slrs that no longer have factory parts available, and many cameras that other repair shops say are unrepairable

The film compartment is very typical for Nikon SLRs of the era. Opening the film back of the EL2 is just like any other Nikon SLR, which require a simultaneous tug of the rewind lever while putting pressure on a black door release lever beneath it. With the door open, you can see a pretty typical film compartment My first foray back to film was with a Cosina Bessa R3M, which managed to break (first the curtain got stuck every other frame, and then the film advance lever snapped) before I got through a single roll of film, which really, really set me back, both psychologically and monetarily., but more psychologically The Nikon FM2 is a fully mechanical 35mm SLR film camera manufactured in Japan by Nikon from 1982-2001. When released, it filled the middle of Nikon's camera lineup, behind the F3. The target customer for the FM2 would have been a camera for professional photographers or advanced enthusiast. Every review you'll come across is likely to have.

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The film advance wore out on my FE2 -- it was a well-used camera when I bought it so I've no idea how many rolls of film went through it. First symptoms were occassional overlaps of frames. Don't know exactly what parts were involved, but the repair was about $150. KS Be more gentle with the film advance lever (I like to look after my cameras) Do close the dark slide (dark cloth) when loading film as it prevents dust landing on the inside of the lens (twist the dial on the base of the camera to close the dark slide) Mamiya 7 lens stuck Leica R6 vs Nikon FE2 Shootout (Kodak Vision3 500T. I did have an issue with the film advance lever getting stuck, but I gather thats a common problem with old manual camera which was easily solved by either putting the shutter dial in M90 (the shutter slaps back down), or by removing the base plate (3 tiny screws) and manually pushing the pendulum aside to release the lever The F3 with a 50mm f/1.2 is one of the most potent setups in photography, and i'm very happy to hear it has served you well! The plastic of the advance lever threw me off as well when I first got mine, but I quickly forgave Nikon when I realized the stroke of the lever was the smoothest in the world. And hey, it's from the 80's after all The Nikon F3 was Nikon's professional SLR camera released in 1980, alongside the consumer FM2 and FE2. It is manual exposure (with an aperture priority mode,) manual focus, and manual film advance and rewind. The F3 was the first professional Nikon to feature electronic shutter controls

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Not working. The film advance lever is stuck. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta In fact, from introduction to the very last model, the Nikon F received a number of updates, either improvements or production economies. Many of the smaller parts were first machined, then cast, and later stamped. Some of the well-known or important include: 5 film advance lever types; ergonomics and economie Review: Nikon FM3a. FM3a body with 50mm lens. Picture it, late Saturday night, a smokey bar in the quiet part of town. An FM2n is sitting at the bar nursing her third martini. Up saunters a rather smooth talking FE2. He shows off his TTL flash control. The FM2n is unimpressed. He shows off his aperture-priority stepless shutter

With a split prism, the Canon AE-1 is able to do that with aplomb, so bravo on covering the basics. However in every other way, using the AE-1's viewfinder is an act of frustration. The Canon AE-1 does offer TTL metering typical of the era, that in my experience is accurate as any 40+ year old center weighted metering has any right to be Be more gentle with the film advance lever (I like to look after my cameras) Do close the dark slide (dark cloth) when loading film as it prevents dust landing on the inside of the lens (twist the dial on the base of the camera to close the dark slide) Mamiya 6 lens stuck Leica R6 vs Nikon FE2 Shootout (Kodak Vision3 500T. The shutter can be cocked by a lever on the lens/shutter assembly, but no film advance. Multiple exposure / film stop selector: in front of the winding lever, Viewfinder: (in the pictures) Porroflex finder Pat.Pend. M, eye level reflex mirror, image in correct orientation, manufactured by Nippon Kogaku(Nikon), Japan, Tokyo, an early versio The meter is powered on any time the film rewind lever is pulled back to the first indent. At that point, the needle continually moves depending on the amount of light detected by the meter. It had a relatively squared off body, not unlike the Nikon FE2 or FM2 that would have still been for sale at the same time this N2020 was first. The Nikon FG is a 35mm SLR, made by Nippon Kōgaku from 1982 to 1984. It features Programmed, Aperture Priority and full Manual exposure modes. The camera was manufactured in black or silver finish. It replaced the Nikon EM as the company's compact offering, at the bottom of its SLR range, and it was in turn replaced by the Nikon FG20

[EXCELLENT] Nikon FE2 film camera Black Body | RARE BLACK | read please. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. No work, Lever stuck, does not load. It does not shoot. Light meter does not work. Sold as spare or repair only.</p> When you advance the new film to the next frame, check if the rewind spool , located on the opposite side of the film advance lever, rotates when you operate the advance lever. The film may initially have some slag in the cartridge so this in-sync movement may not happen for the first few frames, but latest when you arrive at frame 3 or so and. If you are at ease picking up a Nikon F3 with an E screen, the Df will be a natural. I've used digital SLR cameras for scientific and technical work since 1993. For personal use, I stuck with Nikon SLR and RF film cameras. The perfect combination was the Nikon F2AS and Nikon SP. In the digital domain, a Leica M9 takes the place of the. 1. 07-15-13 07:14 am. Vario shutter problem - shutter opens whilst shutter is being primed. Br1078lum. 2. 1. 07-14-13 08:24 pm. Canon f1 new removal of top covers. Wolverine

They are USELESS crap these days! The mechanical SRT series is better, they can work for weeks. I bought my first SRT101 when I was 17, it lasted for 3 years before the film advance lever got stuck. I missed that camera so much that I have bought 6 more but they all broke with with the same advance lever issue or had a mirror that got stuck The Nikon F was introduced in 1959. Integrating a newly designed mirror box, pentaprism, and bayonet lens mount with existing components from Nikon's popular SP rangefinder camera, Nikon's engineers were able to design a pro-quality 35mm camera that could be used with lenses longer than 135mm without having to resort to a reflex housing, which has its own limitations

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Nikomat EL. The Nikomat (Nikkormat) EL is the first focal plane shutter Nikon SLR camera with aperture priority (Av) automatic exposure capability, in addition to manual exposure setting. In fact, this is one of the first cameras in the world to offer aperture priority exposure control and an electronic shutter My first real camera was a Nikon FG-20. I used it for several years but never loved its feel — it felt small and the plastic film advance lever wasn't nearly as solid as the metal advance on the Nikon F2. The Nikon N8008 was an amazing, functional camera with lots of technological bells and whistles but felt plastic

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Join Date: May 2005. Posts: 814. An old camera store trick, but use at your own risk: Take off the lens. Rewind and take out the film. Pick up the body and firmly smack down the base plate into the palm of your other hand a few times. Sometimes this will free it up The film-advance is the noisiest part of the whole cycle thanks to its loud motor. You can delay that by depressing the shutter and not releasing it until you think it's safe for people to hear the camera buzz. The only difference a Nikon L35AD has compared to the base-model is its inclusion of a date-back Nikon Fe2 Repair Manual WordPress Com. FM10 From Loading Film Advance Problem In Nikon FM Maybe Some Stuck Parts Duration 21 17 Mikeno62 7 453 Views Developing Film LEVER RELEASE BUTTON NOT PROVIDED LENSES NIKON FM2 REPAIR MANUAL CREATED DATE FREE DOWNLOAD NIKON FM2 FM2N FM2

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A stop-down lever allows for depth-of-field preview as well as stop-down metering when shooting with non-AI (auto indexing) lenses. ISO setting is selectable from 12 to 3200, there's a multiple exposure lever, and a battery check light. Film advance and rewind are manually actuated, and there's a film memo holder on the film door If Nikon gave me cart blanche to alter the FM2n in any way I wanted, here's the full set of changes I'd make: (1) add a spot meter; (2) add a film cartridge view window on the back so you can see what film's in the camera; (3) move the meter indicator to the left side of the frame, next to the shutter speed (alternatively, add a high-eye point. I was just testing out the Olympus OM-2 shutter when I notices that the multi-stroke advance lever sometimes slipped. Now I have read online that many Olympus users do have to advance the lever a couple of times to charge the shutter, but this one sometimes free flows. So lets take a look My wife's Nikon FG is experiencing an issue. Taking a shot, the shutter didn't seem to open, and the mirror raised, but didn't go down. I can push the mirror down by hand, but it flips back up. Ideas? Sent from my iPad using ThePhotoForum.com mobile ap

shutter and film Our HD Pentax-FA Limited Lens Giveaway has started! Be sure to claim your daily raffle entry. Looking to get involved in the community? Check out some of our top sections: Recent Photos. Got a Nikon FE with AI 50mm 1.4 spring last year, which I have been having quite a bit of fun with, shooting 1-2 rolls a month using cheap 200 iso film. I'm waiting delivery of a mint AI 105 f2.5 and I'm also on the hunt for an FM2 or FE2 - starting to try different films now and I want a second body The film advance lever is stuck. The body is in very good overall condition with light sign of wear and no dents or dings. Sold As-Is For Parts or Repair. The body is in good overall condition with average signs of wear and no dents or dings Film Advance. Single-stroke lever action, easy loading, self-cocking shutter,double-exposure prevention, automatic-reset frame counter (additive type) Dimensions: 133 X 86 X 88mm (5.24 x 3.39 X 3.47inh) with F2.2 lens. Weight: 730g. (24.7oz) with F2.2 lens mounted (including batteries and lens cap). 570g (19.9oz) (body alone Operation of the film advance lever is smooth, and quiet, and the shutter release button actuates with a feather-light touch. This is made possible through the use of an incredibly advanced electromagnetic shutter release button (the same used in the RTS)

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Shop the latest mirrorless & DSLR cameras and NIKKOR lenses from the official Nikon eCommerce site. Explore our innovations and photo equipment Nikon FG Film Camera. S$165 S$185. Excellent condition. Just came back from servicing. All working except for this lever (see last photo). It is fixed and can't be moved. Does not affect the camera operation. Meet strictly in bishan. Ample time will be given for checking and testing. Once sold, it is non-returnable and non-refundabl. Use https://expertphotography.com/10-classic-film-cameras-less-100 But then, the European issue 5 had a slightly better spec, so it is right to list it and not the A2. Nikon F is a 35mm film SLR camera, manufactured by Nippon Kogaku K. K., Japan (Nikon Corporation since 1988), and produced between 1959-74.. It is safe to say that the Japanese camera inrush around 1960 could not have been better timed. The western world, including the new world, was with few exceptions, stuck in old conventions and, for a wide variety of reasons, unable to exploit the.

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This summer, I picked up a rather nice FE to help me work through a freezer full of film.I find it remarkable -- the film advance is soooo smooth and the meter hasn't let me down yet. I've had a blast shooting with it, and the results have been great. I use my digital gear (D700, D7000)for my main work, but still love shooting film Good day. I've been having issues with the shutter release button of my 1984 Nikon FG-20. 3 times out of 10, the shutter release button doesn't engage or... take a shot. Even when the film advance lever is already advanced. So what happens is, the frame counter goes up 1, and the film advances.. Pentax Super Program description. The Pentax Super Program / Super A was the top model in the Pentax 'A' series which followed on from the M series in the early to mid 1980s. The body shape and size however, is more reminiscent of the M range than others in the series like the A3 and A3000 and I would be amazed if it wasn't built on the. Excellent++ Nikon FE2 35mm SLR Film Camera Body from Japan. C $299.68 When I've received the camera the exposure needle was stuck, the film door pin was bent so the door was wiggling and the focus screen was B-Type which I found very hard to focus with. Doing AE-Lock is again done in a clever way by pressing the self timer lever towards.

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The rewind mechanism rather metallic high frequency noise is even quite unpleasant at times) - slow film advance in continuous (I don´t really need 10 fps, but 2,5 fps is way too low for a body in this class - actually too low for effective continuous shooting - the standard at this level being 4 fps) 1983 witnessed the introduction of a number of remarkable cameras such as the Nikon FE2 & FA, the Canon T50, and the Minolta X-500/570. With competition in the professional and advanced amateur markets so intense, slight differences in price or the addition/omission of a single feature could make or break a new model In addition to advancing the film and cocking the shutter, turning the film advance knob brought the mirror back to the down position where you could see through the viewfinder again. The film advance knob in this camera was also replaced with a single stroke lever in later SLRs. No Internal Light Meter. The Pentacon has no built in light meter. The first (mass produced) Japanese camera with a pentaprism, it combined for the first time in a compact, elegant and well made camera the instant return mirror, the film advance lever, easy film loading with a hinged back, and the 42mm screw mount. The original Asahi Pentax camera from 1957 (source: official Pentax Web site) Oh, and let's not forget the little thing called flash sync speed. Hassy and RB/RZ would sync up to 1/500 and 1/400th respectively while a Nikon F3 was stuck at 1/80th. Wasn't until the FE2 that you'd get up to 1/250th. There also just a certain look that larger format film had that is harder to quantify

The Nikon FG film camera is a highly under-rated camera that many who don't really know much about it see as only a beginner's camera when it is far more capable than many realize. The Nikon FG value as a lightweight shooter is hard to beat even today. I hope this Nikon FG review helps to inform you about this camera and answers all your question August 11th, 2019 - NIKON FM SHUTTER RELEASE REPAIR WHAT TO DO WHEN OLD CAMERAS MISBEHAVE MICHAEL A JACKSON FILMS Loading Film advance problem in Nikon FM maybe some stuck parts Duration 21 17 mikeno62 7 453 views Developing Film with the LAB BOX READ THE MANUAL Duration 13 12 Matt Day 24 431 views Film counter stuck on 36 number. Condition: As per Photographs. Wear & tear due to aging Our repair prices are flat rate and don't require estimating. If your minolta shows following symptoms will not release shutter, advance lever is stuck, meter lights up but will not release, film counter will not operate, or it simply needs a good overhaul it is time to have it serviced. Turnaround time is usually 6 to 7 working days

How to fix Minolta XG-1 stuck film advance lever (XG-7, XG-9, XG-E, XG-A, XG-M, X-700, X-570, X-370) Minolta XG1 Video Manual, Video 2 of 2 Beginner tips for loading film. Avoid blank rolls!Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitching, Cutting, Getting work done Publishing, Printing and Finishing Universe - Automatic book sewing machine - Meccanotecnica. If you can find one at the right price, anything in the Nikon FE, FE-2, FM, FM2, FM2n, or FM3a would fit the bill for ruggedness (Nikon FE FM FE2 FM2 FM3a). These were light, compact, all metal cameras with a mix of manual and electronic features.. Kogaku K. K. now Nikon Corporation The FM was the replacement for Nikkormat FT3, which had been introduced only a few months prior. It introduced Nikon F2 1971 and F3 1980 SLRs. They were all - new successors to the Nikkormat F and EL - series of amateur level SLRs. With their quality construction Pentax Way: The Asahi Pentax Photographer s Companion 1975 The Nikon Nikkormat Way 1978 The Nikon. Not only can the Auto SE focus down to 0.66m, quite a feat, it also was one of the very few production 35mm cameras that incorporated a wind-up, spring-loaded automatic film advance. The Auto SE was not cheap and cost about $100-130 in late 1960s dollars (like @ $800 today)