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Having read the primary document, Fireside Chat on Banking, answer. the following questions. Write your answers in complete sentences and in your own words. Do NOT quote the documents. Analyze them. Your replies must be at least 3-5 FULL sentences in length EACH. 1. According to President Roosevelt, what caused the Bank Crisis of February. *Indicate which documents show that the New Deal was a SUCCESS, and which show that the New Deal was a FAILURE* Document A: Fireside Chat (Modified) President Roosevelt gave this speech over the radio on May 7, 1933, two months after he became president. He called these radio addresses fireside chats, and this was his second one as president

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Fireside Chats (F. Roosevelt) Executive Orders (Beginning with J.Q. Adams ) Proclamations (Washington 1789 - Trump 2018) Presidential Signing Statements (Hoover 1929 - ) Statements of Administration Policy (Reagan (1985) - Trump (99th - 115th Congress) List of Vice-Presidents Who Served as Acting President Under the 25th Amendmen Document A: Fireside Chat (Modified) Context: President Roosevelt gave this speech over the radio on May 7, 1933, two months after he became president. He called these radio addresses fireside chats, and this was his second one as president. Tonight, I come for the second time to tell you about what we have been doing and what we ar Source: Samuel I. Rosenman, ed., Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1937 Volume: The Constitution Prevails (New York: MacMillan, 1941), 122-33. Last Thursday I described in detail certain economic problems which everyone admits now face the Nation.[1] For the many messages which have come to me after that speech, and which it is physically impossible to answer individually. The topic of this lesson's featured document, Fireside Chat on the Purposes and Foundations of the Recovery Program, was the NRA. Although this radio message, given on July 24, 1933, addressed some of the problems and issues of the Great Depression, it also focused on what industry, employers, and workers could do to bring about economic recovery How to organize a successful fireside chat. If you're organizing a fireside chat, here are 6 tips to help you nail it: Create an informal setting. Have a well-prepared moderator. Determine the key points and structure ahead. Engage the audience with poll questions. Provide added value for the participants

Document A: Fireside Chat (Modified) President Roosevelt gave this speech over the radio on May 7, 1933, two months after he became president. He called these radio addresses fireside chats, and this was his second one as president. Tonight, I come for the second time to tell you about what we have been doing and what we are planning to do. . . To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slas

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Fireside Chat. March 09, 1937. Last Thursday I described in detail certain economic problems which everyone admits now face the Nation. For the many messages which have come to me after that speech, and which it is physically impossible to answer individually, I take this means of saying thank you. Tonight, sitting at my desk in the White. President Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat: The Banking Crisis by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933) is in the public domain. One more point before I close. There will be, of course, some banks unable to reopen without being reorganized. The new law allows the Government to assist in making these reorganizations quickly an Fireside Chat on the New Deal. Franklin D. Roosevelt | May 7, 1933. Franklin D. Roosevelt > Fireside Chat on the New Deal. On a Sunday night a week after my Inauguration I used the radio to tell you about the banking crisis and the measures we were taking to meet it. I think that in that way I made clear to the country various facts that might. 7/27/2021 Fireside Chat. | The American Presidency Project. The Fireside Chats didn't always work, however. On the broadcast of Tuesday, March 9, 1937, for example, Roosevelt explained his plan to expand the U.S. Supreme Court to overcome the often-negative votes of what others had dubbed the nine old men. Despite his eloquence, his conversation didn't successfully sway public opinion.

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  1. On March 12, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the American people for the first time over a radiobroadcast. President Roosevelt uses this platform to explain the causes and results of the banking crisis that followed the stock market crash during the Great Depression
  2. Operations Management questions and answers; Instructions: Read the following document and then answer the following questions: Article: F.D.R. OUTLINING THE NEW DEAL/ THE SECOND FIRESIDE CHAT [MAY 7,1933] How does President Roosevelt address the problems of the Great Depression
  3. March 12, 1933: Fireside Chat 1: On the Banking Crisis. About this speech. Franklin D. Roosevelt. March 12, 1933. Source National Archives. By the time of Roosevelt's inauguration, nearly all of the banks in the nation had temporarily closed in response to mass withdrawals by a panicked public. Roosevelt calms the fears of the nation and.
  4. September 6, 1936: Fireside Chat 8: On Farmers and Laborers. I have been on a journey of husbandry. I went primarily to see at first hand conditions in the drought states; to see how effectively Federal and local authorities are taking care of pressing problems of relief and also how they are to work together to defend the people of this.
  5. Ep. 192 — Disturbing: Iowa School Documents Leaked PragerU • Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager • Jun 24th, 2021. Watch Listen. Donate to PragerU The Iowa public school system has MANDATED Critical Race Theory and Dennis reviews a shocking document that the state's teachers are forced to use. You won't believe the things it paints with.
  6. the fireside chat. My name is Ashley Spence. I am with CMS and I am charged with stakeholder engagement for CMS. Today we are here to talk about vaccine safety and we have a number of experts from both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and also from The American Healthcare.

Fireside Chat with Alex | AUGUST 1, 2019 2 The Answer There is no one answer to this. It's specific to your strategy and process. But defining a value may help you further define your process. For example, I may rebalance my portfolios when investments are 5% outside of their. Dennis has an answer that you won't expect. The Daily Wire Menu. Close. Read Watch Discuss Search Login Join. Ep. 196 — The Best Thing You Can Do for America PragerU • Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager Iowa School Documents Leaked. Jun 24th, 2021. Ep. 191 — The Problem with a Safety Obsession . Jun 17th, 2021. Robinhood customers are the driving force behind the evolution of our products. Through our fireside chat series, our CEO Vlad is sitting down with customers to answer their questions and hear how we can make Robinhood better.. During our second fireside chat, Vlad answered questions from some of our longest tenured Gold subscribers fireside chat-- sunday, september 30, 1934 Three months have passed since I talked with you shortly after the adjournment of the Congress. Tonight I continue that report, though, because of the shortness of time, I must defer a number of subjects to a later date

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In another new activity, Analyzing FDR's First Fireside Chat, students analyze the tone, mood, and rhetorical devices of the first of FDR's famous radio addresses, this time about the banking crisis. In the map-based activity Where Was the New Deal?, students identify three New Deal programs - the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Works Progress. The topic of this lesson's featured document, Fireside Chat on the Purposes and Foundations of the Recovery Program, was the NRA . Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivering one of his fireside chats to the nation, circa 1935. MPI / Getty Images. By Jennifer Latson. March 12, 2015 7:00 AM EDT. M arch of 1933 was a terrifying month. Fireside Chats (F. For today's fireside chat, you can submit questions by emailing me at jeffery.zekauskas@jpmorgan.com or by using the conference website through the Ask a Question feature. It's my pleasure this morning to introduce Howard Ungerleider, who is the President and Chief Financial Officer of Dow Chemical

Analyze the next three documents. Read carefully pages 5 and 6 of F.D.R.'s Fireside Chat on the purposes and foundations for the National Recovery Act, looking specifically at the information related to farmers in the United States. Analyze the the two photographs in the group Documents of Freedom. Our Commercial Republic. The New Deal; Handout A: Franklin D. Roosevelt Fireside Chat Outlining the New Deal Program Answer Key. Sorry! You do not have permission to view this resource. Home | Resources Library | Documents of Freedom | Our.

Read and analyze the Voices of Freedom document from the chapter derived from a 1934 fireside chat with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the excerpt below, FDR outlines his definition of freedom and attempts to mobilize support for New Deal programs Fireside Chat Recording One-Page Fireside is completely web-based (and only available on the House network for security purposes), so you will sign in to your account using an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. We recommend IE because of a nice feature related to editing Word documents. Fireside's software can be accessed anywhere • An invitation to a fireside chat. Twice a year, we hold these for new members and their spouses. They are held at a Rotarian's home and are attended by several Rotarians of various ages. This provides a relaxed social setting. The objective is to give new members a chance to interact and ask questions that club meetings don't.

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  1. Ep. 192 — Disturbing: Iowa School Documents Leaked PragerU • Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager • Jun 24th, 2021. Watch Listen. Donate to PragerU The Iowa public school system has MANDATED Critical Race Theory and Dennis reviews a shocking document that the state's teachers are forced to use. You won't believe the things it paints with.
  2. Ep 72 - When Adult Children Don't Speak To Their Parents. Dennis Prager. Mar 06, 2019. 792.9k. In this week's Fireside Chat, Dennis discusses the issue of adult children who decide to stop speaking to their parents and some of the root causes. He goes on to answer viewer questions. Topics discussed
  3. Fireside Chat 3/12/21 Good afternoon and welcome to this week's fireside chat. Due to the mass testing we were directed to conduct last week, we saw a substantial increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases here at SCI-Huntingdon. To keep in line with our existing mitigatio
  4. Question: Read Through The Following Two Documents: Franklin D. Roosevelts Second Fireside Chat May 7th, 1933. George W. Bush's Address To The Nation On The Economic Crisis, 2008. Analyze And Compare The Two Readings. What Are Some Of The Differences Or Similarities In Tone Between Roosevelt And Bush
  5. and which it is physically impossible to answer individually, I take this means of saying thank you. Tonight, sitting at my desk in the White House, I make my first radio report to the people in my second term of office
  6. Watch the video or read the transcript of the fireside chat with Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., Chief of Staff of the Air Force; and Mackenzie Eaglen, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, during AFA's 2021 virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium. AFA Chairman of the Board Gerald R. Murray: It's my pleasure today to introduce the.
  7. Document Analysis: Introduce RS #03: Source A - FDRs Fireside hat and RS #04: Source B - Huey Longs Share the Wealth _ Radio Address. Discuss sourcing. Play the audio of FDRs fireside chat (Document A). While listening, have students underline the parts they find most powerful or convincing

Each session consists of a 15-20 minute presentation followed by a 15-20 minute question and answer period where you and your students get to follow up and cross examine with whatever questions, or comments you may have regarding FDR's first Fireside Chat. Sessions can be delivered via skype, Poly Com Zoom Room or Google Hang Out Here is the Freelancer's document crossword clue answer that you are looking for. This clue was last seen on July 10 2021 Universal Crossword Puzzle. While searching our database we found 1 matching solution for the Freelancer's document crossword clue: The answer is: INVOICE Already solved Freelancer's document crossword clue? Go back and see the [ Ep. 192 — Disturbing: Iowa School Documents Leaked. Dennis Prager. Jun 24, 2021. 713.7k. The Iowa public school system has MANDATED Critical Race Theory and Dennis reviews a shocking document that the state's teachers are forced to use. You won't believe the things it paints with a white supremacy brush. Dennis's column this week. Fireside Chat Recovery Program). Divide each half into smaller groups of 4. Since the passages are long, distribute full copies of the documents, but assign each student in the smaller groups only 2-3 pages to analyze. 1.1 Do a close reading of your pages taken from either passage #1, or passage #2

The Fireside Chats refer to some 30 speeches President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed to the American people via radio from March 1933 to June 1944. Roosevelt spoke on a variety of topics from. We are excited to invite you to join our first official Live Fireside Chat series. We promise it will be worth your while. To kick off and first in the series we have @lynette-ledoux in a fireside chat with @cherylzupke from Cornerstone OnDemand to share how the customer success team at SearchUnify worked with her to improve the cumulative case deflection from 39% to 50% in three months Video Clip 2: President Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside Chats (5:32) Video Clip 3: President Reagan and the Challenger Explosion (2:08) Video Clip 4: President George W. Bush's Communication after. Fireside Chat with Linde COO Sanjiv Lamba June 16,2021; 10:00 AM ET Page 1of 19 Operator: Good morning and welcome to the J.P.Morgan Fireside Chat with Linde. This call is not intended for EEA clients that only subscribe to written research, and members of the press are not permitted on this call Robinhood Team. May 6, 2021. Customers asked Vlad and Christine about crypto and other hot topics. We love our crypto community! So we invited customers to share their ideas, feedback, and most pressing questions. In this week's fireside chat, Vlad was joined by our new Crypto COO Christine Brown (also jokingly referred to as our Chief.

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  1. 35 Questions That Will Change Your Life. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This article is more than 7 years old. Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.
  2. Activity 2. FDR's Fireside Chat on the Arsenal of Democracy Students can access this activity through a Launchpad. Distribute the edited version of the Arsenal of Democracy Fireside Chat, Address of the President Delivered by Radio From the White House, December 29, 1940, 9:30pm, provided as a PDF
  3. Fireside Chat - 4/2/21 Welcome to this week's Fireside Chat. We will start out with some updates that have been posted on the inmate channel and bulletin boards. Effective immediately, typewriters will no longer be available for purchase through commissary. Inmates desiring to purchase a typewriter must do so through the outsid
  4. Add to Calendar2021-06-11 15:00:002021-06-11 15:00:00Trademarks and the Games: A fireside chat about intellectual property and the Olympics Trademarks and the Games: A fireside chat about intellectual property and the Olympics Other resources: Download a printable transcript Standard version This event has concluded, but you can watch a live recording of it above
  5. Assignment: Listen to and read FDR's Fireside Chat No. 1 On the Banking Crisis and complete the accompanying questions. On the left side, create an acrostic using the word FIRESIDE CHAT as the center. Answer the EQ in a 6-8 sentence at the bottom of the left hand page
  6. Audio and motion picture holdings of the archives include recordings of or about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, the New Deal, and World War II. These include the famous Fireside Chats, government productions, commercial radio broadcasts, home movie footage, and commercial film and television productions. View Mor
  7. Hear from industry experts during a fireside chat. The Kahoot! WorkMeetup will conclude with an unmissable fireside chat! A panel of industry experts will discuss key topics raised by attendees in a pre-event survey and provide detailed insight into how employee engagement will help you gain a competitive edge

Class Documents and Study guides. APUSH Class Contract 2016-17 (WORD) > EXAM 1 (Periods 1 and 2) Study Guide ( WORD) - Worlds Meet and English Colonies Emerge. > EXAM 2 (Period 3) Study Guide ( WORD) - French and Indian War/Causes of the American Revolution/Declaration of Independence - EXAM is TUESDAY 11/1/16 With a live fireside chat covering the big themes for Drupal in 2021, and a vision for the future, this is the chance for Australia and New Zealand Drupalists to hear answers to burning questions. Ticket holders should check their inbox for a link to ask Dries! where they can put a question into the hat for the chat Fireside chat: 3:45 p.m. ET SEI Participants: Dennis McGonigle, Chief Financial Officer, and Steve Meyer, Head of Global Wealth Management Services . Morningstar Management Behind the Moat Conference Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021 Fireside chat: 11 a.m. ET (live webcast available to Morningstar clients only WASHINGTON - Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) today hosted a virtual Fireside Chat with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and local government leaders, tribal leaders, and key Virginia broadband stakeholders to discuss the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) work on rural broadband buildout, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), and what the FCC is doing during to help communities during the. IPO Edge and The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association will host a fireside chat with the CEO and Executive Chairman of Engine Media Inc. (Nasdaq: GAME) on Thursday, Aug. 5 at 2pm ET to discuss the.

A fireside chat with Ali Bahrami, FAA and Patrick Ky, EASA, facilitated by Terry McVenes, RTCA and Christian Schleifer-Heingartner , EUROCAE. An interactive interview with ASTM and SAE on Applications for Today's Software Standards. Forum for Aeronautical Software (FAS) Retrospective and Future: Complimenting the Implementation of Existing. Robinhood. March 23 at 6:30 PM ·. Robinhood Gold helps you unlock a suite of tools designed to propel you forward on your investing journey. For $5 a month, get access to research reports, bigger deposits with quicker access to funds, and trade on margin at a 2.5% annual rate. Eligibility required Questions and Answers with Panel 2:30 p.m. Sports Medicine - Keynote When are Children Ready for Organized Sports? Holly Benjamin, MD 2:50 p.m. Refreshment Break and Exhibits 3:10 p.m. Fireside Chat Breakout Session 1 (choose one per session) > Return to Sport Following ACL Injury: Video-Based Assessment to Establish Movement Qualit

Welcome to the Accounting Technology Fireside Chat Podcast. Now, sit back and enjoy while Nick and Trevor help you use your technology to make money and delight your clients. Well, good morning and welcome to the Accounting Technology Chat. Good morning, Trevor. Now, this is a turn up for the books. I'm in locked down and you're not Women leaders bring an authentic identity, experience, and perspective to the table when solving problems and leading teams. In the 20 years since 9/11, we have seen a dramatic shift as women in all aspects of our economy, philanthropy and government have changed what it means to serve and lead in this country. Now, there is a growing recognition of the unique contributions that propel success. Known as FDR, Roosevelt was elected President of the United States in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944. He served as the nation's 32nd president from March 4, 1933 to his death in 1945. At age thirty-nine, Roosevelt contracted polio. He lost the use of his legs for the rest of his life, though the public was largely unaware of his disability

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Join Nefesh B'Nefesh for a virtual fireside chat about taking Aliyah to the next level by defending Israel globally with two of the most influential Olim in that space 5:00 - 5:45 PM Fireside Chat: Hot Topics Emerging Douglas K. Rex, MD, MASGE and Jennifer A. Christie, MD, FASGE 5:45 - 6:45 PM Networking Reception with Exhibitors 6:45 PM Adjourn for Day Agenda Sunday, August 15, 2021 *Agenda listed in CDT Time Zone 2021 GI OUTLOOK(GO) AUGUST 14 - 15, 2021• Virtua The terrorist attacks of 9/11 stunned the world and remain an inflection point that forever changed America. While much of the focus has been on the human toll, financial cost of war, and national security implications, the attacks and subsequent wars also inspired a new generation of leaders across the veteran space. Join The Mission Continues & NationSwell for a conversation about what's. F.D.R. Fireside Chat- The Banking Crisis [March 12, 1933] MY FRIENDS, I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about banking, to talk with the comparatively few who understand the mechanics of banking, but more particularly with the overwhelming majority of you who use banks for the making of deposits and the.

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After, the presenters answer questions about their arguments and share tips for how to structure a closing argument in any civil case. Mike Wampold - Peterson Wampold Rosato Feldman Luna, Seattle, WA . Dylan Cohon - Swanson Gardner Meyers, Renton, WA . 7 A Fireside Chat in August: Perspectives from Plaintiff and Defense on Tria Welcome to the SiteVault Community! We are so grateful for your work in clinical research, and we are here to support you in your mission. Our community meets monthly for one hour to discuss important topics and trends we see happening in the industry, to share updates to training and product, and to showcase customer stories

A dedicated space to share resources, connect with like-minded data workers, and discuss industry specific analytic challenges + solutions. Discuss a wide range of topics! Questions about the Alteryx Platform should be directed to the appropriate Product discussion forum. Customize & extend the power of Alteryx Fireside Chat II Follow us on Instagram @myfraternitylife The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is a trade association that represents 58 national and international men's fraternities, including a diverse range of culturally and religious-based organizations, on campuses in the United States and Canada

Investor Relations Fireside Chat Series: Security. Friday, June 4, 2021. remarks before his fireside chat with Laurent Favre . Thank you, Laurent. Pleasure to be here. I really appreciate the invite. We are going to give a few slides at the beginning relating to our ESG activities and more importantly, our sustainability activities. So, if we could go to the next slide which is our safe harbor statement. I' Watch the video or read the transcript of Acting Air Force Secretary John P. Roth and retired Lt. Gen. Bruce Orville Wright, AFA President, participating in a fireside chat during AFA's 2021 virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium DOCUMENT A: FIRESIDE CHAT (Modified) President Roosevelt gave this speech over the radio on May 7, 1933, two months after he became president. He called these radio addressesfireside chats, and this was his second one as president. Tonight, I come for the second time to tell you about what we have been doing and what we are planning to d

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WATERLOO, ONTARIO - July 15, 2021 - BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced it will host a virtual fireside chat to discuss BlackBerry's IoT business and market opportunity. Who: Mattias Eriksson, President and General Manager of BlackBerry's IoT Business Unit in conversation with Tim Foote, BlackBerry Investor Relations Fireside chat. 7:29-32:55: Gary Sorrentino led a fireside chat with members of the security and privacy leadership team, chatting with Richard Farley, Randolph Barr, Lynn Haaland, and Rod Schultz about Zoom's ongoing commitment to privacy and security across our platform. From the development freeze involved in our 90-day plan to best. Fireside Chat: Human to machine - democratising trade finance with semantic models and JSON If the publicly available JSON schemas are, for example, used when creating original documents with the digital document technology, trace:original, both the documents and the content structured in the JSON are digitized. One will get a freely. Fireside Chat a one-two punch th at broke the back of the Great Depression. According to Beard and Smith (1940, p. 78), the sudden nationwide holiday performed the same function for the bank panic as may a slap in the face for a person gripped by unreasoning hysteria. Allen (1939, p. 111) notes that the ban

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In its final form, the act applied to industries whose combined employment represented only about one-fifth of the labor force. In these industries, it banned oppressive child labor and set the minimum hourly wage at 25 cents, and the maximum workweek at 44 hours. 1 FDR broadcasts first 'fireside chat' during the Great Depression. On March 12, 1933, eight days after his inauguration, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gives his first national radio address—or. Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum - Our Documents. THE PRESIDENT: When I came back yesterday I began to note intimations that this inaugural party was getting out of hand--all these chairmen, et cetera, trying to make a real party out of it, and I was trying not to. In other words, simplicity, I still think, should be the. Government Documents > Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat ; Cite. Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat. Updated February 28, The answer is simple. Your Government does not intend that the history of the past few years shall be repeated. We do not want and will not have another epidemic of bank failures

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What's Next for the Internet? Industry leaders take a look back — and predict what comes next. 2020 marks Cloudflare's 10th birthday. To help us celebrate, dozens of luminaries from the tech industry and beyond joined us for over 24 hours of fireside chats on the past and future of the Internet Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside Chat: Review of the achievements of the Seventy-third Congress Objectives The student will demonstrate ability to 1. read and summarize primary documents; 2. identify main ideas; 3. create a concept map that documents understanding of the use of historical imagery; 4 August 6: Friday Fireside Chat — Rita McGrath & Jayshree Seth. Jayshree Seth, Ph.D., is a corporate scientist and chief science advocate for 3M Company, where she has worked for over 27 years to advance science and develop new technologies and environmentally sustainable industrial products Thanks to the ease of telecommunications, we had the opportunity to attended Executive Fireside Chats, which are Q&A sessions with executives like Maria Martinez, head of Cisco's Customer Experience. Our cohort got answers and advice from the best in the business - an experience that was not lost on us Facts about the Fireside Chats for kids. Fireside Chats Fact 1: The radio was still a relative novelty. The first radio broadcast was made by KDKA from the Westinghouse Electric buildings on Tuesday, November 2, 1920. By the end of the 1920s there were over 100 million radios in use in America

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Lending DocAI is a specialized solution in our Document AI portfolio for the mortgage industry. Unlike more generalized competitive offerings, Lending DocAI provides industry-leading data accuracy for documents relevant to lending. It processes borrowers' income and asset documents to speed-up loan applications—a notoriously slow and. • A fireside chat with CEC Commissioner Monahan, California Air Resources Board Chair Liane Randolph, and Los Angeles Councilmember Kevin de Leon, who will discuss policy drivers for MHD transportation, opportunities for coordination, and the role of clean transportation research and development to help reach the state's energy goals For example, you can tell the search engine that if the search term is in the document title, give the document so many points, if it's in the body, give it so many points, if the document is newer so many points, and so on. It's the process of weighting different parameters to ultimately determine which documents rise to the top of the list FDR's Fireside Chat. Author: Joseph Jelen School: Northwood High School Grade Level: AP (9-12) Time Estimated: 1 day (80 minute period). Brief Overview. In this lesson students will be asked to analyze one of FDR's radio addresses to the nation centered on his proposed Works Relief Program

Pearl Harbor Primary Sources & Teaching Activities. December 3, 2020. April 16, 2021. by Stephanie, posted in Document Spotlights, Teaching Activities & Lesson Plans. As the Pearl Harbor anniversary approaches, we're sharing historical documents, posters, photographs, and more related to the attack and its impact on U.S. History. On DocsTeach. For a filing being made in hard copy: Print the Form and all documents on 8½ by 11 inch paper, single-sided. Staple or clip the HSR form and separately staple or clip and label each attachment. Labels should include the name of the filing party, the date of filing, and an attachment number. Check the Style Sheet for HSR filings for. The 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is available in the following formats: (1) hard copy; (2) Compact Disc; and (3) PDF delivered via email. To receive a PDF copy of the FDD via email, you must have a valid email address capable of receiving a document of 3 MB. To view the FDD you will need Adobe Reader 6.0 or greater