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In reality, the range of your Ham radio depends on the frequency you're using, the height of your antenna, the obstacles and terrain around you, and the wattage of your radio, among other factors. So, when you buy a radio unit and it claims to have a range of 36 miles, remember that this is a theoretical range in ideal conditions and not the. The range of a repeater station is highly dependent on how high the antennas are and the terrain. A repeater station located in the mountains, for example, may have a range of hundreds of miles, while a repeater located where the terrain is relatively flat, such as here in Southeast Michigan, the range will be more like 50 miles or less Ham Radio HF/VHF Antenna Lengths Chart. Here is a handy chart for determing 1/4 wave verticals, 1/2 wave dipoles, and full wave loop lengths. All antenna lengths in the information below are in feet and are the results based on the standard formula of 468 / FMhz = total length in feet A Convenience Store Based Antenna. Ham radio operators world-wide would love an antenna that is cheap, easily built out of locally available parts - and outperforms both standard dipole antennas and other commonly-built wires. Well, here it is. After almost a year of modeling our ideas for a Super Antenna the design was locked 4. Antenna height gain for 30-foot antenna height is 0 dB, and for 60-foot height is 4 dB. The tables assume antennas are at the same height on both ends of the path. 5. Required SNR was assumed to be 3 dB. This may seem low for FM, but in fact a signal 3 dB above the capture level can be easily copied

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launched from an antenna is one of the key factors determining effective communication distances. The ability to communicate over long distances generally requires a low radiation angle, meaning that an antenna must be placed high above the ground in terms of the wavelength of the radio wave being transmitted hands on standards UHF amateur radio VHF ham radio packet radio Data links work over the medium-range UHF band, but for the best results, a directional antenna is used. Photo: F4HD

Set your ham device to the center frequency of the VHF band. Next, attach the connector points of the SWR meter to your ham radio. If the reading goes beyond 1.5, adjust the length of your 19.5-inch VHF antenna. Make sure to cut the rod length by 1/8th inch each time. For UHF tuning, set your device frequency to the center of the UHF frequency. This is a long range AM/FM car antenna, meaning that its signal reception range is wide. The antenna is 16.9 inches long and the extension cable measures 53.5 inches in length. Therefore, it can cover a pretty far distance, ensuring the highest signal quality TWAYRDIO Dual Band VHF UHF Back Pack Mobile Transceiver Built-in 12000mAh Battery Dual PTT MIC Portable Ham Amateur Radio with Software, Programming Cable, Mobile Antenna and SO239 to PL259 Adapter. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 32. $201.00 33-48 of 478 results for baofeng long range antenna Bingfu Dual Band VHF UHF 136-520MHz 18.5 inch Foldable CS Tactical SMA Female Ham Radio Antenna with 3 feet Extension Relocation Cable for Kenwood Baofeng BF-F8HP UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S GT-3 Ham Radio. 4.6 out of 5 stars 83

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  1. Superior AM Radio Band Antenna for DXing. One very important factor to good reception (regardless of what type radio) is the antenna! The CCRadio-2E has a new internal 'Ferrite Bar'. It measures 8 inches long and has what they call Twin Coil Ferrite® technology. Let me tell you - it works
  2. However, stubby antennas can reduce your range by up to 30% over a whip antenna. So if range is important to you, look for a radio with a whip antenna, or at the very least, one where you can remove the stubby antenna and replace it with a whip antenna. But keep reading, there are other things to consider as well, such as power and obstructions
  3. I ordered this antenna to feed 5 tvs. it does work very good even when it's too windy outside (30-40 mph). image won't pixelate. I don't have a pre amp on this antenna. i live in the city 87031 so i'm not that far from tv towers. because its a 12ft long antenna, could be too heavy I found it better to put it on the ground 20ft tall, some guy wire and let the antenna do the work
  4. This ranges from 3 to 300 MHz. They tune at 10 Hz band intervals. The device compatibility options for the antennas include portable ham radios, fixed position ham radios, Zeppo systems, long-wire radios, and AM/FM radio tuners. How do you choose an end fed antenna on eBay? When you are shopping on eBay for an affordable end fed antenna.
  5. One of the best kept secrets of Amateur radio antennas are either the box, or delta loop antennas. Resonant antennas cut to the exact frequency, in the middle portion of the band, and used with a tuner of sufficient size, can tune several bands. The formula used to find a full wave loop antenna is 1005 / FMhz
  6. imal cost and get great results. Dipoles are one of the simplest antennas to build or construct and erect for the HF amateur radio bands, and on top of this they can be very effective. Dipoles are.

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  1. The Antenna Calculator for Half-Wave Dipoles. Enter your desired frequency (MHz) of operation (i.e. 3.55). If you have no particular preference within a given ham radio band, then simply enter its center frequency (i.e. 7.15 for the 40 meter band)
  2. The EMCOMM III Portable antenna, Inverted L and Sloping Wire configurations, see figure (1), are medium to long range HF antennas. They should provide acceptable ground wave and sky wave propagation. The Inverted L and Sloping Wire configurations are excellent general-purpose antennas and are a good choice when two supports are.
  3. Bingfu Vehicle Ham Radio Mobile Radio Antenna VHF UHF 136-174MHz 400-470MHz Car Truck By bingfu 9.4 View Product 9.4 3: GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna, Long Range Antenna, Weather Resistant, 29884 By.
  4. ute. Often, during the summer months, it is often possible to hear FM broadcast stations from far and wide thanks to the Ionosphere and Troposphere bending signals over the horizon

Here are some other amazing antenna upgrades you can try to reasonably improve the range of BaoFeng UV-5R: ABBREE Dual Band VHF/UHF 18.8-inch. This high-gain, soft whip antenna is compatible with BaoFeng UV-5R and some of its variants. The antenna is available in six sizes ranging from 13 inches to 42.5 inches Yaesu VX-6R has plenty to offer as a tri-band ham radio - wide frequency range, big memory storage, and a ton of channel options. It makes up for its small battery capacity with effective battery conservation technology. But its top quality is its solid and waterproof construction, making it the best handheld ham radio for survival A typical Baofeng UV-5R is a transceiver, meaning that it can receive and transmit. The Baofeng radio range will depend on several things like obstacles, propagation, and power mode. Additionally, the range is affected if one is in a city set up. A full battery and a radio in maximum power mode should give you between 10 to 20 km

A Name You Can Trust In Amateur Radio Supplies. Save Big On Ham Radio Parts Set your ham device to the center frequency of the VHF band. Next, attach the connector points of the SWR meter to your ham radio. If the reading goes beyond 1.5, adjust the length of your 19.5-inch VHF antenna. Make sure to cut the rod length by 1/8th inch each time. For UHF tuning, set your device frequency to the center of the UHF frequency.

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  1. But of course, relying on a commercially developed wire antenna for ham radio would be the most efficient way to go. They are made to be long-lasting and capable of delivering the finest performance. 2. Log Periodic Antenna. The powerful antennas categorized as log periodic or LP have been in use since the early 50s
  2. FLUTE Ultra Long Range High Power Micro Antenna. The FLUTE™ Antenna is a highly efficient, man portable, electromagnetic pulse protected, omni directional, high frequency (HF) radio antenna. With a significantly smaller footprint than comparable HF antennas, our patented FLUTE has extremely wide bandwidth. Proven to broadcast over 4,000 miles.
  3. Price: $59.95. Price updated at 07/07/2021 22:46. View on Amazon. Bingfu Dual Band VHF UHF 136-174MHz 400-470MHz Ham Radio Antenna Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie 2.5 inch Mini Soft Whip SMA Female Antenna 4-Pack for Kenwood Wouxun Baofeng BF-F8HP UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S. Price: $14.99
  4. 4. Swallow-Tail Antenna 5 5. Random Length Radiator Wire Antenna 6 6. Windom Antenna 6 7. Windom Antenna - Feed with coax cable 7 8. Quarter Wavelength Vertical Antenna 7 9. Folded Marconi Tee Antenna 8 10. Zeppelin Antenna 8 11. EWE Antenna 9 12. Dipole Antenna - Balun 9 13. Multiband Dipole Antenna 10 14. Inverted-Vee Antenna 10 15
  5. The $50 Ham: A Cheap Antenna For The HF Bands. So far in the $50 Ham series, I've concentrated mainly on the VHF and UHF bands. The reason for this has to do mainly with FCC rules, which largely.
  6. A second outdoor antenna is normally required to receive the higher frequency bands:. Very high frequency band (VHF) 30 - 300 MHz; Ultra-high frequency band (UHF) 300 MHz -3 GHz (3000 MHz) It stands to reason that, because you need two different antennas for radio receivers that cover LF all the way up to UHF, the receiver will need two antenna input connectors

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Antennas include an AM-FM broadcast radio antenna, 1.8-30 Mc center-loaded HF whip, 51 Mc Whip, 28/27 Mc whip, GPS antenna under a radome on roof, 145 Mc 5/8 wave whip and VHF/UHF scanner whip. Also included, and connected to the impedance matching device pictured above is an HF slant wire for regional NVIS comms while stationary Antennas for the HF Bands. HF antennas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can range from a simple wire thrown into a tree or a complex quad beam on a 40' crank-up tower. This article helps to explain the differences between them. Learn More

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868mhz WHIP ANTENNA SMA Antenna For Ham Radio Long Range Transceiver RF Solution $4.48 $4.98 previous price $4.98 10% off 10% off previous price $4.98 10% of 2. Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio. It might not look like much, but this Uniden CB radio is packed with a lot of capabilities. You get a long range with the full 4 watts of transmit power in this 40-channel CB radio. It's built to be extra tough and comes with a longer coiled cord for easier use

Ham Radio Events (25) Ham Radio News (1) Ham Radio Software (23) HamRadio (85) Ham Radio 2.0 (16) How to (3) Radio Scanning (6) Homebrew (109) HF Antennas (64) Raspberry Pi (1) UHF Antenna (10) VHF Antennas (27) Photos (4) Short News (4) Video (4) Comments. Simone on 5 Element full size Yagi for 20 meters; Simone on 160 meters antennas problems. Super Antenna Systems Corporation is a manufacturer of HF portable antennas for the ham radio amateur radio and HF SSB communications market. The SuperAntenna TM4 TRIPOD is a large portable tripod to support the MP1 Portable Vertical Antenna and other types of whip antennas. See new Super Antenna products at Ham Radio Outlet The random wire antenna has been around as long as radio itself; what I am going to show you here is by no means a brilliant new invention. The basic design is the same as it was 100+ years ago. The fine print. A random wire is a compromise portable antenna Yagi Antennas for ham radio use, manufacturers, plans and design category is a curation of 108 web resources on , Projects and Info Center, EF0610 6 Meters yagi antenna, Tape Measure Antenna. Resources listed under Yagi Antennas category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators

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Dipole Antenna Calculator. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline Online shopping a variety of best long range radio antenna at DHgate.com. Buy cheap play radios online from China today! Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. Free worldwide shipping available Ham Radio and Amateur Radio online equipment sales. HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs! Antenna Tuner ***On Backorder with Manufacturer*** Purchase now to join the backorder list and lock in your price!... $119.95 $105.9

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best long distance antenna. All best long distance antenna wholesalers & best long distance antenna manufacturers come from members. We doesn't provide best long distance antenna products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully CB Radio base station antennas for the at home CB radio hobbyist, or for professional use in buildings. These long-range CB antennas will provide extreme range and long-distance communication The Tram 1185 is a dual-band magnet antenna which can transmit signals 144-148 MHz (2-meter VHF) and 430-450 MHz (70cm UHF). This 19-inch antenna comes with a 3-inch magnet, a 12-foot coaxial cable, and a PL-256 connector. The gain of this antenna for VHF is unity, and for UHF, its gain is 2.5 dBd. The Tram 1185 1,717 antenna ham radio products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which walkie talkie accounts for 29%, communication antenna accounts for 17%, and telecommunication tower accounts for 1%. A wide variety of antenna ham radio options are available to you, such as 1 The Antenna Farm : Antenna Tutorial Page - VHF & UHF Mobile Radios Radio Accessories VHF & UHF Hand Held Radios Antennas Mobile Antenna Mounts SWR/Power Meters Adapters Coaxial Cable Two Way Accessories Antenna Accessories DC Power Supplies Coax Cable Accessories Amplifiers Connectors Aviation Radios Repeater Systems Towers & Accessories Scanners & Receivers Duplexers Diplexers & Triplexers.

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This antenna is a full wavelength single-delta-loop, with the point of the triangle at the top of the single support pole, and fed near one of the corners - One Quarter Wavelength down the diagonal leg. Feeding and matching is simple; it's fed with a quarter-wavelength of RG-11 or RG-59 (75 Ohm) coax, and then any length of 50 Ohm coax This 32-inch whip antenna quadruples signal output. When maximum range is your goal, the MXTA26 6dB gain whip antenna is the perfect choice. Great for off-roaders, farmers, and more, this long-range antenna is designed with a spring at the base and a coil at the center $\begingroup$ I'm voting to close this question because it's not about amateur radio. Personally if I had this problem I'd try a passive repeater made with two yagis connected by coax, and yagis at the ends; if that doesn't provide enough signal strength, then add an active repeater in the middle powered by solar and batteries. $\endgroup.

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1. Kenwood Original TH-D74A. Check Price on Amazon. Price range: Around $550 My review: The Kenwood Original TH-D74A is the ultimate enthusiast-grade handheld radio and is by far one of the most technologically advanced and feature-rich radios I've ever witnessed. The Tri-Band capability gives us access to the standard 144/220/430 frequency ranges and includes APRS support, which essentially. Pros: 1.To get around HOA restrictions. Most Home Owners' Associations put restrictions on outdoor antenna installation as they see it as an eyesore that may lower property costs or due to fears that the antenna may cause interference of signals used in their homes such as TV and radio signals.. Some of them go as far as completely banning the use of any outdoor antennas although that right. HF isn't very popular in overlanding communications because transceivers and antennas are bigger than the VHF/UHF ones, but it's the best way for long-range communications. With a good antenna and a good transceiver, you can communicate all around the world with only 100 watts. This helps explain ham radio's popularity with preppers PK's Loop Antennas bring clear & long range AM radio reception for homes and commercial use. We also sell Quality AM/FM, DAB+, shortwave and longwave radios 1. Zerone 1-30 Mhz Manual Antenna Tuner kit for HAM RADIO QRP DIY Kit. 1. Buy Now. 9.7/10 our score. Buy Now. The tuning range of approximately 30-300 ohms. This antenna tune kit comes with the standing wave directions.. Can be very convenient for qrp communication, to ensure high efficiency radio transceiver in communication, but also allows.

Jun 26, 2021 - Explore knowlton payne's board FM/TV homebrew antennas on Pinterest. See more ideas about antennas, radio antenna, ham radio AM FM Portable Radio Designed for Long-Range Reception and Audio Clarity The purpose of the CCRadio-2E is to make weak signals strong and also to produce crisp, accurate audio for the spoken word. AM performance comes from our patented Twin-Coil Ferrite® AM Antenna and traditional FM reception is exceptional in its ability to bring in a weak. Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System. $799.99. Back Ordered. Add to Cart

Long Range Wifi: success. Yesterday evening PA2AYX and me managed to establish our first reliable long range Wifi connection. Before we did, I replaced the 16-element Yagi by a Grid Antenna, because I had some doubts about the Chinese-made thing. In the end this proved to be unjust, but I left the Grid on my roof anyway Very short range (ground wave) HF works best with a vertical antenna, but it's very rare that you care more about short-range than long-range. In terms of limited space and cost, it's probably easier to set up a horizontal antenna (or an inverted V like a G5RV or OCF) than a vertical simply because it's easier to string a wire through some. HYS 10W GPS Handheld Ham Radio 136-174Mhz&400-520 Mhz Long Distance Walkie Talkie 7.4V 4500Mah Transceiver. Type: Two-way Radio Frequency Band: UHF/VHF Channels: 999 memory channel Frequency Range: VHF: 136-174Mhz&UHF: 400-520 Mhz Model #: 144173-216 Item #: 9SIAB045PT6739 Return Policy: View Return Policy $289.90 UHF (Ham band) 420-450 MHz (70-centimeter) The best antenna upgrade for these Ham Radio bands: >> NAGOYA NA-771. (view on amzn) The NAGOYA NA-771 antenna is Tx optimized for 140-150 MHz and 420-450 MHz. The exact optimization is 144 MHz and 430 MHz, and has a gain of 2.5 dbi. It's whip is nearly 16 inches long This model is excellent for the beginners in the ham radio world and who want to buy their first handheld ham radio. It covers a lot of frequencies and channels. It is a dual-band radio that covers VHF 136-174 MHz in transmission mode and the UHF 400-520 MHz in both transmission and receiver mode

(SUPER PROMO) US $25.28 65% OFF | Buy 2021 Baofeng UV 9R Plus Upgrade Uv9r 40 Km 50km Walkie Talkie 10W Hf Transceiver Vhf Uhf Ham Radio Long Range CB Radio Station From Seller Gaseus 7 Direct Factory Store. Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Shop Quality & Best Walkie Talkie Directly From China Walkie Talkie Suppliers Yes, but only on frequencies that used to be assigned to tv and are now in use by ham radio operators. This would mean that an antenna for former B-channel 2 would have about the correct dimensions for the 6 meter ham band (50-52MHz) Similarly a B..

The 2-meter amateur radio band is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum, comprising frequencies stretching from 144 MHz to 148 MHz in International Telecommunication Union region (ITU) Regions 2 (North and South America plus Hawaii) and 3 (Asia and Oceania) and from 144 MHz to 146 MHz in ITU Region 1 (Europe, Africa, and Russia). The license privileges of amateur radio operators include the use. Handheld ham radio is lightweight, and it is usually very limited in range. However, depending on the power output and the type of antenna used, a handheld ham radio can help you to communicate over long distances. Handheld hams also come with a limited frequency range Glass Fiber Antenna. GRA-738 Long Range VHF UHF Mobile Antenna for Two-Way Radio; NAGOYA NL-750 FRP Outershell Antenna for Handheld Two Way Radio; GRA-890 FRP Antenna PL259 for Car Radio YAESU ICOM KENWOOD; GRA-887 FRP Outershell Car Antenna for BaoFeng Mobile Radio; GRA-738L High Gain Long Range Antenna for Mobile Ham Radio For longer range communications the AT-271 antenna is used with the 8 long AB-591 spring base. The PRC-25 (and the PRC-77) need to change antenna matching for the short or long antennas and so the threads on the radio are 5/16-24 to prevent the AT-271 from being connected directly to the radio


Ham Radio Antennas For Apartments. There are many challenges for today's amateur radio operators. Low sunspots and poor propagation, Covid-19 virus limiting ham club meetings and normal fraternizing of local hams, HOA's and other limits on outside antennas are real and must be dealt with. This also limits the help of ELMERS who can help new. RadioLabs' new USB WiFi Directional Antenna, O2Connect is designed to be a fixed mount, long range wifi panel antenna with high speed B/G/N, 150 Mbps, USB module built in. RadioLabs' new chipset gives 2x the power and twice the receive sensitivity for very long range connections and point to point bridging up to 5+ miles - Line of Sight For now, here is the parts list for what you will need to build a simple antenna for the 10 m band: 1. 2 Jetstream JTMHF10 10m Mobile HF Stick Antennas. 2. MFJ-347 Dipole Mount. 3. A length of Coaxial Cable, preferably RG-8X or RG-213U to keep losses low. 4 Here the Ham Radio Antenna Propagation is slightly different. 10 - 20 meter bands are happy as the D-layer does not effect the higher frequencys as much and these signals go up much higher into the atmosphere and reflect off of the E and F layers providing long DX contacts anywhere on the earth Great article on scanners and antennas for a scanner. most people overlook this part of listening to a scanner. I live in a fringe area about 20M out of town, so a dual band j-pole is a must. I am also a ham radio operator, so i use my 2m/440 antenna which works ok, but is not really tuned for scanner use

Best Ham Radio Equipment. TIDRADIO TD-H6 Ham Radio Two Way Radio UHF VHF Dual Band Walkie Talkies with. Upgrades from Baofeng Previous Generation UV-5R:Twice the Output Power (10 watts up from 5 watts output and Tripower up from double power) ,30% Larger Battery(2200mAh)and LCD upgrade screen. Easy Programming: Driver-Free USB Programming. CCRadio 2E Enhanced AM/FM, NOAA Weather, 2-Meter Ham Band Portable Radio AM/FM portable radio designed for long-range reception and audio clarity C. Cran There are tales on the internet and amongst Hams that this antenna is a cloudwarmer, in other words, the radio energy goes straight up and warms the clouds. For long-range HF communication, a low angle of radiation is desirable. However, this is true to some extent at th The Fan Dipole antenna, is a High Frequency (HF) antenna designed to provide a field- tunable resonant portable antenna for two of the most popular amateur radio bands. This antenna will provide long-range communication on both the 7 and 14 MHz (40 and 20m) bands utilizing skywave propagation and short-range communication using Near Vertical.

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This antenna will not only give you increased range, but also offer a upgrade path as you replace your handheld radio with a more powerful base station. SMA to SO-239 adapters from MPD Digital. Top: SMA Female for Baofeng/Wouxon radios, Bottom: SMA Male connector for Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, and Alinco models #wifisignal #longrangewifiantennaHow to make long-range WiFi antenna at homeIf you like this video don't forget to subscribe :)subscribe to my channel: http:.. The General Class ticket is the license you need for playing with long range ham radio, and working the many weather nets, cruising nets, 14.300 MHz Maritime mobile nets, free email, or digital messaging. You will even be able to send color photos long range over the free ham airwaves Ham rigs are more powerful also, typically 100 watts or more, and have cleaner sound when using FM, and can be used to send digital messages, which many listeners would not be able to decipher-particularly useful on long range coms. Long range radios are fun, and if you need to reach outside your area, may be your only option. Buy stuff on eBay A public SDR network triangulates the island as the source of mystery signals jamming the 40-meter ham radio band bands used for long range ham radio, such as the 20-meter band, have been left.

When we speak about wire antennas, the first and foremost thought that comes to mind is the 1/2λ Dipole antenna.This is indeed a classic antenna that is not only used extensively by HF amateur radio operators but also by the shortwave broadcasters and various HF commercial radio communication stations around the world. Of course, there are a variety of other types of wire antennas not only. This is also a single band antenna that offers 2dB of gain in a relatively narrow frequency range. The dipole antenna is the standard against which gain is measured on all antennas, and it is twice as long as a 1/4 wave antenna. It has balanced signal and ground sides, which means that the coax feed is in the center of the antenna Feature. Support. Buy. 1, Long standby two way radio. 3200mAh Li-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery for over 12 hours daily usage and last 250 hours standby time. 2, High power and high gain antenna. Comes with the high power and high gain antenna, help the RT29 communication range longer. 3, Waterproof version The radio horizon is calculated as: D = √H x 1.415. For example, suppose you are just under six feet tall, and your HT radio antenna extends up to precisely six feet when you raise the HT to your mouth to transmit. When you transmit on our theoretical bald earth you get: D = √6 x 1.415, or. D = 3.47 miles Long Range Marine RV WiFi USB Antenna - WaveXL. $249.95 $239.95. RadioLabs is proud to introduce the WaveXL Gen 3 WiFi Antenna - Ultra Long Range Marine Wifi Antenna, a tremendous signal booster for any RV or Boat. With an amazing 12 dB gain, omni antenna, the WaveXL provides extreme range WiFi connectivity with no need for additional.

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The nice thing is that I can unscrew the 6-inch antenna and replace it with a 1/4-wave 2-foot antenna for better range in less than a minute. Why Not Use Ham Radio Instead Of GMRS. I didn't go with ham radio because you have to study (or go to classes) and take a test to get a license Compact Inexpensive Complete CB Radio Base Package. A complete package - Don't forget to select your antenna mount if you need one. Uniden Pro510XL Compact Full Powered CB Radio. Proton PT99 Base Station Antenna. AC to DC Power Supply with lighter outlet. 50 feet of coax cable to connect the antenna to the radio Changing frequency by even 2-3kHz can shift you out of the operating band of the antenna. I want my loop antenna to work well on 20m, and for conveience I'd like to assemble it from copper piping (0.75 OD, 10 feet long). I also want to be able to operate up to 100W. I put those parameters into the calculator here and got the following results If you do nothing else but swap out a short, dinky antenna for a taller one you will likely increase your set's range significantly. Mobile radio sets with long whip-style antennas mounted on the roof of the vehicle can have an average range of 10 or even 20 miles easily, with much of that performance garnered by the antenna itself Check Best Price FM DX Antenna Co Long Range Outdoor Vertical Reception Antenna 88-108 MHz Reviews Today You can Buy Cheap Sale Deals FM DX Antenna Co FM-Dipole Price is best Discover the perfect Michele for your future. You can Get special offers FM DX Antenna Co Long Range Outdoor Vertical Reception Antenna 88-108 MHz with best price get it click Link! SWL - Short Wave Listening. SWR - Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter. SWR meter - a device used to determine the Standing Wave Ratio of an antenna system. telegraphy - the transmission of information in Morse code format

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