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However, some YouTube users like to post comments that are abusive, malicious and aggressive. If you find someone deliberately posts offensive comments on your YouTube videos, you can block the user to from leaving comments. Here are the steps to block certain users' comments on YouTube The comment will go for review, and necessary actions will be taken. YouTube allows you to report comments made on someone else's video as well as your own videos. Here's how you can report a YouTube comment. Method 1. Step 1: Go to the YouTube video whose comment you wish to report (it can be your video or someone else's video) If you have a problem with someone trolling your YouTube channel follow this video to show you how to hide their comments and block them from commenting on y.. YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing your talents, exchanging ideas, and expressing your opinions. Unfortunately, not everyone's response to your video is positive or even relevant. You can bypass this issue entirely by disabling comments on your videos and channel. Method How to block someone on YouTube using a computer 1. Open YouTube in any internet browser and navigate to the profile of the user you want to block. To do this, you'll just have to find a comment or..

You can turn off Comments, Live Chat and block certain words to prevent disruption to your Live Event. Learn more about Chat Moderation in YouTube. Turn off Comments. Log into YouTube Studio with your Stony Brook or personal gmail account:. If you mean the comments that you make on any public video, yes, as all comments are public in nature and ANYONE can view them. When you block a user, that user is made completely isolated from your account and has no access to your content This extension allows you to watch youtube videos without being exposed to the social media aspect of the service. You can use the time you save from not reading low quality social media comments to seek out intelligent sources of information to help you grow as a person If the video is marked as 'private', then no one would be able to comment on it, the comment section would not be available at all. If only you are unable to comment, then the video/channel owner has blocked you specifically Block Specific Users from Leaving Comments Sign in to your YouTube channel. In the left flag menu, go to COMMUNITY > Community comments. On a comment left by the user which you want to hide, click the drop-down arrow next to the flag icon

Comments with blocked words can be reviewed and approved on your Comments page, under the Held for review tab. To add to your blocked words lists: Open YouTube Studio. From the left, click Settings Community. Under the Automated Filters tab, scroll to Blocked words. Add words and phrases separated by commas The user can disable replies to your Google+ posts and Youtube comments in your Google+ settings. The only tricky step is to make sure that you are updating the settings for Google+ profile or page connected to the channel that's doing the commenting You can also do this from within YouTube Studio in the Comments tab. Flag the comment to YouTube. If the comment violates YouTube's Community Guidelines, it will be removed. Hide the user. Doing this blocks a specific user from posting comments on any of your videos You can block a user from commenting straight from their inappropriate. You can block YouTube channels to prevent users from commenting on your videos or channel. Blocked YouTube channels can still watch your videos, but all their previous comments will be hidden...

This wikiHow teaches you how to block content terms in YouTube by adding keywords to your ″Blocked Words″ list. This allows you to block words in the comments section of your videos. This is useful for blocking explicit comments, or spam. You can review the comments that have been blocked and decide if you want to keep them or delete them YouTube comments are some of the trolliest on the web, but you don't need an extra add-on to block them—just use Adblock Plus

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#3: Moderate Comments. You can delete comments and hide users right from their action post on your video. To do this, click on the dots icon on the right side of the person's comment and choose an action. You can moderate individual YouTube comments directly from the comment on the video itself If you read comments on YouTube occasionally or regularly, you may want to hide or remove comments on the site that are of no value. While YouTube does not offer any means to do that, you can use third-party programs to hide annoying comments on YouTube automatically and for as long as you like 3) Block a YouTube user. If a YouTube user is always hanging out in your comments section, you can block them to stop the madness. This won't block their channel, but it will stop them from.

Imagine a parent seeing that a YouTube channel for kids has curse words and obscenities and racist language pasted up and down the comments section. They wouldn't be too happy and may block that channel. Hide comments when appropriate, and don't hesitate to do so. You can do this right from Agorapulse, so take advantage of that You can disable comments on your own YouTube video if you don't want people to comment on it. It's easy to disable comments on YouTube by adjusting the settings for one of your videos in the beta. But long term, you need to address the wider issue to you can open up those comments once again. Don't Take Negative Criticism so Personally Some creators react very badly to criticism and even if they receive 100 amazing comments for every contrary one, that one bad comment really affects them Find the Spam Comments. The first thing you can do is by looking for those such comments on your comment sections. While looking for them manually can be really painful, you can use the YouTube Creator Studio feature. What makes YouTube more interesting is that YouTubers can now automatically block spam comments that include any type of link

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Click Hide Chat (Live) or Hide Chat Replay (Live Replay) at the bottom of the chat window: As of 2020-12-16 there is no way to do this via the Youtube settings. Unfortunately just in the interface. You can with Ad Block Plus. That will block the DIV that supports the chat YouTube is adding a new profile card to the YouTube app on Android, which lets users see recent comments from that profile. You can only see comments on the current channel, though

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You can also click the circle to the left of Hold all comments for review. This way you can read through all the comments and approve the comments individually. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save. Changing this setting will disable comments on all videos you upload in the future. Advertisement ; Method 2 of 5: Disable comments on. 6) When you choose your YouTube username, you agree to create another Google+ page. So, yeah, it's a little like the Godfather that way and how that affects commenting down the road is still a. Now you should know how to block keywords on YouTube to shield the comments you don't want to see. We hope these two methods can help you solve your issue. Should you have any related problems, you can let us know in the comments So, as you can see, there are several ways to block someone on your YouTube channel especially if someone is really just annoying you and it's a troll. You can just block them out so they can't even comment on your videos, and they won't be able to send you a private message, but they can create another account and do the same thing YouTube has great stuff, so you can't block it with LeechBlock. But it's also built to keep your attention for as long as possible. This extensions takes away Youtube's claws, and keeps most of the good parts

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  1. g from the same IPs as the videos. However their hostnames are different, the ads come from hostnames like iad.*\.googlevideo\.com and you can't block based on that. I'm not 100% sure as to why and am.
  2. You can also set it to let you know if your child is attempting to access a specific type of content and block it on the spot. Norton Family Premier also offers a family package
  3. YouTube is trying to combat hurtful comments and other issues affecting the creator community by rolling out a number of new filtering tools and surveys to learn more about people's experiences
  4. Hide Annoying Comments: If you're sick of YouTube comments, you have two choices: use something like YouTube Comment Snob to try and filter out the comments you don't like, or block the comment.
  5. A Reddit user (via The Next Web) by the username u/unicorn4sale has found a simple trick that will allow users to block ads on YouTube and even bypass paywalls. All you need to do is put a.
  6. Apparently the search function is broken in the forum and you weren't able to find any of the at least a dozen threads on this same subject. In a nutshell, OpenDNS is a DNS service, and only knows about domains, not websites, webpages, content, images, apps, URL's, or anything that is not strictly and only a domain

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You can now block specific YouTube subscribers. Here's how! by Casey Markee. You can now block specific YouTube subscribers. Here's how! W e have several subscribers to our channels on YouTube that leave inappropriate comments and do so on a regular basis. We scrub the comments but they come back and leave them again But now, YouTube has announced that comments on Art Tracks are being discontinued because their comments can't be moderated.. Not only has the decision prevented viewers from commenting on the numerous Art Track videos that are available on the platform but all of the existing comments on these videos have also been deleted You can then use it to block access to YouTube outright. Or, you can limit the amount of exposure to YouTube using time limits. It follows the same procedure for pretty much everything (Trolls, therefore, can't come in and leave inappropriate comments on the video.) Most importantly, YouTube will no longer serve personalized ads based on users' viewing history

A couple of things to consider. There are also some extensions that have features where you can block YouTube for a specific time. Let's say you want to block Youtube on Chromebook from 6 PM to 8 PM because your child will be doing homework YouTube is an excellent medium for visual learners and a great place to get hands-on instruction for cooking and crafts or gameplay tips for hard to beat levels. However, YouTube's millions of uploaded videos are a digital Wild West that's not always safe for children, which is why it's essential to set YouTube parental controls And if you want to block yourself from seeing their videos, then you must select the Don't recommend channel.. Conclusion. So that's how you can easily ban someone from commenting on youtube channel using devices like Chromebook, iPhone, iPad & Android.. And also you can perform this using different Apps & extensions like video blocker chrome or the video blocker firefox

YouTube confirms a test where the comments are hidden by default. YouTube's comments section has a bad reputation. It's even been called the worst on the internet, and a reflection of. 3. How to Block Videos on YouTube Kids. Still, if you don't trust the above extensions or native methods, you can get the YouTube Kids app from the Google Play Store. It features a diverse range. Chrome lets you delete individual cookies for a site. Simply visit YouTube and click the padlock icon in the URL bar. It will show you how many cookies the website has stored. I had 32 cookies saved by YouTube in Chrome in the signed out state. You can select and delete the cookies individually Mobicip is not foolproof (kids can remove the Mobicip extension) but it's much better than a wide-open Chromebook. YouTube Controls For Android Devices: a combination of Mobicip to block inappropriate YouTube thunbnails (only $39.99/year) and Bark to monitor for inappropriate keyword searches ($9/month) is great Scroll down and look for the option that says Allow Comments. By default, this box is checked. Here you have a few different options to pick from. You can choose to allow all comments - except the ones YouTube is 90% sure are spam, which it will hold back by default - hold all comments for review, or hold only potentially inappropriate comments for review

YouTube is facing a new wave of criticism over the alarming number of predatory comments and videos targeting young children. The latest concerns started with a Reddit post, submitted to r/Drama. Youtube and all Google apps on Mobile devices and PC use google's DNS and the best way I block it is to block access to google's DNS servers in the router settings. 0 Comment actions Permalin To do so, you can go to your YouTube Studio Comments tab and click the these three dots, and select Remove. You can also do this from your video's watch page on either desktop or mobile. Hide the user from your channel. Doing this blocks a specific user from posting comments on any of your videos

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  1. If you are having any doubts or are not able to block a YouTube channel, you can get in touch with us using our comments section below. Also, please feel free to let us know if you know any better way to remove YouTube recommendations and block YouTube channels permanently
  2. Once you're in the settings menu, you'll see several options at the very bottom of your screen: Click on the box titled Restricted Mode. Select On and hit the Save button below to save your new settings: On a mobile device. Select the YouTube app from your home screen and open
  3. How to Turn Off the Comments for the Most Part. Go to Facebook through your favorite web browser, Chrome is preferred. Then, click on the triangle-shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. Next, click on the Settings button from the drop-down menu to proceed. After that, start navigating through the left panel and click on Public Comments
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Wed 25 Mar 2009 05.47 EDT. 26. 26. China has blocked the video-sharing network YouTube after Beijing denounced footage appearing to show security forces beating Tibetans in Lhasa last year as a. Channel owners will get new tools to moderate comments before they are published under a video; block certain words and enable auto-approval of comments from specific YouTube users. The comments. Facebook can't handle these comments as inappropriate and won't hide or remove this comment from your Facebook Page because you only defined Fuck keyword to your blocklist! you must define all variations of words to your blocklist according to Facebook's block list feature.Otherwise, you can't hide unwanted comments with Facebook's Basic. You can live stream a Zoom meeting or webinar on YouTube. This allows participants to join your meeting via Zoom to view it and comment on it via YouTube. During the live event, there will be an approximate 20-second delay between the actual Zoom meeting or webinar and the live stream 2-You can signup with NextDNS. 3-Or you can use controlDNS free adblocking DNS service: but you can not pick and chose what to block or allow, they make the choices for you. Now put these DNS address in any device settings or directly in your router settings, now everything connected to your router will have DNS level ad blocking

Disable Comments on Your YouTube Channel. Open the Dashboard. In the left pane, go to Community > Comment Settings: Scroll to the Default Settings section: Under the sections labeled On your new videos and On your channel, select Disable comments: N.B. Instead of disabling comments, you can also choose to moderate them before they are published. At their best, YouTube comments can foster discussion and debate around a video, and provide positive feedback for its creators; at their worst, they can be distracting, spam-filled and abusive. YouTube gives you full control over the comments left under the clips you've uploaded: for each video, you can choose to.

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YouTube will now take stronger action to prevent predatory comments posted on videos of children. According to a blog post, YouTube will suspend comments on videos that feature minors that could. Sidebar and comments are distractions as they draw apart audience mind from getting the crux of the video. In many scenarios, removing sidebar, advertisements and comments seem to be best option especially when you want viewers to focus on videos only.Situations in which you share YouTube links include presentations, web meetings, student notes, blog posts and teaching Just as with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it's possible to block others on YouTube from communicating with you and making comments on your content. If you think someone has blocked you on YouTube, use any of several methods to make sure The two anti-communist phrases you can't say on YouTube. YouTube is automatically deleting comments containing certain Chinese-language phrases that are critical of the Chinese Communist Party. Better ways to moderate comments: You have new tools to review comments before they're posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans. These can help you.

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Unrestricted YouTube access —Users can browse all of YouTube when signed-in even if you have also set network-level restrictions. Can approve videos —You can designate individuals or organizational units to approve videos so that signed-in users in their organization can watch them. Click on 'Save', this may take up to 24 hours to change I am a longtime OpenDNS user and have been able to block youtube on my child's ipad by blocking the youtube.com, s.ytimg.com, ytimg.com, and googlevideo.com under the Manage Individual Domains section of OpenDNS, However, I recently upgraded my router to a Netgear R8000 and I am trying to use the built in parental controls / Netgenie and have been unable to block Youtube with the methods. As you can see, Pi-hole does a good job of removing the ads from this page. None of the ads remain, and only a few web elements are left behind. Using the Block Element feature in uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus (not covered) will clear those unnecessary elements from the page

you need only to block all cookies under domaine youtube.com in addition to youtube-nocookie.com, that's what worked for me. - elsadek Jul 25 '17 at 23:37 Add a comment | 6 Answers If policing YouTube content is too much of a hassle, you can block it using a Web filter and redirect your kids to family-friendly video sites. Common Sense Media has published a handy list of. Use the Instagram default filtering system for removing abusive comments or create your own customized list of screene word. It up you. One thing you can do block a user who been incessantly the. Refund processing can take up to 30 days. BEST YOUTUBE UNBLOCKER: NordVPN is precisely the tool you need to break through your school's website filters and unblock YouTube. Get a huge 70% discount on the 3-year plan ($3.49/mo), backed by a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. 2. Surfshark

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  1. You can still find them and see their comments in posts by mutual friends, and you can still see whatever portions of their profile or their feed that are open to the public. However, if someone.
  2. You can use a proxy server to browse some webpages without exposing your IP address. With it, you can hide your identity and surf the internet anonymously. To protect your privacy and watch blocked YouTube videos, a proxy server is an excellent tool. By using a proxy server, you can replace your location with a proxy IP address when using YouTube
  3. You may never have heard of half the folks your kids watch on YouTube. But YouTubers are super influential on kids, garnering millions (and, in the case of disgraced Swedish gamer PewDiePie, billions) of views. And unfortunately, information about YouTube channels -- the content, quality, and age-appropriateness, for example -- isn't easy for parents to find
  4. A confirmation request will be opened, confirm it and that profile has been blocked and will appear in the block users section. You can also block someone on Facebook by using your mobile phone, for doing so you will have to follow these steps: First, open the Facebook app in your mobile, and sign in if you haven't been logged in till now
  5. Watching YouTube videos offline through unofficial channels takes money from Google and video creators. There's a reason YouTube runs ads: people make a living this way
  6. But they can't block snarky memes, many posters' preferred way of voicing their opinions. To truly ensure you aren't distracted by political posts in your feed is to block it altogether

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  1. Adding a block via the Slash command from an empty row. Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be found here. Paste the YouTube URL from Step 1. Click on the Embed Button. You see the YouTube video in your editor. Clicking on Preview, will show you the display on the front end of your page
  2. Youtube View and Comment bot. You wanted it, and we heard it.After Our Famous Reddit bot, You all wanted something unique, something that can boost your earnings.. So here we are back again with our latest Youtube bots but..We are not only Providing you one bot , but this time it is combo pack.Yes, you Guessed it, Correctly!
  3. If you would like to stop receiving notifications for a particular conversation, you can choose to mute it. When you mute a conversation, you won't get any new notifications about that conversation. You will, however, still see Tweets from the conversation in your timeline and when you click into the original Tweet
  4. If you comment on a shared post, the privacy of your comment is the same as the privacy of that post. So, if your friend shared that comment with all their friends, any of those friends can also see your comment. If you only want that friend to see your reply, send a private message
  5. When I write a comment on youtube.com in the comments field while I am logged into youtube.com , when I try to copy and paste anything in this comments field on youtube.com , it is impossible!! Despite the fact that this copy and paste works perfectly fine when I try to use it in notepad or in any other program! That is really weird
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  1. The DNS trick gives you a very simple way to block ads on Fire TV Stick 4K and continue enjoying your shows and movies without interruptions by ads that you don't ever need. You can take it a step further by investing in IPVanish VPN to circumvent your ISP in case it doesn't allow you to switch your DNS
  2. You can block someone on Facebook from your blocking settings
  3. ates against certain groups, such as.
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