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2007 chevy impala water damage hesitation when I press the gas - Chevrolet 2007 Impala question. Search Fixya. Browse Categories SOURCE: 2007 chevy impala hesitant to take off then jerks. May be timing, plugs, dirty distributor, blocked jets in carbs, water in fuel. Posted on May 13, 2012 When you, take off, be sure to have the flaps down and the wheels up! That could be a part of the problem! All kidding aside, no vehicle should hesitate when accelerating. Something isn't right. Have a professional automotive technician diagnose it. The Buick 3.8 V-6 was a fantastic engine 2007 chevy impala hesitant to take off then jerks. May be timing, plugs, dirty distributor, blocked jets in carbs, water in fuel Read full answer. May 13, 2012 • 2007 Chevrolet Impala. 0 helpful. 1 answer. B2200 jerks and hesitates. Check fuel pressure. If good, rebuild carb. Read full answer Chevrolet Impala Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection at your home or office. If this mixture is thrown off in any way, it may result in an engine running too lean (not enough air), or too rich (not enough fuel). The mechanic should then remove the mass airflow sensor and replace it with a new one if necessary

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  1. The b-body EGR was designed to work with a certain amount of back pressure and has a tendency to fail early when used with a cat-back. The f-body EGR was designed to work with a low restriction exhaust and thus will typically last longer. These are the f-body part #'s. About $65 for both solenoid and valve from Dal
  2. Q: My car jerks slightly when I'm at a steady speed or trying to stay at a constant speed only around 40mph to 50 mph. when I try to stay at 40 45 mph my car chugs jerks slightly, but when I hit the gas it goes away only usually at those speeds. I replaced spark plugs all but number 3 today didn't change anything, change tps nothin, changed air.
  3. Chevrolet Impala owners have reported 43 problems related to transmission gear slipping (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Impala based on all problems reported for the Impala
  4. 2005 Chevrolet Impala 115,000 mi, Visitor. While accelerating from a stop, or accelerating from various speeds such as 35 or 55, it will jolt during acceleration as if it is slipping between gears. Report. 2005 Chevrolet Impala 149,000 mi, Visitor. The car jerks when driving, especially when accelerating. Report

The 2007 Chevrolet Impala has 8 problems reported for transmission slips. Average failure mileage is 83,150 miles Hello. Just purchased a used 2006 Chevrolet Impala LT 3.5 V6, 120K miles, well maintained.When pulling off from a start under light acceleration there is a fraction of a second delay to get going. This fraction of a second event pulses, acceleration to hesitation, repeatedly ever-so-slightly until a light-to-moderate force is applied to the accelerator

2003 Chevrolet Impala 80,000 mi, The transmission issue of shifting erratically just started but only when the car has been on the road for more then 30 minutest or so. Was checked out through a Chevrolet dealer and told it would cost $1000.00 to fix the solinoid issue. I would like to fix it myself Hello, First off, fuel filters and bad fuel pumps can cause a fuel starvation problem. solution: replace fuel filter, and have fuel pressure checked at fuel rail to ensure the proper psi. if there is a misfire it will cause the car to hesitate, shake, and idle very rough pretty much all the time, and it will smooth out a bit when you reach a higher speed. solution: replace spark plugs and. I have a 2003 chevy impala. When I hit the gas (whether it be a light tap or hit it pretty hard), my car kind of waits a second, jerks and then takes off (revs go kinda high when it's waiting). To me it kind of feels like the first gear is waiting to catch and then it catches and it jerks Chevrolet Equinox 2007 85000 miles. Accelerator Steering wheel Engine Noise Jerking/Hesitation. I bought an Equinox 2007 two months ago and it has already presented many failures. The one that worries me the most is that, when driving on an uphill road and over 40 mph, it is really hard to speed it up. When I try to overtake another vehicle and.

Recent 2007 Chevrolet Impala questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Impala Cars & Trucks. 2007 chevy impala hesitant to take off then jerks. May be timing, plugs, dirty distributor, blocked jets in carbs, water in fuel Read full answer 2011 Chevrolet Impala 115,000 mi, trannyisshit. When go to take off it don't move then when it kicks in it jerks really hard scared the crap out of me. well I was told it will cost $1600 to $2500 to fix they said it was a sensor in the transmission I have only had the for a year bought it used and it is a piece of shit it seemed to run ok for a. Recent Chevrolet Impala Questions Leaking power steering What will the total cost be for 4 new tires and 4 new brake pads,replacement and to get oil changed, fuses replaced, battery possible replacement and light bulbs and computer issues as well The 2011 Chevrolet Impala has 7 problems reported for transmission jerks when starting from a stop. Average failure mileage is 66,700 miles I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with the 5.3L H.O. 139K. The truck starts and idles without an issue. Durring light acceleration and at low speeds (city driving 35 mph or so) the truck seeems to run fine. However, when accelerating to highway speeds you notice that the truck will intermitantly jerk. In addition when crusing at highway speeds it runs.

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Therefore, you should wipe those off then check to make sure the symptom will not happen again. For example, Toyota Camry is said that sometimes it jerks when accelerating and the most common reason behind is air filter pollution. Furthermore, some people think that Toyota Camry is a bit sluggish when accelerating from a lower speed, so notice. Transmission Solenoid problem of the 2007 Chevrolet Impala 4. Failure Date: 07/01/2019. Transmission tends to long shift at 1st and 2nd gears causing erratic shifting uphill and sometimes turns. Unsafe! jasper engines and transmissions did update for clutch plates and pressure solenoid for this is known to be a problem The 2001 Chevrolet Impala has 10 problems reported for hesitation when accelerating. Average repair cost is $350 at 98,500 miles The parts will cost you between $75 and $130 on average. The labor costs will be anywhere between $60 and $90, depending on the hourly rate of the mechanics. So in total, you can expect to pay between $135 and $220 for a throttle position sensor replacement. Since replacing the TPS is fairly easy in most cases (depending on its location), you.

An engine that hesitates when accelerating is either sucking too much air, not getting enough fuel, or misfiring. Here's what you might discover—and what you can do to fix the problem: Dirty air filter. The Fix: Replace the air filter. The spark plugs may be dirty or worn. The Fix: Replace spark plugs. The ignition wires may be bad I have a 2006 chevy impala I have been having problems with the transmission slaming into gear when you go to take off. I have had problem since I bought the car in 2006 I took it into the dealer multiple times and they never found anything ( we can't do anything unless it comes up with an error) Notice it dropped last Wednesday. Not sure why, could be alot of different reasons. Last week, one of the tires were at 10psi (got it repaired.) All the tires are set at 32psi for now. Until, I leave, then I'll set them at 30psi (since it will take 7.5 hours of driving.) Had an Oil Change and Air Filter new, about a month ago

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  1. SEANPATTERSON. MEMBER. 2006 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO. 104,000 MILES. My car slightly hesitates when I pull off. It mostly happens when I take off from a red light, but it doesn't happen all of the time. When I push the gas, it will hesitate for a second or so then it will jerk and go. I have no problems while driving only when accelerating forward
  2. first the basics. 2000 GM sierra, 5.3 4x4 etc I have a problem that is driving me nuts trying to figure out. at low rpm (truck in gear and moving) the truck hesitates, sometimes almost stalling out. I have started with the fuel system doing a pressure test and found the pressure regulator was bad..
  3. My car has been jerking and doesn't want to take off when I'm driving, I thought it was the transmission, i took it to oreillys and put it on the machine and these coDes came up p0442 and p0455 I havr to put it on neutral then its fine. 2014 Chevrolet Impala- 2006 Chevrolet Impala LTZ FWD. Private sale estimate. $3,600. Get Started I.

Chevrolet Silverado 2007-2013: Transmission Problems and Diagnostics. A lot can go wrong with an automatic transmission. But understanding what could be wrong and then determining what would be involved to get it repaired (or if it even makes sense to try to get it repaired instead of swapping it out for a re-manufactured transmission), is what this article is all about At random times, starting from a stop, my 2007 chevy impala ltz car will slowly engage 1st gear and then suddenly engage with a strong jerk. On several occasions this occurred when pulling out into traffic, starting at a traffic light on a wet road, and pulling up slight inclined driveway into garage The earlier you are able to know the reason behind the jerks when accelerating, the more you can minimize the damage and the costs of repair. There are several reasons why car jerks when accelerating. Most of the time, the jerking issue would just go away after you have driven it a few miles, so most people tend to ignore it 2004 Chevy Impala, 3.8, 93,000 miles. Once engine is hot, there is a sudden jerk, no increase in RPM's. It will then stall at idle speed. RPM's AT ABOUT 800. COULD TORQUE CONVERTOR BE BAD OR MORE TRAN read mor

Chevy Impala: I have a 2004 chevy impala, 3.8 v6, automatic. I have a 2004 chevy impala, 3.8 v6, automatic. At approx 160k miles the transmission produced a jump/hard hit when leaving from a dead stop, like it has a hot rod stall speed trans and was trying to hi i have a peugeot 2008 semi auto 1.6 dieseal only had it a month, forstarters the stop start has never worked , and then when i pull up at a junction and need to edge just a little more forward i take my foot off the break slowly and the car gives a mighty jolt forward and like the wheel lock up for a split second,the feelig i get it thatth.

1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z - Wrecked/Sold 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier - Wrecked/Donated 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LT - M62 Supercharger, Ported Throttle Body, 42 lb/hr Injectors, Intense 2.9 Pulley, Cobra Heat Exchanger, SS/TC Exhaust, TTR Engine and Trans Mounts, Trifecta Tune, ZZP Header and Downpipe, '08+ FE5 Struts/Shocks, SSC Springs, FE5 Control Arms, SS/SC Front Swaybar, Powell Hardcore Rear. 2011 Malibu LTZ 2.4L Flex Fuel. 110,000 km, (68,000 miles) When I switch from park to reverse, then to drive, I notice the car jerks more than a normal car should. When I apply the gas, there is a delay in the power, sometimes I end up pressing too much because I feel the car isn't aware I pressed the pedal, and then it jerks forward All right guys I'm reaching out to the experts here for help with my transmission problems. Luckily, I have some inclination as to what might be causing it but I'm not positive so I really need some help. The issue is that my 2012 4wd Tahoe is having really weird shifting points, especially in the low gears and it jerks a lot when taking off. Worst of all, when I'm braking and coming to. I have a 2009 impala. During take off I hear a noise like the axle slipping or a grinding noise, and then I get the Service Traction Control warning as well as the ABS light. Started off doing it only after I put it in drive and not all the time

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Automatic Transmission problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu 30. Failure Date: 02/13/2006. 2004 Malibu maxx - after car turned 25,000 miles, would start to be sluggish upon slow acceleration between 35 - 40 mph. Happening more and more frequently as car approach 30,000 miles. Left vehicle with dealership in February 06 2007 Traverse: TSB 09-07-30-012B. This Technical Service Bulletin covers a wide range of problem that are caused by a faulty 3-5-R clutch wave plate. The problems associated with this plate going bad include: No Reverse. Harsh shifts in 3rd and 5th gear. Slipping transmission in-between shifts Chevy should be ashamed to put a vehicle out with such a junk transmission. #2 LemonLaw says: August 22nd, 2011 at 10:00 am. Todd: Give us a call at 800-LEMON-LAW to see if we can help you resolve this issue. #3 Robert Hobbs says: October 4th, 2011 at 7:20 pm. 2011 Equinox with 400 miles and the transmission exploded The cost to remedy the problem will vary depending on your specific problem. Here are the costs associated with some of the parts you might need to fix if your car jerks when accelerating: Replace spark plugs: Between $50 and $150. Clean fuel injectors: Between $50 and $100 If you are stopped and go to take off, the transmission will jerk into gear, so severely at times that it feels as if you have been hit in the rear end. In 06/2010, not completely sure of the mileage (getting that info from dealer who couldn't find the problem) I took it back to the Chevy dealer I bought it at and they said it was the Cadillac.

Transmission Gear Slipping problem of the 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Failure Date: 05/01/2014 From a stopped point the transmission slips upon acceleration causing the car to make a loud clunking noise and then jerk and bark the tires until the car goes into gear almost causing me to be rear ended each time Past week or so sometimes after i stop it wouldnt wanna take off again. Step on gas then it would drop into gear at like 3-4000 rpm I have a 2007 Chevrolet Impala and I have the exact same problem! My car would not move with a long hesitation. Jerks all the time and hesitates with every shift. Live in Indianapolis, IN. Reply. Angela. Great article. I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7 L. Have been having all of the symptoms above and engine light has been on. Took it in for a diagnostic and found evap leak with code for LDP pump so changed that out. Then we got a code for Lean code - replaced Intake Manifold gasket. Still have the same symptoms as above Step 1 - If a check engine warning light has come ON while driving, the computer will need to have the trouble codes read to help fix the problem. Learn more. Check Engine Light MIL. Step 2 - An engine's tune up is a regularly scheduled service, when this service is neglected it can cause the engine to surge. Learn more

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Whining noise when accelerating chevy silverado. I took it in to the dealer and of course they could not find any problem. Feb 18, 2021 · The motor mount on the passenger side could be another obvious culprit. . com/power-steering-stop-leak-00232/) to seal the leak and top off your power steering fluid to stop the whining noise. gobdp Popular Chevrolet Malibu Classic questions, problems & fixes. Find expert solutions to common issues, DIY guides, repair tips & user manuals for all Malibu Classic Cars & Trucks. Page 5 I reminded him that he had broken off my left index finger back in July and he laughed and I laughed and then he broke off my other one. This is one of the reasons 1 was later known far and wide as Fingers Blumenthal and by late 1934, after my close friendship with Dillinger, as Toes McCloskey, having run out of fingers in carly June Silverado 2500HD Ready to install out of the box. Simply extend the RAS out to become the proper length (shortened for shipping), remove the bolt to allow the fork to drop over the leaf spring and reconnect, hand tighten the assembly via turning the spring and check the centered alignment, then tighten with a wrench (my socket wouldn't quite fit) until gap disc slips freely between the.

Was doing some housekeeping while preparing some race videos of the Honda Fit, and came across this little battle between Vic and Rick at Goodwood in the Mazda RX500 from two weeks ago that I completely forgot that I uploaded. A rare treat to watch replay cameras without the annoying black bars.. After the oil change, my engine started to misfire at idle and at highway speeds. I would be driving without any problems for most of the day, then all of a sudden the engine would stutter at highway speeds. If I take my foot off the gas and then reapply, the problem stops for the time being

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chevrolet truck I have a 1995 six cylinder Cheyenne pick-up that hesitates and jerks while driving at speeds between 25-55 miles per hour. I've changed the fuel filter, spark plugs and wires and nothing has helped Ive been battling a problem recently with my 4.3l vortec v6. I would hesitate while running kind of like a half second about every 10 seconds, take off was pitiful and as far a jumping into the passing gear to haul butt you could forget that. Well I broke down and took it to a mechanic shop yeste..

There are 598 complaints filed for the 2007 CHEVROLET IMPALA. Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2007 CHEVROLET IMPALA.These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process If the accelerator is slightly depressed while the car is running and it lags, stalls or hesitates. If after completely stopping the car, it stalls when taking off. Engine power is below the usual level. Poor fuel economy. Sometimes check engine light turns on. Engine knocking* As another example, I still have a 1987 Mitsubishi Starion, which ran perfectly for 35,000 miles. Then it developed an intermittent hesitation problem- you would be cruising at 60mph, on a 400 mile trip, ease off the gas pedal, and suddenly for 1/4 second, it was as though someone had switched off the engine and then turned it back on again It is worse with the cruise control on, and usually happens at fixed speed, or near cruising speed when speeding up. Specifically: Engine Load goes rapidly to 100% and stays there (even though speed, throttle position and grade are unchanged) Engine load absolute goes to 109%. Throttle Position Manifold goes to 83% (which is essentially pegged. 113 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 15, 2009. I have a 72 with a 454. I've noticed that when I push the accelerator down to open up the secondaries in my 4 barrel carb, it feels like the car is going to shut off completely. The car usually loses power, jerks, and then sometimes starts to accelerate, or sometimes just slows until I take.

When a driver accelerates or decelerates, the cars will reportedly hesitate and then shudder, jerk, clunk or hard shift when the automatic transmission switches gears. This may also occur when the vehicles are accelerating in a single gear and not necessarily switching gears. Purchased my 17 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 on 11/28/17 and. When the transmission jerks between gears or the transmission is shifting hard, it should be taken as a warning that your transmission needs repair. When a transmission is shifting hard or slipping it's time for an inspection. An inspection by an expert will tell you whether a simple fix can address the issue or major repairs are due i have a 2006 chevy impala and there seems to be a problem with the transmission. we have taken the car to the dealers several times. we have changed the spark plugs, changed and flushed the transmission fluid. we are still having the car jerk off at a stop light. we you are stopped on an incline it also hesitates to go into gear and the jerks. When I pull to a stop and then let off the brakes, I get kind of a jerk as if everything is bound up when I stop and when I go, it seems to release. By releasing the rear of the truck will come down a bit with a slight jerk/pop. It feels like something is sticking and as soon as i let off of..

I have a 94 Caprice Classic, with an LT1, and it's had this annoying problem since I bought it 2 years ago. When the car is cold, it drives great. As soon as it warms up, it hesitates, and it's very hard to get it over 20-30MPH without almost having to floor it (getting the car to downshift to.. Hello, new to forums here, thought I'd post a problem i have with my 2007 Jeep Patriot. Just bought it used from dealership and I have no codes or anything. The problem I have is in the rpm range of 1500-2000 I have a slight jerking/ hesitation just when it shifts into second gear. If I power through the 2000 rpm mark it goes away

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S-10 Cranks Wont Start. 1992 S-10 Pickup V6 4.3 4WD Vortec V6. GM Computer codes = no Got new battery installed. Truck ran fine never had problem until now truck cranks fine and strong also fuel pump starts for 2-3 seconds then turns off left for 2 days came back would not start GM are responsible for some of the biggest automotive brand names in the US, including Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and, of course, GMC. The following cars all use a 4L60E transmission. This is far from an exhaustive list: Buick Rainier (2004-2007) Cadillac Escalade (1999-2000, 2002-2005 on select models) Chevrolet Camaro (1994-2001 I got a 2011 chevy impala I took it once to the chevy dealer with this issue is stabilack track reduce power this is a throttle issue 1 time already a second time is enough to put these impalas as lemon want to know if I can replace my car or get money back #172 Bill K says: April 20th, 2015 at 9:39 am. 2011 traverse 75000 miles

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01/13/2009 8:07 AM. My 2000 Chevy Malibu (200,000 Km) hesitates during acceleration at 35 kmph and 60 kph. As I approach ~35 Kph, and accelerating, the car does not accelerate smoothly. It feels like the gears are slipping. The car will loose its acceleration for a split second and then speed up and it cycles like this a few times before. 05-17-2010, 09:59 AM. Take off in 1st gear, then at about 30-35 mph, under normal light throttle put it in second gear. Keep an eye on the tach. You want to make sure that 2nd is indeed engaging. Then between 40-45 mph put it in 3rd. Again, keep your eye on the tach, and make sure 3rd engaged

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The mechanism of an automatic transmission is complicated and it takes time, money, and expertise to solve if there is any problem with this component. One such complex issue is auto transmission shifting hard from 1 st to 2 nd.Even experienced mechanics struggle to find out the exact reasons for this problem. Transmission Shifting Hard from 1 st to 2 nd: The Reason Re: Jerking durring acceleration. Most common cause for jerking and i speak for all gas and diesel engines. Its usually a misfire which at high speeds can cause imbalance to the engine. The cables that go to the spark plugs. The things that ignite the fuel. Connects Ignition Coils to spark plugs Table 1: Search queries for www.mistertransmission.com relating to common transmission problems in the last 90 days. Looking into the searches we receive for our website, most queries related to common transmission problems primarily pertain to issues such as burning smell and overheating, delayed engagement, fluid leaks, and transmission noises 34 Posts. #12 · Feb 8, 2014. Mine does this, only after I fill it up with gas. Any other time it starts up perfectly, but if I fill it up and go to start it, it lags and takes about 3-4 seconds to start and when it does, for the first few seconds the RPMs want to bottom out so I have to give it a little gas to keep from doing that Fuel injectors are the last parts before the combustion chamber in a long list of components that make up the fuel system.. Injectors usually last for a long time, but they can become clogged with age or poor fuel quality as the fuel filter fails to pick up all the sediment from the gas tank. If an injector gets clogged, it affects the spray pattern and the injector's ability to atomize fuel

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  1. One of the most common issues with the 2nd generation Chevy Equinox is a stalling problem.The most challenging part of the problem is that they are known to stall at any time. Before troubleshooting any automotive issue, including stalling issues with the Chevy Equinox, make sure that you check the vehicles trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner.Trouble codes are always a great place to start.
  2. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2007-present). It is common for the Stabilitrak dash warning light to turn on, and this can happen either by a software or computer glitch, by actually pressing the Stabilitrak button and disengaging the system, or because there is something actually wrong with the system that requires your attention
  3. I have 2007 Trailblazer. A week ago, the check engine light came on and I brought it to Pepboys. They said the code was related to a leak in the emissions system which they said was related to the gas cap failing. So they replaced the gas cap. Well a few days ago, the gas cap light came on and then the check engine light came on again

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Chevy 4.3L Vortec Common Engine Problems - Vortec 4300 V6. The Chevy vortec engine line spans from small block V6's to big block V8's and also includes some inline 4, 5, and 6 engines used in less popular GMC brands. The term vortec is simply a marketing name used by Chevrolet to communicate its use of vortex technology At red lights will misfire & jerks then shuts off. One time it shut off, the big sound was like the locks when down. Other time, it jerked like the rear end came out. Some times it will take 2-4 times to start. Once I when from one red light to the other, both times jerked and shuts off. Has been in the chevy shop 4 times, back in there now 1999 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN. V8. 4WD. AUTOMATIC. 103,000 MILES. You take off sometimes this push or jerk kicks in from behind. Kind of a delay boost. Some times when you take your foot of the gas to slow down it will give you that jerk or push from behind. It does not do it all the time But when I accelerate out of the parking lot it hesitates and really sputters. If you try to accelerate more it backfires a few times and then takes off like there's nothing wrong. There are two codes that are popping, one says that the right bank is running lean and the other says the O2 sensor heater coil is bad

Hello. I have a 2007 chevy cobalt it has around 195000 miles on it. It is the coupe LS style and an automatic. Just a few days ago I was driving at a high speed about 50 mph on a high heel and it started jump and jerk then the car turned off. Once I started it up again. It drove off really slow and now won't change gears. It still drives. Hyundai, a leading Asian manufacturer of cars and SUVs, has been expanding its market share in the U.S. market. Although Hyundai offers a 10-year warranty, many users have experienced problems with the transmission system. In particular, the transmission may be prone to slip on some Hyundai models. There are several.

Thanks for your question about your 2004 Chevy Impala. It sounds like your transmission is having trouble building enough line pressure to shift once it gets warm. You can check this if you have a performance shift option. If shifts work better with that performance shift option switched on then this may be the case for you Problem: 3rd gear starts, can manually shift through all gears. When car has been turned off for a bit, then back on it will run normally. Cause: VSS dropoff. The rpms are too high, but the VSS is showing no movement. Did it to me after a tire burning take-off (I only have a 2800 stall) Trouble Code P0100 P0104 P0171 P0172 P0174 If you clean or replace your Mass Air Flow Sensor it might take up to 50 miles of driving for your check engine l.. I drives a 2009 Nissan Maxima the traction control comes on after a slight jerk and the car cuts off. I then shut the engine down and restart car sometimes problem be solved with driving but the light is still on after getting car park. the next day car is driving no light but after a few miles problem starts again. Repl