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Babies with the disease may be born with red, blistered, raw-looking skin that's thick in places, injures easily, and gets inflamed. Thick, hard scales form in rows on the skin -- especially. Light Diseases and Disorders of Pigmentation Lupus and other Connective Tissue diseases Melanoma (Skin Cancer), Nevi, and Moles: Nail Fungus and other Nail Disease Poison Ivy Photos and other Contact Dermatitis Psoriasis pictures, Lichen Planus and related diseases Scabies, Lyme Disease and other Infestations and Bite Skin disease pictures and symptoms is a free dermatology atlas which also teaches you about different skin, hair and nail conditions. ABSCESS. Symptoms of a skin abscess include a warm, tender and fluctuant (compressible) swelling Explore pictures of skin pigmentation changes like the melasma mask of pregnancy, birth marks, images of jaundice, and more. Fungal Skin Infections Examine photos of common fungal infections such as ringworm, toenail fungus, and thrush

Dermatitis is the general term for skin rashes. There are many different types of skin diseases, but some of the more common kinds are psoriasis, eczema, herpes simplex, lupus, acne, rosacea and skin cancer. A cold sore. There are two main types of skin cancer: non- melanoma and melanoma. Melanoma is the more deadly, while non-melanoma is the. Alex Tihonov / Getty Images. Chickenpox is a skin infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Early in a chickenpox infection, the rash is characterized by clusters of vesicles (small sacs filled with fluid) on an erythematous (reddened skin) base.. These distinctive lesions, which have been described as dewdrops on a rose petal, are preceded by flu-like symptoms Warts are growths of the skin and mucous membranes (the mouth or genitals) that are caused by over 100 types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Common warts are usually found on areas of the body prone to trauma, such as the elbows, knees, and hands. The virus causes thickening of the top skin layer Note: Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. You should carefully read all product packaging

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Analpram HC. Angioedema. Angioedema Hereditary. Angiokeratoma Circumscriptum Picture. Animal Feces Found in Counterfeit Makeup. Animal, Bug Bites a Billion-Dollar Burden. anthralin lotion (for scalp)-topical. anthralin topical. Anti-Aging Process Rejuvenates Lab Mice: Study There are dozens of conditions that affect someone's skin, and it can be hard to tell one from the other. This article tells you about about permanent skin diseases, temporary skin diseases. Arm Injuries and Disorders. Active Range of Motion Exercises: Wrists, Elbows, Forearms, and Shoulders - हिन्दी (Hindi) Bilingual PDF. Health Information Translations. Wearing a Shoulder Sling - हिन्दी (Hindi) Bilingual PDF Let's take a look at the top homeopathic medicines for skin diseases, allergies, rashes, and other skin issues. Note: Do NOT use any of the medicines without consulting a homeopathy practitioner. They will guide you about the dosage and the way to use the medicine for curing your problem. Top 15 Homeopathic Medicines For Skin Issues 1. Sulphu

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View list of generic and brand names of drugs used for treatment of Skin (Skin Disease ). You can find more information including dosage, side effects of the Skin (Skin Disease ) medicine Common nail diseases include nail psoriasis, fungal infections, paronychia, and more. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for common nail diseases here Ringworm, also called dermatophytosis or tinea, is a fungal infection of the skin. In spite of its name, ringworm isn't caused by a worm. Learn how to identify and treat ringworm

Arsenicum. Useful homeopathic medicine for skin disease in all cases of skin troubles when the skin is thickened, such as in chronic eczema, psoriasis and chronic urticaria. The sensations are itching, burning and swelling, it also has papules, nettle rash and pimples. Burning sensitive ulcers with offensive discharges Dermatographic urticaria. Other names. Dermographism, dermatographism, dermatographia, skin writing. Dermatographic urticaria is sometimes called skin writing. Specialty. Dermatology, allergy and immunology. Dermatographic urticaria is a skin disorder and one of the most common types of urticaria, affecting 2-5% of the population Palmoplantar keratoderma (PPK) is a group of skin conditions characterized by thickening of the skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. PPK can also be a feature of various underlying syndromes. In rare forms of PPK, organs other than the skin may also be affected. PPK can be either acquired during the lifetime (more commonly) or inherited Skin comes in all colors, from the palest ivory to the darkest brown and nearly every shade in between.. Skin problems, however, are generally color-blind, meaning that most skin conditions can. Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The patches of skin affected become white and usually have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may also become white. The inside of the mouth and nose may also be involved. Typically both sides of the body are affected. Often the patches begin on areas of skin that are exposed to the sun

Scabies is an itchy, highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei.; Direct skin-to-skin contact is the mode of transmission. A severe and relentless itch is the predominant symptom of scabies.; Sexual contact is the most common form of transmission among sexually active young people, and scabies has been considered by many to be a sexually. Skin lesions develop which you can identify as rashes or small bumps on the skin. It is a contagious disease and most commonly spreads through nasopharyngeal secretions. The vaccine for HFMD has recently been introduced in China (in 2015). It is the EV71 vaccine. Gingivitis. This is one of the most commonly occurring mouth diseases Lichen planus pigmentosus (LPP) is a rare form of lichen planus. It is characterized by oval or irregularly-shaped brown to gray-brown macules and patches on the skin. Areas that are exposed to sun such as the forehead, temples and neck are most commonly affected. However, the macules and patches may also develop on the trunk or in places where. Atopic dermatitis (eczema) signs and symptoms vary widely from person to person and include: Dry skin. Itching, which may be severe, especially at night. Red to brownish-gray patches, especially on the hands, feet, ankles, wrists, neck, upper chest, eyelids, inside the bend of the elbows and knees, and in infants, the face and scalp

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  1. Pig diseases in the breeding stage 1. Mastitis. Mastitis is a disease present in sows and it has symptoms such as reduced milk production, higher body temperature and loss of appetite. The disease is caused by a bacterial infection of the mammary glands, where skin discolorations can be observed
  2. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis is a rare disease that occurs mainly in people with advanced kidney failure with or without dialysis. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis may resemble skin diseases, such as scleroderma and scleromyxedema, with thickening and darkening developing on large areas of the skin
  3. Melanoma: The deadliest form of skin cancer. Frequently develops in a mole or suddenly appears as a new dark spot on the skin. Melanoma Melanoma is often called the most serious skin cancer because it has a tendency to spread.. Melanoma can develop within a mole that you already have on your skin or appear suddenly as a dark spot on the skin that looks different from the rest
  4. Hansen's disease (leprosy) is a bacterial infection that can also cause discolored patches of skin. Usually these patches are flat, look faded, and may even feel numb. Scleroderma is a rare but serious autoimmune disease that causes parts of the skin to harden. Often those areas can appear shiny. It can also create problems with connective.
  5. This is a rare, inherited disorder. It reduces the amount of melanin pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes. People with albinism (albinos) have white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Their eyes may seem red in different lighting conditions. Many also have vision problems. Treatment. There is no cure for albinism
  6. List of skin diseases synonyms, List of skin diseases pronunciation, List of skin diseases translation, English dictionary definition of List of skin diseases. Noun 1. skin disease - a disease affecting the skin disease of the skin, skin disorder acantholysis - a breakdown of a cell layer in the epidermis..

Shingles: This painful viral infection is caused by herpes zoster, the virus that causes chickenpox.After infection with chickenpox, the virus hides in the nervous system in a latent or dormant state. Exposure to chickenpox or other stressors may cause a reactivation of the virus, resulting in a shingles outbreak. People over the age of 50 are most likely to suffer from shingles 4: The Chigoe Flea. This image from the CDC shows the chigoe flea in three different stages of development. CDC Photo. The chigoe flea is known by many names, including the jigger flea and the sand flea. Regardless of what you call them, the parasite latches onto its host's skin to feed This is a disease that is transferable to humans. So if flu-like symptoms in the family exist and don't seem to resolve themselves, the vet should urgently be consulted. Deficiencies of minerals, such as calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese and magnesium, may be associated with brittle, frayed feathers and itchy skin. There may be alterations in. Infantigo is a contagious superficial skin infection. Most cases are caused by staphylococcal bacteria (staph, for short). A lower percentage of cases involve streptococcal bacteria (strep for short). Any break in the skin (such as a cut, scrape or insect bite) can potentially become infected with the germs that cause Infantigo Nowadays, it seems that every other black-haired, mountain dweller claims Melungeon roots. The name refers to a specific set of families. Traditionally dark-featured and visibly different from their white, black and Native American neighbors, they have lived in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee for centuries. Their ethnic origin has been a source of debate for nearly as long

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Skin can become so dry that it: Becomes rough and scaly. Feels tight and cracks easily. Develops fish-like scales. Extremely dry skin is common in people who have end-stage kidney disease, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant. Itchy skin. Extremely itchy skin is a common symptom of advanced kidney disease Introduction. Pigmentation of the skin normally varies according to racial origin (see Fitzpatrick phototypes) and the amount of sun exposure.Pigmentation disorders are often more troublesome in skin of colour.. The pigment cells or melanocytes are located at the base of the epidermis and produce the protein melanin.Melanin is carried by keratinocytes to the skin surface

Signs of skin diseases, such as a bump, a rash or a dry patch, can be perplexing. In fact, in some cases, they can be downright anxiety-inducing. While some of these signs and symptoms are completely harmless (but nevertheless annoying), others can be warning signs of more serious medical concerns Most of these physical features are a result of some disease or medical condition that the person battles with. Let's look at some of the physical deformities from diseases or conditions. 1. Obesity. In a world obsessed with size '0', being overweight is a severe matter of social stigmatization. The problem becomes much greater for the. Dermatologic Signs of Systemic Disease Online Medical Reference - from diagnosis through treatment options. Co-authored by Lisa M. Grandinetti and Kenneth J. Tomecki of the Cleveland Clinic. The skin is often a window to systemic disease. By recognizing cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases, the internist can often determine the appropriate diagnosis and therapy or the need for. Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic disease characterized by a form of inflammation of the skin and joints. About 15%-25% of patients with psoriasis also develop an inflammation of their joints. Psoriatic arthritis is a systemic rheumatic disease that can not only cause inflammation of the skin, but in the eyes, heart, kidneys, and lungs as well

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  1. Treatment of Skin Problems. Ayurveda, being a source of giving natural treatment for all diseases, handles the skin problems without aggravating already occurring problem. According to Ayurveda- the solution of the skin problems lies deeply into the dhatus or the tissues such as fat, blood and muscles etc
  2. Read more on scalp problems. Causes of Scalp Infections. The skin is the primary physical barrier that prevents infectious agents from entering the body. However, the skin itself harbors a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses. These pathogens are usually kept in check by the activity of the immune system
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  4. ation. Treatment is directed at the initial cause of the itch and includes education.
  5. Vernacular names, Sanskrit synonyms. English name - Psoralea seeds Hindi name - Bavachi Bengali name - Habuch Telugu name - Bavanchalu Tamil name - Karpokarishi. Sanskrit Synonyms: Bakuchi - Balances Vata Avalguja, Krishnaphala - Has black colored fruits Pootiphali - Fruits yield foul smell Kushtaghni - useful in skin diseases
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Important Note - Many of these diseases like HIV/AIDS, measles and Hepatitis B can even result in death if proper precautions are not taken for the same. Skin Diseases. There are several skin conditions that go on to make their mark in the contagious diseases list as well Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin disease. There are many types of psoriasis: guttate, plaque, inverse, erythrodermic, and pustular. Red dry flakes, silvery-white skin scales, and plaques of raised skin are common symptoms and signs. Read how diet impacts psoriasis, and learn if it's contagious

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral disease of the skin that causes small pink- or skin-colored bumps on the skin of your child. It is not harmful and usually does not have any other symptoms. The virus lives inside the bumps and is mildly contagious. The bumps usually clear up without treatment over six to nine months Psoriasis is a skin disease characterised by well defined red patches covered in silvery white scales. Skin cells normally grow and are shed every 28 to 30 days. In psoriasis, the skin cells start to grow more rapidly, every 3 to 5 days. The skin cannot shed the excessive cells as quickly as they appear on its surface Homeopathy treats the diseases at a root-level so the results are long-lasting. Homeopathy is one of the most rational sciences with respect to its concepts of health, disease, and cure. Homeopathy originated in Germany in 1796 and is very popular in most of the European countries Neem leaves extract can cure varieties of skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, stubborn warts, and ringworm conditions, in addition, organic neem oil can also be used. So using neem for skin can be the best way to get results without any harmful side effects such as allergic reactions, redness, and rashes

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  1. Darkened skin, or hyperpigmentation, is not typically a symptom of a life-threatening condition, nor does it, on its own, lead to complications. However, certain disorders associated with hyperpigmentation can lead to complications that are life threatening
  2. Your skin. Anything that irritates, clogs, or inflames your skin can cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, and itching. Allergies, irritants, your genetic makeup, and certain diseases and immune system problems can cause rashes, hives, and other skin conditions. Many skin problems, such as acne, also affect your appearance
  3. Swimmer's itch, also called cercarial dermatitis, appears as a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to certain microscopic parasites that infect some birds and mammals. These parasites are released from infected snails into fresh and salt water (such as lakes, ponds, and oceans). While the parasite's preferred host is the specific bird.
  4. Scleroderma is an autoimmune connective tissue and rheumatic disease that causes inflammation in the skin and other areas of the body. This inflammation leads to patches of tight, hard skin. Scleroderma involves many systems in your body. A connective tissue disease is one that affects tissues such as skin, tendons, and cartilage
  5. A sun allergy is an immune system reaction to sunlight, most often, an itchy red rash. The most common locations include the V of the neck, the back of the hands, the outside surface of the arms and the lower legs. In rare cases, the skin reaction may be more severe, producing hives or small blisters that may even spread to skin in clothed areas

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  1. Guggul or Indian bdellium tree is a critically endangered tree and a key component in ancient Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. The chemical ingredient of gum guggul are believed to decreased bad cholesterol, weight loss and chronic skin disorders. Shankapushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis
  2. If your skin condition is the result of an allergy, an allergist can diagnose and treat your condition, so you can live life to the fullest. GET RELIEF. Find an allergist. Search. Eczema. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, affects between 10 and 20 percent of children and 1 to 3 percent of adults. A common symptom of eczema is dry, red.
  3. Thus, it protects the skin and keeps the skin related diseases away. Ayurveda, which follows the natural ways for treatment and medicine, has been using extracts of neem tree as a key ingredient.
  4. Tattoos breach the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible, including: Allergic reactions. Tattoo dyes — especially red, green, yellow and blue dyes — can cause allergic skin reactions, such as an itchy rash at the tattoo site. This can occur even years after you get the tattoo. Skin infections
  5. Ayurveda: Best Indian Herbs for Healthy Living. Pudina: Mint leaves are used to make chutney and are a blood cleanser, cure headaches, sore throats, vomiting and prevent dental problems. Mint leaves or pudina also have anti-bacterial properties, which fight against the build-up of bacteria in the body

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) also known as Bacopa is a perennial, creeping herb with numerous branches that grows in wetlands and marshy places. Brahmi is native to India but has spread throughout the tropics. Brahmi has great value in Ayurvedic medicine mainly used as brain and mental tonic to treat Alzheimer disease, memory loss, insanity, insomnia and other mental illness Skin lesions appear particularly in parts free from wool, notably around the eyes, inner side of the thigh, udder and under surface of the tail. The internal organs such as trachea, lungs, kidneys and intestines are also affected. The disease results in emaciation and, as already mentioned, frequent deaths of affected animals Hyperkeratosis is a thickening of the outer layer of the skin. This outer layer contains a tough, protective protein called keratin. This skin thickening is often part of the skin's normal protection against rubbing, pressure and other forms of local irritation. It causes calluses and corns on hands and feet

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Trouble swelling. Inability to belch or vomit. Nausea. Bloating. A sliding hiatal hernia is debilitating. Your entire life takes a nosedive and cope with constant suffering. Here are ways to holistically cope: Self Massage: Lay back on a bed, sofa, or floor mat. Position your body in a supine position on your back Toenail problems can affect people of all ages, but tend to be more common in older people. Common causes of fingernail problems include injury, infection and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Causes of toenail problems include trauma, ill-fitting shoes, poor circulation, poor nerve supply and infection Onlymyhealth is a resource-house of health information and medical updates on healthy life ideas. Get closer to healthy living with the help of expert advice on weight loss, cancer health. Leg ulcers may be caused by medical conditions such as: Venous insufficiency (a failure of the valves in the veins of the leg that causes congestion and slowing of blood circulation in the veins) Inflammatory diseases including vasculitis, lupus, scleroderma or other rheumatological conditions Heavy metal poisoning is the accumulation of heavy metals, in toxic amounts, in the soft tissues of the body. Symptoms and physical findings associated with heavy metal poisoning vary according to the metal accumulated. Many of the heavy metals, such as zinc, copper, chromium, iron and manganese, are essential to body function in very small.

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Maintaining healthy skin is the best prevention for skin diseases, on the other hand, many people may build up diseases that affect the skin including cancer, herpes, and cellulitis. There are many Natural Herbal Remedies for Skin Problems that can be used in order to relieve pain, burning, or itching and even heal many of these conditions The creeper is traced its origin in India and widely used as medicinal herb both in Ayurveda as well as Unani. Its medical importance is known since the ancient times; especially the ancient physicians who used it to cure a number of diseases. Different names of Giloy. English: Tinospora; Hindi: Giloy, Gulanch

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Mucus can be a sign of fungal or bacterial disease. Ich, also known as White Spot Disease, is a fungal disease that produces mucus on a fish's gills and body. It is caused by a pathogen called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis . The mucus functions to repel the pathogen from the skin Jewelweed is a smooth annual plant that grows to 3-5 ft or sometimes taller in the eastern part of North America from Southern Canada to the northern part of Florida. Jewelweed is most often found on the edge of moist woods, often near poison ivy or stinging nettle. The plant is shaped much like a small tree, and branches out quite a bit for. keratosis types. Ze!Converter - Download Video From Dailymotion to mp4, mp3, aac, m4a, f4v, or 3gp for free! keratosis types - this is an unpleasant disease. The photos of keratosis types below are not recommended for people with a weak psyche! We wish you a cure and never get sick of this disease The disease can sometimes also flare back up, especially if the patient returns to a warm environment or takes hormonal medication. Lichen sclerosus. Lichen sclerosus is a rare skin condition that creates thin patches of white skin. It is a long-term condition that usually affects the skin of the genitals

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Palmoplantar keratodermas are a group of disorders characterized by thickening of the skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet of affected individuals. The various forms of PPK can be divided into hereditary forms with only skin problems, hereditary syndromes with PPK as an associated feature, and acquired forms However, many cases of scalp problems are due to issues with hygiene and the use of hair care products rather than being associated with skin diseases. This is largely due to the desire to have certain hairstyles, dye the hair different colors and create the appearance of a healthy head of hair

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Schamberg's disease is a peculiar disorder causing discoloration of the skin of the legs. It is believed to be caused due to leaky blood vessels on the superficial layer of the skin. Discoloration starts with the legs and it may spread to other body parts as well. It was Jay Frank Schamberg who first described [ My name is [ name removed ]. I have a very strange disease, which is shared by thousands of people in this counry. Please see The Morgellons Filarial Research Organization and The National Association for People with Unidentified Skin Parasites.In 1998 a doctor prescribed Permethrin for me over the phone because I said I had a rash and diarhea Skin tags on penis or genitals including the scrotum, penile shaft and foreskin can be bothersome. They are small flaps of flesh usually attached to the skin. Although they are common, a skin tag will not go away on its own. Here in this post, we will look at how to get rid and remove [ Elephantiasis is a disease in which parts of the skin and underlying tissues become enlarged to the point of being more elephant-sized than human-sized. The most common areas affected by this disease are the legs and male genitals. In some cases, the scrotum can become as big as a basketball. The disease is most common in tropical areas and. The skin is the body's largest organ. It serves many important functions, including. Protecting the body against trauma. Regulating body temperature. Maintaining water and electrolyte balance. Sensing painful and pleasant stimuli. Participating in vitamin D synthesis. The skin keeps vital chemicals and nutrients in the body while providing a.

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Orissa Forest Development Corporation is currently implementing a project on marketing of non timber forest products and medicinal plants with the financial assistance of National Medicinal Plant Board, Government of India It has been in use since ancient times in Indian Ayurveda as well as in Chinese medicine. This medicinal herb has wide reaching health benefits and thus, is of great value in naturally treating. Besides, it will also decrease skin damage and give you a younger looking skin for a long time. Healthy Habit to Avoid Disease # 10: Say no to sugary items Sugary items are as toxic as alcohol and.

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Imagine you have had skin disease for months or years, and all the topical creams, steroids, and pills you've tried haven't worked. Maybe you've done some research into the next step: a biologic medication, and you're left with questions: what is a biologic, how do they work, and perhaps most importantly-will they work for me The name for the disease was first used in Scotland and popularized in the 1700s. DENGUE FEVER is a viral disease transmitted by several mosquito species and first recognized in the late 1770s. Although DENGUE FEVER has a red rash like measles and a much lower mortality rate than YELLOW FEVER in the 1700s it was often mistaken for YELLOW FEVER In addition to the thickening of skin, the following other symptoms may occur in a person with scleroderma: Swelling of the hands and feet. Red spots on the skin (telangectasias) Excessive calcium deposition in the skin (calcinosis) Joint contractures (rigidity) Tight, mask-like facial skin. Ulcerations on the fingertips and toes Skin diseases are numerous and a frequently occurring health problem affecting all ages from the neonates to the elderly and cause harm in number of ways. Maintaining healthy skin is important for a healthy body. Many people may develop skin diseases that affect the skin, including cancer, herpes and cellulitis

Hand fungus, also referred to as tinea manuum, is a skin condition that is caused by a certain type of fungi called dermatophytes. As typically seen on other dermatophyte infections, its affectation is limited on the superficial layer of the skin. Dermatophytes have keratinases, a specialized enzyme that has the ability to digest skin protein The Indian beauty market has majorly consisted of international labels till a few years ago, which meant that the products dominating our beauty aisles were actually more suited to the brands' home markets, as opposed to Indian skin. However, a number of homegrown and international brands are now developing product lines especially for. This disease does not have a medical name, but doctors have been able to call it a neuromuscular disease wherein the muscles in the body slowly deteriorates, which restricts movements.3. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans ProgressivaIt affects the connective tissue. At birth, the classic symptom of this disease is a malformation of the big toe Irritated skin can be caused by a variety of factors. These include immune system disorders, medications and infections. When an allergen is responsible for triggering an immune system response, then it is an allergic skin condition. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) Eczema is the most common skin condition, especially in children

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Many common skin diseases are associated with changes in the microbiota, termed dysbiosis 69. This dysbiosis is often driven by common commensal species, as described below for acne, eczema and. 5. Impetigo. Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection that's more common during hot, humid weather. It causes a rash that may have fluid-filled blisters or an oozing rash covered by crusted yellow scabs. Impetigo is more likely to develop where there is a break in the skin, like around insect bites Ragi Uses For Skin And Hair: Aside from being a panacea for practically every illness bothering the internal organs in the body, ragi flour also enhances the external appearance by revitalizing skin and strengthening hair. This is chiefly owing to its amazingly high amino acid content and potent antioxidants Apply it softly on the face, the skin blushes and the face will look gorgeous. 7. Marigold Flower (गेंदा फूल) Farm marigold flowers near dirty lakes and near the surroundings of the house to defend the house from mosquitoes. It is additionally useful in liver illnesses, swelling of the liver, stones and skin illnesses Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website

Red skin (erythema) can result from many different disorders that cause inflammation or are caused by infection. Tumors on the skin are often pink or red. Tumors on the skin are often pink or red. Disorders affecting blood vessels near the skin surface, such as port-wine stains , may appear red This is a list of common, well-known or infamous diseases.This is neither complete nor authoritative. This is not intended to be a list of rare diseases, nor is it a list of mental disorders.. This list includes both common names and technical names for diseases. This is deliberate; where multiple names are in common use for the same disease, all of those names should link to the main article. Ageless Black Skin Care. It is well known that melanin in brown skin provides protection from the ravages of aging due to ultraviolet light (UVL). In fact, the melanin in African American skin provides a natural sun protection factor (SPF) of about 13.4 as compared to 3.4 for white skin. This natural protection from the sun means less damage to.

Chitrak, analnama, pathi, vyaal and ushan are Sanskrit names of plumbago. It is pungent in taste after digestion, stimulant, digestive, rough and has hot potency. This herb is used in mal absorption syndrome, leprosy, inflammation, piles, and worms and to cure cough 10. Rudy Santos. Octoman. Rudy Santos, a 69 year old from the Philippines, suffers from the ultra rare condition known as Craniopagus parasiticus or parasitic twin. He is the oldest person with this condition. Attached to Rudy's pelvis and abdomen are an extra pair of arms and a leg, which developed when his twin was absorbed into his body. 1. Aging. The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate to begin with. As we grow older, skin around the eyes becomes thinner making blood vessels more prominent, causing dark circles. 2. Genetics. Hereditary and genetics can also play a big role in the development and dominance of dark circles around the eyes. 3

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Cyanosis is the medical term for a blue to purple discoloration of the skin which arises from deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood stream. It may also be seen on the mucous membranes, especially of the mouth, tongue and eyes. Cyanosis is a sign of low oxygen levels in the blood (hypoxemia). It occurs when there is an inadequacy in lung. Other common causes of sores include allergic reactions, insect bites, eczema, and infections such as chickenpox.Injury may also result in sores. Sores may also occur as a symptom of an underlying disease or serious condition, such as diabetes, leukemia or skin cancer.. Sores are rarely associated with a medical emergency Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a very common skin condition often referred to as chicken skin. If you have keratosis pilaris, you are not alone. Worldwide, keratosis pilaris affects an estimated 40 to 50% of the adult population and approximately 50 to 80% of all adolescents

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Symptoms & Treatments of Common Dog Diseases We're your resource for common dog diseases and conditions, so that you can recognize symptoms and provide necessary treatment for your dog Tuberculosis is an infectious disease. It spreads through inhalation of bacteria. Once the bacteria enter the lungs, they lodge in the lymph nodes of the lung

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Being a skin disease transmitted by the mange mite it does not impact beyond the skin. All of the expected issues of mange (regardless of species) apply to deer as well: hair loss, puss-filled lesions, and thickening of the skin Lemongrass is used to treat many health conditions, such as cancer, stomach problems, nervous disorders, fevers, arthritis, flu, gas, pain and others. Lemongrass tea is a relaxing beverage that helps reduce anxiety and promotes sound sleep. Used externally, it can treat skin problems and keep the skin moist and clear

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Each plant or herb has a specific quality and can be used to treat multitude of ailments and diseases. Medicinal plants like aloe, turmeric, tulsi, pepper, elachi and ginger are commonly used in a number of Ayurvedic home remedies and are considered to be the best aid among fighting ailments related to throat and skin Skin Disease Due to Food Allergies in Dogs. Skin Disease, Autoimmune (Pemphigus) in Dogs. Skin Diseases from Allergies in Dogs. Skin Infections and Loss of Skin Color Disorders in Dogs. Skin Inflammation on the Paws in Dogs. Skin Mite Dermatitis in Dogs. Skin Rash Due to Contact with Irritants in Dogs Get started with your treatment online just in few clicks Countr

This also goes by the name House Finch Disease because the majority of its victims are House Finches. Infected birds show crusty, swollen or runny eyes, in some cases so severe that eyes are swollen shut. Some sick birds recover but many die from exposure, starvation or predation. Other finch species can also become infected with this disease Penile Mondor's Disease can be diagnosed from medical history and a physical examination. The patient consistently presents with a rope-like cord on the dorsum of the penis. The cord is a thrombosed dorsal vein, which has become thickened and adherent to the overlying skin. Often, the lesion will extend superiorly into the suprapubic area Animal disease, an impairment of the normal state of an animal that interrupts or modifies its vital functions. The branch of medicine called veterinary medicine deals with the study, prevention, and treatment of diseases not only in domesticated animals but also in wild animals and in those used in research Fowl cholera is a highly contagious disease that affects the chickens. It is very dangerous can lead to the death of birds. Symptoms: The symptoms are high fever, skin discoloration, loss of appetite, ruffled and weak feathers, dehydration, mucus from the mouth, and breathing problems. Prevention and Treatment: You can prevent spreading this disease by controlling the people, vehicle, and.