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Hanetsuki - or Japanese badminton - is traditionally played on New Year's and became a popular women's game starting in the Muromachi period (1333-1568). Unlike badminton, you don't play with a net, but you do hit a shuttlecock (called a hane) back and forth using wooden paddles called hagoita The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will run the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival from April to September 2021, when Tokyo and Japan will be in the global limelight. As an official cultural programme of the Tokyo 2020 Games, the festival hopes to serve as a symbol of solidarity across borders of all kinds. towards. This is a matching game about Japanese festivals. Web Japan > Kids Web Japan > Games > Japanese Celebrations Kids Web Japan > Games > Japanese Celebration Festival Games. Just like festivals around the world and in the US, there are regular games like ring toss, luck/chance games, and cork gun games. But, one particular Japanese carnival game can win you a real-live animal. With kingyo sukui, or goldfish scooping, you pay for a flat net to try and scoop up fish into a bowl. That sounds easy.

What to wear at a Japanese summer festival. Festivals don't have a dress code, so you can just show up in casual clothes. But if you want to do as many other Japanese do, wear a yukata—a kimono that's typically worn by men, women, and children alike in summer - Kodomo no hi (Children's day) 5 May - Obon (Spirit festival) 13 to 16 August - Otsukimi (Moon viewing festival) September and October - Seijin no hi (Coming of Age day) 15 Januar Matsuri (祭) is the Japanese word for a festival or holiday. In Japan, festivals are usually sponsored by a local shrine or temple, though they can be secular.. There are no specific matsuri days for all of Japan; dates vary from area to area, and even within a specific area, but festival days do tend to cluster around traditional holidays such as Setsubun or Obon

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  1. g), large scale Shodo (calligraphy), Traditional Martial Arts, Sumi-e (ink painting.
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  3. There are all kinds of fun traditions associated with Japanese festivals, but one of the most popular for kids-besides the many food stalls selling sweets, of course-are the festival games, like the goldfish scoop, ring toss, and air rifle shooting. Children all over the country look forward to festivals so they can win prizes from the games
  4. Goldfish scooping (金魚すくい, 金魚掬い, Kingyo-sukui) is a traditional Japanese game in which a player scoops goldfish with a paper scooper. It is also called, Scooping Goldfish, Dipping for Goldfish, or Snatching Goldfish. Kingyo means goldfish and sukui means scooping. Sometimes bouncy balls are used instead of goldfish
  5. In kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools in Japan, Sports Festival or Undokai(運動会) in Japanese, is usually held on Saturdays or Sundays in spring (May-June) or autumn (September-October). Students and teachers do a lot of preparation for this school-based community-wide event and spend several weeks practicing to make it a successful and fun day for everyone
  6. There are bags of different festivals in Japan, and big or small - the Japanese love a celebration or two! You'll always find an event happening somewhere, or so they say in Japan. Festivals in Japan are based on one main celebration theme at a time and are complete with food, games and all-around entertainment

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival - July 1-15th. A major festival that welcomes the arrival of summer in the southern city of Fukuoka sees colorful kazari-yamakasa floats paraded through the streets. Huge excitement is generated when the kaki-yamakasa are raced in the Oiyama on the final day 4 Simply Fun Japanese Games for All Ages 1. おはじき (Ohajiki) おはじき is played with round glass counters that look like flattened marbles. The pieces are spread on a flat surface. Your students can use じゃんけん (rock, paper, scissors - see below) to decide who will start

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This Tokyo guide for How to Japanese Summer Festival aka Japanese Matsuri is focused on Mikoshi. In this Japan guide, we follow Naoto, a Japanese Man, behin.. 1) Hina Matsuri - Doll Festival - March 3rd - people pray for their daughters' future happiness, health and growth. The hina (dolls) used for this festival are called hina ningyo. These are a set of dolls that are handed down from generation to generation which are specially taken out for this festival 10 Japanese Cultural Activities and Games For Kids. 1. Fold Your Wishes Origami 折り紙. In Japanese, ori means to fold and kami means paper. It is an art of paper folding that has been practiced in Japan since the Edo period. Almost every Japanese schoolkid learns how to fold origami. It's one of the best crafts to. In summer, Japan becomes one of the best summer destinations in the world highlighting its mind-blowing traditional festivals & events, beautiful flower fields and gardens. Summer is a great time to take a stroll in the streets, wearing summer yukata, viewing fireworks (hanabi), dancing in the parade, and tasting delicious local foods. Usually, Japan's official period of summer season begins.

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  1. Japanese Festivals. As the Summer draws to an end, many festivals known as matsuri are held all over Japan. Today we spend a few days having a look at the festivities around my neighborhood. This first pic is taken right outside my house - the local children dress in a traditional Japanese garment called a Happi and carry whats known as an.
  2. Nagaoka (Niigata prefecture) is one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Japan.It started shortly after WWII and the phoenix-shaped fireworks quickly became a symbol of Japanese recovery.The deceased are still mourned throughout the moving festival. Over 20,000 fireworks are set off including giant 650-meter sanshakudama fireworks.The finale of the show covers two kilometers of the Shinano.
  3. Wearing a yukata to a summer festival will definitely put you in the natsumatsuri mood. Choose a pattern for your yukata and obit that you like, grab your uchiwa (fan) and head out to join the yukata-clad masses. It takes a little bit of practice to walk in a yukata, but it's much easier than walking in a kimono
  4. game with plastic fish. I recently had to come up with a Japanese festival game for a Sakura Festival. Having stumbled upon a gross of plastic fish at iParty, I decided to make my own plastic goldfish scooping (Kingyo Sukui) game. Since I live in the States and this was under short enough notice, I couldn't mail order the correct paddles (poi)
  5. The Best Japanese Festivals: Our Favorite Matsuri. Japan has too many fantastic matsuri to include in one list, and some of the most delightful are unsung festivals held in small neighborhoods throughout Japan. In our guide to Japan's festivals below, we provide an introduction to what we consider some of the best and most interesting Japanese festivals, including
  6. Takoage is a kite flying game played during New Years in Japan. These kites can come in diamond, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes, or sometimes they can be in the shape of Japanese characters or various animals! Often the designs painted on the kites signify good luck. Takoage kites are sold in convenience stores and toy shops around mid December

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A harvest festival on Shikoku Island involving 47 teams of approximately 150 men carrying floats shaped like taiko drums.The highlight of the festival is a tradition known as float fighting whereby teams bounce the floats wildly in the air with great competitive spirit. In some cases, the teams end up ramming each other to try to destroy the opposing floats by toppling them Summer Game Fest will feature a slate of digital livestream shows -- including a spectacular live Kickoff show on June 10, hosted by Geoff Keighley, filled with world premieres, a performance by Weezer, and Days of the Devs with iam8Bit and Double Fine. The Kickoff show will be followed by a series of events from game publishers and platforms Japanese Fans Materials: Japanese folding fan Construction paper Markers Crayons Tape. Show the children a Japanese fan and point out the many folds. Explain that decorated fans are often used as part of costumes for special dances and festivals. Invite the children to make beautiful folding fans. give each child a sheet of construction paper During the festival, fun games and attractions can be played at the precincts of shrines and temples or the main street of the city, and street stalls where unique candies can be purchased are lined up closely. Street stall in Japanese, roten, are also referred to as yomise, or night stalls. Matsuri festivals are a great opportunity for. June 11, 2020. PC. XONE. + 2 more. PS4. NSW. An arcade fighting game compilation featuring the six games in the Samurai Shodown series that were originally released for the Neo Geo platfom (to celebrate the platform's 30th anniversary). It also features a bonus previously-unreleased title in the series

Many Japanese festivals attract millions of visitors — somebody has to feed all those people. more » Recently on Japan Talk. 2021 Tokyo Game Show posted by John Spacey A large video game industry conference famous for its cosplayers and booth ladies Otedama Games. Otedama is a traditional Japanese game for girls played with 5 small beanbags (or ojami.) The beanbags were often made by grandmothers with scraps of kimonos. Special otedama songs were used. You can make your own ojami and then use them to play the following skill games Tanabata, or the star festival, is observed on July 7. As the date approaches, long, narrow strips of colorful paper known as tanzaku, vibrant ornaments, and other decorations are hung from bamboo. Japanese numbers up to ten: 1 ichi 2 ni 3 san 4 shi (or less often ' yo-on' ) 5 go 6 roku 7 shichi (or ' nana' ) 8 hachi 9 kyuu 10 jyu

The Indie Games Festival 2021 is on a roll. By next month, Google will announce the best indie talents on Google Play. The Indie Games Festival finals for South Korea, Japan, and Europe will happe 10 Great Nintendo Entertainment Systems Games Left in Japan. The NES is a classic console with an iconic roster of games, but there are some great titles that never managed to leave Japan for a. Are the games entirely in Japanese? All the audio is in Japanese, but the worldwide version of the School Idol Festival is playable in English, Korean, and traditional Chinese.All Stars is. Add to Wishlist. More than 45 million players worldwide enjoy this Japanese anime music rhythm game! Featuring over 100 playable songs, the difficulty can be adjusted to suit you. Play through Live Shows, read stories about the many interesting and unique characters, join in the events, and create and strengthen your own team of school idols 528 kb. File Type: ppt. Download File. Setsubun. Powerpoint introducing the basics of the Setsubun festival includes art and craft, videos, interactive whiteboard puzzles and a quiz at the end. Donated by B Brenen. setsubun_ppt.pptx. File Size

Japan in winter is mysterious not only because of its picture-perfect snowy landscapes, but also for hundreds of exciting winter festivals and events. Besides, the country itself is a great place to enjoy hot springs (onsen), plum blossoms viewing in late winter, and a list of winter outdoor activities during this time of the year. The Hokkaido and Tohoku regions boast of having Japan's most. The Bushiroad Game Festival 2021 event will be held on 14-15 August at Belle Salle Akihabara. Stage programs for the event: Saturday (14 August) BanG Dream! Girls band party! Cast: Aimi, Sae Otsuka, Ayasa Ito, Moe Toyota, Amane Shindo. Assault Lily Last Bullet Cast: Ayaka Fujii, Erika Ishitobi, Haruka Mimura . D_CIDE TRAUMERE Olympic Super-Fan Gets Creative in Cheering on COVID-Hit Tokyo Games Kyoko Ishikawa, who has traveled to every summer games since the 1990s, has not given up on her usual flag-waving fervo

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  1. On September 4, we're celebrating some of the best indie talent on Google Play during the Indie Games Festival finals for Europe, Japan and South Korea.This year the three festivals are virtual, so you can join us to discover the games, meet the developers who created them, cheer them on and be the first to hear who the winners are
  2. Japanese History: 13 Festivals, Celebrations, and Traditions. You can enrich your Japanese-learning experience by also learning about Japanese history and culture. Japan is a country that's rich in history and traditions. It was first established as a united state around 300 AD, although people had resided on the cluster of islands since.
  3. Shichi-go-san, (Japanese: Seven-Five-Three), one of the most important festivals for Japanese children, observed annually on November 15.On this date girls of three and seven years of age and boys of five years of age are taken by their parents to the Shintō shrine of their tutelary deity to offer thanks for having reached their respective ages and to invoke blessings for the future
  4. Just in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Sanrio and Team USA have a special collaboration to celebrate equal opportunity, fair play and global harmony through sports. As a Global Ambassador for Inclusivity, Hello Kitty hopes to inspire a new generation to achieve their dreams and always lead with friendship and kindness
  5. If you find yourself in Japan at all today, or on April 8 in any future years, you might want to make a point of checking out the country's Hana-Matsuri celebration. With events throughout the country, it's a mix of religious holiday, spring festival, and more. Here are four things you need to know about it
  6. Translating to stall, yatai isn't exclusively used to refer to stalls that just pop up at festivals. Fukuoka's yatai open nightly, and the few ramen or sweet potato carts as you may see are also known as yatai.They also don't just refer to food stalls, as many festivals also have stalls where visitors can play games and win prizes

KYOTO, Japan - This is the year Japan's indies make a statement, said BitSummit founder James Mielke last weekend, kicking off the second annual festival of Japanese indie games. Last year we. The Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC is the largest festival of Japanese culture in the entire United States, and it comes around every year during cherry blossom season.In April, Washington, D.C. turns pink, and the Sakura Matsuri takes full advantage of this to put on a massive show. From March 20 to April 4, 2020, you'll be able to take part in a wealth of interactive arts and culture. Many types of Japanese foods are available for sale at the festival, and there are games for children as well. Today, especially in the West, there are a number of traditional Japanese foods found at the festival, as well as Hawaiian, Chinese, American, and other Asian-fusion dishes. Try these dishes at an Obon festival near you or try making. Congrats on the 69th Annual Sacramento Buddhist Church Japanese Food and Cultural Festival! I had this on my calendar and as time came closer I was counting down. I attended the event on that Saturday and took a nice drive from the East Bay to Sac to make this event! No shame in my game that I came just for the food! Boy was I in Japanese Heaven Monster Hunter Rise, Balan Wonderworld, Memories Off Historia Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and Love Live! School Idol Festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai! Home Meeting!! are the highlights of this week

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  1. Some of the most famous Obon festivals take place in Hiroshima and Asakusa in the Toro Nagashi festival. Japanese people are known for being rather non-religious and festivals have become more related to entertainment rather than tradition. Although, Obon is one of the few events in the year that focuses on the importance of families sharing.
  2. Japanese Foreign Language Worksheets and Printables. This versatile template is a great way to support language learners as they practice writing characters. Click the checkbox for the options to print and add to Assignments and Collections. Give your child tools to start learning Japanese with this Hiragana alphabet worksheet
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  4. The Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival, to be launched in April 2021 as a core part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, is a cultural programme promoting global peace and human solidarity. In the wake of the social fragmentation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival is also helping to refocus attention on global understanding.
  5. These hubs connect grammar concepts to give you a deeper understanding of how Japanese works. Learn the ins and outs of Japanese word types, conjugations and forms, and how culture affects communication. い-ADJECTIVES い-adjectives are one type of adjective in Japanese
  6. Otedama is a game played with are fabric beanbags (called ojami) which used to be sewn by grandmothers from silk kimono scraps. They are used for juggling games and skill games similar to jacks and knucklebones. Of course the most famous Japanese craft of all is origami. We have traditional Japanese origami models for you to try with the.
  7. Our festival has concluded, but the videos submitted by the Japanese and Japanese American community can be viewed anytime! This year's theme was Soul of Artisans. As such, the Japanese community here and abroad submitted video covering Japanese tradition, contemporary art, music, dance, and even cooking demonstrations

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  1. Visit the Sales page. Indian Harvest Sale. Past Event Started Tue, April 13, 2021 9:30 PM PDT. Ended Wed, April 21, 2021 9:30 PM PDT. Type. In-Game Event
  2. This was an elegant and cultured festival game, played under the peach blossoms which bloomed in March (lunar calendar) or April (solar calendar). This custom was adopted by the aristocracts and noblity of Japan, probably in the Nara Period ( 710-794), when everything Chinese was the rage, and certainly by sometime in the Heian Period ( 794-1185)
  3. Japanese Section: Setsubun Festival. Setsubun is a fun Japanese festival celebrated the day before the first day of spring (on February 3rd). Families celebrate by throwing roasted soybeans outside the door of their house to chase out the oni (naughty ogres or spirits) or, even more fun, throwing roasted soybeans at dad dressed up like an oni.
  4. Dive into a breathtaking Japanese festival full of mysteries He's been doing game maker tutorials, practising his new skills, and done all the work to setup a YouTube channel documenting his Sandbox journey. If anyone is able to show him a bit of support, here is his channel.
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Leap Frog. DIY Game. Kids love to hit the board and watch the frog leap to his lily pad1 Add this Leap Frog Game to your School's Spring Carnival! Magnetic. Go Fishing. EASY as Pie - Magnetic fishing rods that attract colorful floating fish - choose the Fishing Hole Game! Matching. Traditional Game Welcome! 楽しい Japanese is a site dedicated to making learning the Japanese language a fun and enjoyable experience for you. You will find here a Japanese to English dictionary, various fun games, interactive lessons, learning resources, cultural resources and a friendly community which will help you to read, write and speak Japanese, and allow you to share your passion about the Japanese. The Obon Festival, the largest Japan-related festival in Minnesota, usually takes place in Como Park every August. Modeled after summer festivals held across Japan, it features stage performances, cultural demonstrations, activities, and, of course, Japanese food Tokyo, Japan - August 05, 2021 - Japan 2.5D Stage Play World: Anime, Manga & Game Theater Online Festival 2021 is proud to bring original Japanese 'Live Spectacle NARUTO, My Hero Academia. Japan is known around the world for its cherry blossom festivals. Known as hanami in Japanese, cherry blossom festivals are an important custom and are held all over Japan during the spring. That said, do not expect to see the flowers wherever you go, the trees bloom at different times throughout Japan

The concept of Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars is the ultimate idol game in which μ's, Aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club appear in a next-gen rhythm action RPG!The story is based on the theme A story of realising our dreams with you with all new full voice acting The game has gotten so dangerous that many Japanese schools have abandoned it, but it lives on at Kaisei Gakuen, where it is the centerpiece of the school's annual sports festival School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game. KLab. 45+ million players worldwide enjoy this Japanese anime music rhythm game! Utano☆Princesama: Shining Live. KLab. Enjoy Utano☆Princesama music by playing songs in this intuitive rhythm game

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Japan's Naked Festival, Hadaka Matsuri, canceled for all but a select few By Karla Cripps and Emiko Jozuka, CNN 2/22/2021 U.S. Covid vaccination rates rise as Americans in hard-hit states rush to. Goldfish in Japanese festival game - stock photo. Children fish scooping game, Asakusa Sanja matsuri, Tokyo. {{purchaseLicenseLabel}} {{restrictedAssetLabel}} {{buyOptionLabel(option)}} You have view only access under this Premium Access agreement. Contact your company to license this image Mari Yamamoto. T OKYO—As COVID infections and deaths continue to surge in Japan, so does the fiery opposition to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Japan is now deep in a fourth wave of COVID-19. Download APK (109.1 MB) Versions. Using APKPure App to upgrade Love Live! School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Love Live! School idol festival- Music Rhythm Game App. More than 45 million players worldwide enjoy this Japanese anime music rhythm game Markets & Festivals; Jun 25, 2008 9:30am PT I Survived a Japanese Game Show, by contrast, adopts the format of a conventional elimination contest set in an exotic locale, with 12.

In this new opus of the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2021, he wants to reward the best independent games in Europe, Japan and South Korea, and in this first step among the thousands of participants, they have already selected the 60 finalists of the games independent this year Sunday, 4 April 2021. A 10-metre giant puppet called MOCCO has been revealed ahead of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival tour from May to July. The tour will start in Japan's Tohoku region. Troupple Pond Japanese festival - A Mod for Rivals of Aether. Troupple Pond Japanese festival. Not happy with the original. Got a lot of inspiration from many different sources, I had previously uploaded a version of this skin that I am not a big fan of, so I remade it and I think this looks much nicer. No comments yet Japanese learning games are everywhere, but you don't necessarily need any new games to start learning Japanese. Many of the games you already own probably have Japanese soundtracks, and these can allow you to listen and learn. Set the audible language to Japanese, and turn on the English in-game captions 7-5-3 Festival (Shichi-go-san) on November 15th, 7 and 3-year old girls and 5-year old boys (Shichi-go-san is Japanese for the numbers 7, 5 and 3) are dressed up in their best kimono - although these days suits are more common for the boys - and brought to the shrine to pray for their future. Originally, this ritual was based on the fact that.

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 is your one-stop destination for all things Japanese - a great experience to share with friends & family alike. HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 Tickets, London | Eventbrite Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies (or similar technologies) to understand your event. 1. Gion Matsuri (Kyoto) 士航 魏/Flickr. Gion Matsuri is a one of the most famous festivals in Japan. It takes place during the entire month of July, but the highlight is the grand procession of floats called Yamaboko Junko on the 17th and 24th. It takes place on the Kawaramachi and Oike Street of Kyoto . 2 Hina Matsuri or Doll Festival, is celebrated in Japan on March 3rd every year. Ayako Egawa wrote to me from Japan about the holiday: Families with daughters celebrate March 3 by displaying Hina-dolls on a stepped shelf to express the wish for their daughters' good health and growth Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival. What: The Sumidagawa is the oldest fireworks festival in the world, established in 1732.It celebrates hanabi, Japanese fireworks, and includes fireworks display competitions.The festival attracts one million attendees annually, many of whom dress in traditional yukata kimonos.. When: The last Saturday in July (27th on 2019)

Japanese Dress Up Games. Kimono Designer. Japanese Kimono Paper Doll. Geisha-themed Party. Adorable Japanese Chibis. Vintage Wedding Kimonos. Summer Vacation in Japan. Japanese Lolita Fashion. Japanese Tatami Room Color and Decorate Dinner Plate. 859 play times. Play HTML5 Game. Adjust game screen size. 100 % Reset. Done Additional Facts. Tanabata Worksheets. Download includes the following worksheets. Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a special day in Japan. Every 7th day of the 7th lunar month, Japanese people would celebrate the romantic story of two lovers who only meet once a year. In the modern calendar, Tanabata falls on July 7th Here's a look at five common fixes for midway games. 1. KNOCK OVER THE MILK BOTTLES. It's probably the most straightforward game on the midway: A carnival worker stacks three milk bottles in a.

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9 月 4 日(土)開催の Google Play Indie Games Festival 2021 ファイナルイベントにて、イベントを盛り上げる MC に、よしもとクリエイティブ・エージェンシーのカジサックさん、キクチウソツカナイ。 さんのお二人が決定しました。 MC: カジサック. お笑い芸人キングコング梶原雄太が、「カジサック. Love Live! School Idol Festival is a social rhythm game for mobile devices (both for iOS and Android) produced by KLabGames and bushiroad. In the game, the player creates units based on collectible virtual cards and performs Live concerts with a designated unit You can start by creating a list of popular carnival game names. Duck Pond. The duck pond is suitable for young children and older players who lack the skills for complicated games, as there are no winners or losers in this game. The game is constructed by filling a wading pool with a small amount of water and placing numbered rubber ducks on top Play the funny game clicker game 'Flirting on School' and learn. Move around and use your laser beam eyes to win their hearts. Knock out other girls so that the guys will just love you. Click on them to be love struck and just line up with all the other boys that have already fallen in love with you. Go up and down the stairs to find each and. A lot carnival games are targeted at kids, with good reason. Adults bring their kids to carnivals so that they can hop on rides, play games and win prizes. Carnivals used to be full of adult attractions, though, and there are plenty of adult-oriented carnival games to get those moms and dads to come without the kids

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Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's film The Hidden Fortress was the basis for George Lucas' famous film Star Wars. [15] Each spring, Japan has a festival that celebrates both the penis and female fertility called Kanamara Matsuri, or Festival of the Steel Phallus. [12 The Okinawa International Movie Festival (oimf.jp) is a 10-day festival scheduled annually at the end of March. The Yell, Laugh & Peace Countdown event takes place the first weekend of the festival THE ADDAMS FAMILY Japanese slot machine LED screen WTH COIN tokens ADDAMS FAMILY. $2,500.00. Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 16 watching. Mephisto Pachislo Style Token Japanese Slot Machine Yamasa Co. - No Key As Is. $202.50. Local Pickup Massive Annual Pikachu Gathering in Japan Cancelled. Due to the current global pandemic with the coronavirus, the Pikachu outbreak event that annually takes place in Yokohama City will be cancelled 概要. Steam Nextフェス が2021年10月1日から10月7日に帰ってきます!. Steam Nextフェスは、ファンが体験版を試したり、開発者とチャットしたり、ライブストリーミングを見たり、Steamに新しく登場するゲームについて学んだりできる、数日間にわたる祭典です.

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Kojima Productions Goes Anime with the Latest LudensBeautiful Asian Girl, Long Black Hair Weapon Sock Range50% Off Panagbenga Festival & Baguio Day Tour Promo - TLTRed Candle GamesNile Wilson wins his third gold medal for England at
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