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You have to guess the brands of the taglines of Pinoy ads. The list includes both classic and modern ads. Questionnaire accessed from sulit.com.ph, with a few minor edits. _____ The Complete Questionnaire: 1 swak sa sarap 2 for quality you can trust 3 a bite sexie Opening a beauty salon is thus, almost always profitable. Location, products used, professionals employed, and pricing - all play a major role in the salon's success. Here are some slogans you can use to market your own beauty salon brand. Beauty Salon Marketing Slogans & Taglines. Near you. For you. All the same services at half the price

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  1. List of Slogans Top 10 Advertising Slogans Slogans List of the Fortune 500 American Brands Slogans Filipino Brand Slogans Slogans of India states Instant Coffee Slogans Ice Cream Slogans of Famous Brands Tea Slogans & Taglines Credit Card Slogans & Taglines Advertising Slogans for Vodka Advertising Slogans for Whisky Cooking Oil Slogans and.
  2. 140+ Best Beauty and Wellness Slogans and Sayings Beauty has been defined in so many ways throughout time, different culture and different perception of the world. It has both negative and positive influences on people
  3. Tagline: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. This tagline might not seem like the most exciting, aspirational tagline for a cosmetics brand, especially when most are pitching the beauty as confidence angle. But it delivers their positioning and benefit in its simplest, purest form—just like their all-natural, cruelty-free products
  4. Instagram: @lippinas. Lip Pinas is a new and purely online makeup brand founded in October 2019. The brand lives by the tag line, Gawa ng Filipina, para sa Filipina.. After almost a year, the brand currently has seven different products, all paraben-free and cruelty-free. The brand's best-selling products are
  5. Definition of the Tagalog word produkto in English with 5 example sentences, and audio. They want to ensure the quality of the product. Bum a bah â ng mga prod u ktong pampag a nda sa p á mil i han. The market is flooded with beauty products
  6. Below are the 40 Creative Beauty Salon Slogans & Taglines for your inspiration. Share them with your friends. Beauty Salon Slogans - A sweet escape Even sweeter prices! The place that leaves you feeling great The place that beautifies your face Where we love to exceed your expectations. Indulge yourself
  7. Slogan: Helping beauty products for ladies. - See more beauty product sales slogans, Slogans BEST. Business Advertising Slogans; Funny Slogans Texting And Driving Slogans Precision Slogans Quality Culture Slogans Quality Trustworthy Slogans Railings Slogans Singapore Slogans Streets Slogans Tagalog Wedding Slogans Thai Restaurant Slogans

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  1. The Oberlo Slogan Generator is a free online tool for making Slogans. If you're looking for a Slogan for your product or company, you're at the right place. Use this Free Slogan Generator Tool to make your own catchy Slogans
  2. Jul 20, 2018 - Explore Villo Verdecker's board eyebrows slogan on Pinterest. See more ideas about eyebrows, brow quotes, eyebrow quotes
  3. g products. 16. De Beers: A diamond is forever. This product slogan changed a generation
  4. Below are the 120 Catchy Beauty Slogans And Beautician Slogans. Share them with your friends. Beauty Slogans Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Be beautiful Because you need time for yourself Reflections of perfection Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it A brush of [
  5. This slogan is the defining characteristic of the Filipino ideal of beauty. To some degree, it applies to men as well. Filipinos have a mixed heritage that can be traced back to Malay, Korean, Chinese, and Spaniard origins, but the original inhabitants of the Philippines, called 'Atas' I believe, were dark skinned and had tight, curly hair.
  6. Slogan: Youll go mad, With these Avon beauty products. - See more beauty product sales slogans

The best advertising slogans are memorable and fit with the times. Just sit there and think of commercials you've sang along to or can recite without much thought and those are typically the most popular because I'm sure millions of other people can to. Here are the top 10 Advertising slogans of all the time Subway Advert Script 1. Advertisement Palmolive. Palmolive Shampoo Advertisement 2006 Youtube. Script For A Shampoo Ad Just Random Content Shailee Medium. Writing A Commercial Script Template. Buy Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo 2 100ml Online At Chemist. 9 Commercial Speech Examples Pdf Examples. Aicrlvinuq0yhm. Chocolate Advert Media Final Human Nature (Official Site) is a social enterprise brand of natural beauty and personal care products, driven by its love for the Philippines, the poor, and the environment

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  1. The products must have organic and safe ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, low carbon footprint, and be locally sourced. 1 - Lush . Lush is a famous UK brand known for its amazing bath bombs and incredible beauty products. This sustainable beauty brand aims to make a positive impact on the environment
  2. A ton of Filipino beauty brands have taken the initiative to be free of animal testing, long before the now-popular short film was even shared. If you've been thinking about supporting this cause, keep reading to see a list of 10 cruelty-free beauty brands and their must-have products. Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands in the Philippines 1. Human Natur
  3. JLo Beauty | 556 followers on LinkedIn. Beauty has no expiration date. | Jennifer on the making of JLo Beauty™ Our tagline is, 'Beauty has no expiration date' because to me, ageless isn.
  4. Note: We've included only products and brands that are originally made by Filipinos. Furthermore, there can be other slogans that we've missed to include in the list. If you know other Filipino original brands and their slogans that should be included in the list, please share it by making a comment below. Thanks a lot
  5. 8 Super Swak Pinoy Taglines. Being witty comes as second nature to Filipinos—a quick look around a shopping mall food court will reward you with enough puns for a week full of giggles. Throughout the years, there have been tons of really great taglines that we couldn't forget even if we wanted to, from sayings that were part of our.

Following are the best skincare slogans that you will ever find: Your skincare specialist. Your beauty is our profession. Shinny skin, attractive beauty. The best skincare company. When the skin is glamour. You will fall in love with your skin. Natural skincare and treatments. The best skincare studio in the whole city The perfect and unique health slogan is essential as businesses look to stand out in the multi-trillion-dollar health and wellness industry. Health and wellness are big business around the world with projected growth only growing year after year. As more and more competition in varying niches pop up every day, standing out is critical to Continue reading 245 Health and Wellness Slogan

When & Why Taglines Are Important. Just so we're on the same page, a tagline is a catchphrase or slogan used to advertise a brand. It's a short phrase or series of phrases, often presented in conjunction with the brand logo, that is intended to add meaning to the brand Quotes tagged as beauty Showing 1-30 of 6,886. Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.. For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry Uses of Slogan Generator. Use Slogan Generator as a slogan creator to advertise or market your company, organization, business or product! Slogan Generator will always provide free slogans and taglines for your business or branding needs BuzzFeed Philippines asked Twitter and Facebook followers for some of their favorite words in the Philippine language. I painted the suggestions in watercolor, along with a bunch more thrown in Tags: Business, email, filipino, forward, humour, joke, Philippines, pinoy, top 10, top 50, top fifty, top ten 7 Responses to Top 50 Funniest Pinoy Business Names I experienced some interesting plumbing problems after eating at Big Mak

Beauty Quotes - BrainyQuote. Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. Ashley Smith. Life Dreams Rain AuraMen Hydra Skincare for Men. Rated 4.00 out of 5. RM90.00 RM80.00. in stock. Add to cart. Sale! PROMO NEW YEAR

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  1. 1. Enter a keyword. For Zyro's Slogan generator to do its best work, you need to enter a word (or two) that best characterize your brand. 2. Generate slogans. The slogans generator will produce a list of slogans that might work for your business. 3. Choose a slogan. Either pick one of the slogans that were generated, or use them as.
  2. Be careful where you shop online for Filipino items. At the moment, we only trust our affiliate Amazon, and that's based on our first-hand experience of witnessing how customer data is mishandled at FilAm stores online. You can buy Filipino books and Filipino food on Amazon even household items such as native brooms and beauty products.
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Whether you are writing a novel with a healthcare-related character or you want a healthcare slogan for your company, we have you covered. The following is a list of catchy healthcare slogans and taglines. You can use these ideas as inspiration for your own business motto and modify them as you need to. 1. Choose [ Brilliant Skin Essentials is a gem in the beauty and cosmetics brand in the Philippines. With natural, safe and proven formulation offered by Brilliant Skin Essentials, it continuously creates accessible beauty products to fulfill the skin care needs of Filipinos

Slogan: This is a phrase that represents a company promise or brand product personality. It is a mini description. A large company will often have one tagline and several slogans for each flagship product. Example: Apple's tagline is Think Different while the slogan for its iPhone SE is A big step for small Last Updated on 09/21/2018 by FilipiKnow. Our past is a gallery of winners and losers. While some local brands such as Jollibee have withstood the test of time, there were plenty of other Filipino products that unfortunately received the proverbial ax.. A lot of factors come into play in the demise of a locally-made product A Cosmetics is a Very Important Thing for beauty Which Contains the widely and Daily Used Products. The increasing urbanization, improvement in lifestyle in Developing Countries, and trend of picture posting on social media, New Product Launches are the key factors, encouraging the use of cosmetic products

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  1. Slogans and taglines are fundamental identity content for brands — the essential, memorable words that differentiate a brand or company, and ideally, serve to trigger consumer awareness and persuasion. Sometimes slogans and taglines take months of research, ideation, and testing to decide. Sometimes they're sparked in a moment of inspiration
  2. A tagline is a short phrase used in marketing campaigns of a business to sum up the value of a brand or its products and create a positive brand impression. There are five types of taglines, ranging from the descriptive to the superlative. When creating a tagline, express what you're selling, to whom, and why they should buy it, in a tone and.
  3. Beauty Sayings and Quotes. Beauty is subjective. We can find it in nature, in the souls and faces of our loved ones, or even in life's mundane tasks. Regardless of where we find it, people are naturally drawn to beautiful things. Below you'll find a curated collection of wise, inspirational and humorous beauty sayings, proverbs, and quotes
  4. Mga Iniiniksyong Produkto na Pampaputi ng Balat: Ano ang Kailangan Mong Malaman. Update: September 26, 2017; A federal judge ordered a New Jersey company that sold injectable skin whitening and.
  5. Happy Skin Bundle - The SPF Duo. PHP 1,499.00 PHP 1,897.00. Buy Me! Add to bag. Happy Skin Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer SPF 50 PA+++ With Anti-Blue Light Technology. PHP 799.00. Buy Me! Add to bag. Happy Skin Clean Slate Moisturizing Hand Purifying Sanitizer Spray (70% Alcohol
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  7. Maxwell House's classic slogan wasn't even their own — at first. As it turns out, Coca-Cola used this exact slogan before Maxwell House, in 1907, according to the Coca-Cola website. The coffee.

Quotes tagged as beauty-in-nature Showing 1-30 of 249. Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.. If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don't hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty of lives and whole towns destroyed or about to be King Sue products—from sausages, bacon, cold cuts to sweet hams—were specially prepared at King Sue Ham and Sausage Factory in Caloocan. They were heavily advertised in weekend magazines beginning in the early 1960s. Today, King Sue has even Filipino favorites like corned beef, tocino, and sisig. 6. Radiowealth (1930) Include at least two fruits in your diet. Your health will improve, and so will your nails, skin, and hair. 14. Health is a relationship between you and your body.. - Terri Guillemets. The middleman is food. Depending on the type of food you consume, your health will either improve or deteriorate. 15 Slogans on nature are the best way to encourage people about the safety of nature during any related event or campaign celebration. You can use following effective and encouraging nature slogans to fulfill your purpose successfully: Unique and Catchy Slogans on Nature . Nature is for us. Are we for nature? Live with nature, not with global warming Dove is primarily made from synthetic surfactants, vegetable oils (such as palm kernel) and salts of animal fats (tallow). In some countries, Dove is derived from tallow, and for this reason it is not considered vegan, unlike vegetable oil based soaps . Unilever launched a men's toiletries range in January 2010, branded Dove Men + Care

The cream was tested on 424 women who saw changes in seven days: brighter, smoother, more hydrated skin, thus the product tagline Say hello to brand-new glow in just seven days, epitomized. Create a catchy slogan with the slogan generator tool. Capture more audiences with great brand recall using the slogan maker that generates relevant slogans for your business. This tagline generator tool will help you come up with best ideas to market your business

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Olay, previously Oil of Olay, Oil of Olaz, Oil of Ulan or Oil of Ulay, is an American skin care brand owned by Procter & Gamble.For the 2009 fiscal year, which ended on June 30, Olay accounted for an estimated $2.8 billion of P&G's revenue For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like: Lather, Bubbles, Clean, Suds.A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant The Perfect Tagline Start branding yourself or your business with this helpful course on creating a unique brand identity. With these tagline examples, you will create the perfect tagline so that your business will find a solid standing in today's market

Tara sa Kusina, Marikina City. 7,848 likes · 63 talking about this. Anything about healthy stuff and cooking may be found here. We'll talk about the whats, hows and where to find healthy food and.. A slogan, by its simplest definition, is a catchy tagline or phrase that's used by a company for advertising. It's a short and sweet reminder of the value a brand offers their customers. The most famous slogans stand the test of time and can be used outside of the brand

Filipino-Australian actress and TV host Anne Curtis debuted her very own beauty brand BLK Cosmetics back in 2017. Her label's products are all officially cruelty-free certified by PETA. Items range from foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners and more. Carelin The new slogan is currently being launched around the world; last week the tourist board rolled the world's largest stress ball into New York's Times Square and on Tuesday a twitter campaign ran.

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High quality Tagline inspired drawstring bags by independent artists and designers from around the world. Made from quality woven fabrics, and featuring a huge selection of prints and designs, drawstring bags on Redbubble are easy on the eyes, and the shoulders. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours slogan100.com is a collection of marketing and advertising slogans, taglines, mottos.brand slogans,marketing slogans,business slogans,popular slogan10

High-giene Beauty Clinic is a full-service beauty clinic and salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which. A good slogan gets engrained in consumers' heads the first time they are exposed to it. A good example of this is a local air conditioning company that uses controversy for its tagline: Your wife. These taglines use words cleverly to reveal the brand's product or business category and make it memorable. Volkswagen's Drivers wanted. explains this category of taglines fully. Another example of specific taglines is Olay's Love the skin you're in. Visionary Taglines. Visionary taglines communicate the brand vision to the target audience Graphic Tees ₹ 999.00 ₹ 599.00. Your anxiety is lying to you Sweatshirt. Hoodies ₹ 1,199.00. World is a Little Blurry Crop Tee. Graphic Tees ₹ 645.00. Sale! World is a Little Blurry Regular Tee. Men ₹ 1,145.00 ₹ 675.00. World Is a Little Blurry Sweatshirt Our Peach & Lily Korean Skincare Collection is 100% worry free: clean, effective, spa-grade and cruelty-free. Powered by Korean Beauty innovations, we help you achieve your Glass Skin goals. Peach & Lily Collection. We also curate the best of K-Beauty products for you. We beauty-hunt on-the-ground, interview brands, focus-group test everything.

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Many Filipinos carry fond childhood memories of products like their aromatic Hansel biscuits and Superstix wafers that keep the brand close to the Filipino heart. National Book Store As ordinary as a bookstore might seem, this one's been around for 75 years, providing the country with books, art materials, and, most importantly, school. 111+ Good Names for Beauty Blogs and Makeup Blogs. Blogs and vlogs are popping up on the internet these days. They are offering beauty advice and tutorials. Although readers do not take them at face value, it is still a lucrative industry if monetized. Many people are into homemade products and inexpensive makeup brand that works the same

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Branding really isn't that important for Business #1. Not everyone needs to invest in a compelling tagline. Business #2 sells luxury cars. Their #1 marketing goal is to be top of mind year-round for consumers making between $85k - $300k per year, and they spend 75% of their marketing budget on television ads A slogan is catchy phrases that are saved in your memory and attracts people to your business. So a good slogan can drive potential customers to make a decision right now. The slogan and tagline have played an important role in marketing & advertising and also in business or company More Tagalog Hugot Lines and Panama I know you're craving for more Hugot lines, so from 75, we are upgrading the list to 100! Here are more Hugot lines for crush, your love, work or travel. Enjoy. 76. Lahat ba ng Math major laging hinahanap si X? 77. Huwag kang umasa na babalik pa siya, kung nasa piling na siya ng iba. 78 20 proudly Pinoy products endorsed by government. MANILA, Philippines — About 99 percent of the national economy is fuelled by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the Department of Trade and.

1. We sell health and beauty product. But we focused on health then beauty follows. We guaranteed inner health so the eternal beauty and health may follows, too. 2. We aren't selling beauty. We are provide health and then there comes beauty, from inside. 3. Still thinking. Hoped that you'll help me to find suitable tagline for my bussiness. Sarangani belongs to SoCenMin R-XII, not SM R-XI. And sultan kudarat was never called as tuna country of mindanao. Most tuna products of the entire island is carried down to Gensan which seats between the mountains of south cotabato and the bay of sarangani in the south Creative Mobile Store Slogans Ideas. The brick-and-mortar retailers across consumer product segments are feeling the heat from shoppers shifting to e-commerce sites, but for the mobile phone retail chains, it's become a struggle for survival. Mobile Shop owners are ways to fight the competition by chalking out new strategies, which include. The tagline itself takes pride in local Filipino coffee being produced by local farmers, which is what Bo's Coffee is all about. From 1996 to 2016, it established 100 branches nationwide and in 2017, it opened its first branch overseas located in Qatar. Soon, it would not surprise us if Filipino coffee becomes known all over the world

The most offensive commercials of all time include: Vim Cream's - Mother in Prison. Hyundai - Pipe Job. Axe - Mom's a Lady of the Night. Snickers - Do Something Manly. Bad commercials are arguably more damaging for a brand than the worst print ads. The difference with commercials is that the message seems. Taglines. A tagline is about the business itself, and should stand the test of time (it doesn't change). Taglines represent the tone and feeling you want for your products or services. It is often part of your company graphics ant it stays with you all the time. Slogans. Slogans are intended to be less long lasting and more flexible

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Sharpened by his experiences, determination to succeed, and mentoring from tycoons such as Henry Sy and John Gokongwei, Dioceldo established Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc in 1983. What started as a nail polish brand soon became a powerhouse cosmetics company - offering a complete range of color cosmetics, skin care, grooming, fragrances, and. 2. New Year, New Product Promotion. The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something new. Whether your business has a new product coming out in 2017, or you just want to promote a staple product, you can do both with this promotion. Just use the tagline, New Year, New [Name of Product or Service] Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebrations—ever. Even as early as August, you can hear Christmas songs and jingles being played in the malls or in the restaurants in the Philippines. The mood becomes festive, with many people shopping and in good spirits. Christmas celebrations last until around the first or second week of January Beauty, its perception, its feeling, to bathe and revel in beauty, is the most complete human delight of which man is capable; and though some have been marred in this pure faculty of enjoyment, by rough contact with a host of unhandsome beings and circumstances, yet sometimes a ray of beauty will pierce to their benighted heart, and send a. Queen Of Versailles. Junk Food Clothing. Hip Hop Fashion. Flying Solo. VERSACE. Most of the time, people look for short, memorable, and evergreen names for urban clothing line name ideas. Make sure you choose the right name for your brand. These are just ideas, make sure you check for the trademarks

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A slogan, by its simplest definition, is a catchy tagline or phrase that's used by a company for advertising. It's a short and sweet reminder of the value a brand offers their customers. The most famous slogans stand the test of time and can be used outside of the brand The products included in this category are mobile phones, smartwatches, cameras, and more. It has been sitting at the top of the product category list for years now. Last year, it made about P12.3 billion and it is expected to grow even more this year. Skincare and beauty products have also been trendy since last year, taking 24% of the online. Your best investment opportunity won't fit into a safety deposit box, but you can live in it. Your housing needs deserve the care of a specialist. Your number 1 Property Advisor. I hope you have enjoy these 100 catchy real estate advertising slogans and timelines. Make sure to join my newsletter to receive free real estate tips and tricks

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VARIOUS NEW PRODUCTS MARKET. We always introduce new products to USA customers through our 25 markets networks efficiently and quickly. We try to find best quality items for our customers and qualified sellers. This job help customers meet new and safe way to get the fastest hot products Quotes tagged as attitude Showing 1-30 of 2,047. We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.. ― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night. tags: action , attitude , choice , imagination , inspiration , life , pretend. 16952 likes For over 30 years, Belo Medical Group has been—and continues to be—the number one medical aesthetic ambulatory clinic in the Philippines. It started in 1990, when Dr. Victoria Vicki Belo opened her first 44-sqm clinic in Medical Towers, Makati. Belo Medical Group has pioneered many beauty breakthroughs such as liposuction, surgical. It is important to the seller for advertising to establish a trade name, slogan or product image (Warmke et al. 1977: 66). Companies employ the advertising function to convince people to develop interest and patronize it. The major role of this function is realized in brand positioning. According to Sabruto Senupta, a celebrated Indian author. Dear Mr. Bhasin - I appreciate the article you wrote and published on your site, 11 Types Of Propaganda & The Uses Of Each Propoganda. I am a stay at home mom and homeschool my twin daughters and was looking for some inspiration for my husband's educational business, Lake City Tactical, as I prepare to create pamphlets and propaganda for promoting his business both online and in.

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost - if health is lost, something is lost. +209. Eat right and the pants won't be tight. +194. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and A waist is a terrible thing to mind! +182. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. +179. Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy wealthy and wise 7) Boost authenticity by showcasing customer photos. 8) Show customers some extra love through your loyalty program. 9) Urge customers to spread the love with referrals. 10) Use visual marketing to tell a story. Conclusion. It's a strange time to be celebrating Valentine's Day, with many people either too together or alone and planning to. We always remember our slogan Discover your Destiny which help to decide the service and products The Beta Version of Beauty connect app published Google play store on June 2016 this helped.

Find 71 ways to say BEAUTY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus FILIPINO FOODS GROCERY STORE and ASIAN FOOD Products Online, the biggest Filipino retailer Online we deliver around the United Kingdom at a very low cost. We sell Pinoy bihon, pancit canton, Lucky me, salonpas, Filipino style spaghetti sauce, purefoods , century tuna, jasmine rice, melagrosa rice, basmati rice, glutinous powder, skyflakes, chicharon , chippy, clovers, bangus milkfish in the. A 22-year-old call center agent from the Philippines, J.R.,* tells me that he takes whitening capsules and uses a soap and facial cream that both claim to have whitening effects. Being lighter, he says, will make him more noticeable, boosting his chances for promotion or better employment. When I point out that the US$1 a day he spends on the whitening products makes up a large chunk of.

01. Nike - Just Do It. 'Just Do It' is one of the most popular campaign slogans in the history of advertising. Their apparels have this slogan printed on it. People recognize the slogan and associate it with the brand. The slogan is 30 years old and was created by the famous advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Oct 11, 2018 - World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on 5 June to raise global awareness regarding the environment. Its main aim is to take positive environmental action, protect nature and the planet Earth. World Environmental Health Day is celebrated on 26 September annually. Following are the environmen. bench/ online store. due to quarantine restrictions, please bear with us for possible delay in delivery Gawad Kalinga envisions an end to poverty for 5 million Filipino families by year 2024 through their 3-phase development model: Social Justice, Social Artistry and Social Transformation. Phase 1, Social Justice, has already built more than 80,000 homes, rehousing around 400,000 Filipinos from slums in beautiful, peaceful communities. GK is now. Their product and services have higher prices compared to Calayan, Flawless, and other beauty clinics in the Philippines. It is quite fair being the number one in the country and who offers the highest quality services as well. What is BMG's market strategies in finding customer? 1. CATCHY TAGLINES