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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Sign Up To Get Free Shipping. Shop Our Certified Dutch Bulbs Today The asiatic lily bulbs you buy from us are 12-14cm in size. Hardy to zones 3 through 10. LA Hybrid Lilies . Combining the best traits of the Easter lily with the Asiatic Hybrids, LA Hybrid Lilies are sure to please. They are easy to grow, and produce scented flowers that bloom between your Asiatic and Trumpet varieties. Light pleasing fragrance Asiatic Lily Mix Lilium Mix. $12.65 Sale $10.75. Per Bag of 5. Plant the Asiatic Lily Bulbs Mix for a gorgeous rainbow of colorful blooms in early summer. Asiatic Lilies are extremely easy to grow and beloved in bouquets. A great choice for small, narrow spaces, these lilies take up very little room at ground level

White County Asiatic Lily Description. Strong stems help blooms resist winds. This luminous lily brightens any border or fresh-cut arrangement. Its up-facing, 6 flowers are greenish white and open on sturdy stems. These blooms are not only beautiful to human garden visitors but also attract butterflies. An excellent perennializer, White County. Asiatic lilies act like natural exclamation points in the garden, drawing the eye right to them; this makes them perfect for mixing with other colorful annuals and perennials or bringing a little color into shrub beds and borders. Water plants often the first year; once established, water two times per week Earlybird Oriole Re-Blooming Daylily. $12.56. $17.95. Perennial lily plants are easy to grow from bulbs. Plant lily bulbs 6-8 deep in spring or early summer. Lilies bloom in early to mid-spring depending on the type. Asiatic Lilies have bold blooms in colors of red, yellow, orange, pink, white or multi-color

Versatile Asiatic Lilies are great for beds and borders, planted among shrubs, along walls, or in containers. They are incredibly easy to grow and few garden pests trouble them. For best results, plant your lilies where they will have good drainage and mix some leaf mold or compost into the soil The Lily Garden, 35306 Northwest Toenjes Road, Woodland, WA, 98674, United States (360) 253-6273 thelilygarden@aol.co

For example, our Tree Lilies are a cross between Asiatic and Oriental lilies, combining the best traits of both species into one tall plant with big color and sweet fragrance. Tiger lilies, Easter lilies, and other classics are hybridized for their specific color and shape Potted plants may be planted any time between spring and fall. This Lily is a member of the Asiatic Hybrids Division (I) which includes lilies with small to medium-sized flowers, usually bowl-shaped, flat or with recurved tepals and with an open center. The flower color is generally uniform or with contrasting tepal-tips and/or throat Asiatic lilies come in a wide range of colors — red, orange, yellow, pink, white. 'Enchantment' is a popular orange variety that blooms in June. Many Asiatic lilies are unscented. 'Mona Lisa' lilies are stunning in a container or a garden bed. Orientals struggle in some Minnesota gardens, while doing beautifully in others

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  1. Lily Mapira (Asiatic) - Common name:Asiatic Lily - Deep maroon blooms of Mapira Lily absolutely glow when the sun ignites its petals. A hardy, no-fuss Lily, Asiatic types are a popular choice for northern gardens. Straight stems and countless buds yield superb cut flowers. 3 bulbs per bag. Bulb size 14/16 cm. The strong stems of Asiatic Lilies require no staking and are not particular about.
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  3. Please note: Our spring 2021 shipping season has ended. Orders placed now will be for fall shipping. Thank you! For 42 years 'The Lily Garden' has been specialized in unique garden lilies mainly bred and grown by master hybridizer Judith Freeman.In recent years we added a large selection of unique Crocosmia hybrids and Peonies and exclusive varieties bred by Johan Mak

Planting Instructions. Before you plant your Lily, choose a sunny spot. Well-drained soil is a must for lilies to do their best. Lilies do best in full sun but they can tolerate some shade. Lilies look very nice when planted in groups of 3-5 bulbs, space them about12 inches apart so they have room to grow Asiatic Lilies are wonderful gems of the summer garden. Blooming early summer in an array of vibrant colors, red, orange, yellow, pink, bicolored and speckled, there is a place for asiatic lilies in any sunny summer border. Asiatic Lilies are not fragrant, and have blooms which face upward The sale list will be updated once the plants are up and growing in April. Thank-you for your patience. Daylily seeds are easy to handle and with enough light, grow into sturdy plants indoors in the winter months. Lily seeds. Asiatic Lily Seeds Germinating 20 days after sowing One notable example is the Orienpet lily, a hybrid of Oriental and trumpet lilies, that combines the color of Oriental lilies and the growth habit of trumpet lilies. Our Tree Lilies are a cross between Asiatic and Oriental lilies, carefully cultivated to combine the best traits of both divisions into one plant, featuring tall stalks and.

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Small but mighty 'Tiny Bee' is dwarf Asiatic hybrid lily that will glow along path edges and in patio containers. 'Tiny Bee' is an excellent choice for windy areas where taller specimens tend to snap and break. It blooms in mid-summer. Native Area: NA; this is an Asiatic hybrid lily. USDA Growing Zones: 2 to 9 The Best Fertilizer for Asiatic Lilies. Asiatic lilies offer gorgeous color in the late spring and summer garden. Most are hardy throughout much of the U.S. Asiatic lily cultivars were first bred. Mainam Nymphaea Rubra Bulb Dwarf Water Lily Live Aquarium Plants Decorations 3 Day Live Guaranteed. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 223. $13.99. $13. . 99 ($13.99/Count) FREE Shipping

Original amount. $64.49 Save 10%. sale. Height: 1 available. FREE Shipping. Enjoy the beauty of the lily without the powerful scent by displaying the. Nearly Natural Lily Blossoms Silk Flower. as a focal point in your space. This elegant silk arrangement features both buds and flowers in full bloom to enhance.. 5. Plant lilies in well-spaced groups of three to five bulbs. Plant a group of three to five similarly-sized bulbs about six inches (15 cm) deep, measuring from the top of the bulbs. Space the bulbs about eight inches (20 cm) apart. Be sure to plant bulbs with their tops facing up

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Asiatic Hybrid Lilies. Chinese Trumpet Lilies. Oriental Lilies. Orienpet Lilies. Naturalizing Lily Mixtures. Heirloom Species Lilies Longfield Gardens offers lily bulbs for spring planting. Choose from Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies, species lilies, trumpet lilies and hybrid lilies. Fragrant summer blooms are good cut flowers

Lily Looks™ Tiny Todd Asiatic Lily. Lilium 'Tiny Todd' PP #16,170. SKU. 30768. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . Learn More. 3-9. Your climate might be too cold for this plant: Change Lilium Sunset Boulevard - Asiatic/Oriental/Asiatic Lily. $ 12.25. Out of stock. Description. Lilium Sunset Boulevard has many shades of tangerine and orange with small dark freckles; 2′-3′; winter hardiness zone 4-9; early-mid summer. Product Details. Categories Lilium Asiatic. Cultivar: Sunset Boulevard This item: Asiatic Lily Bulbs Mixture (6-Pack) $13.47. PROVEN WINNERS 1 Gal. Bloomerang Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac (Syringa) Live Shrub, Purple Flowers. $29.28. Endless Summer 2 Gal. Bloom Struck Hydrangea Plant with Pink and Purple Flowers. $39.98 'Landini' Asiatic Lily is a must-have addition to the garden where it will dance above the late spring tulips and daffodils and highlight summer's peonies, centranthus, salvia, and lavender. Its six-petaled purple-violet, almost black flowers bloom on long, straight stems. Elegant, long-lasting cut flowers, cut them when the bulb is colored and it's beginning to open. Be sure to snip. Give your yard the red carpet treatment with our Red Carpet Border Lilies! Dwarf Asiatic lilies grow to about 1 1/2 foot tall making them perfect for use up front as a border plant. Despite its short stature, these lilies produce big blooms measuring up to 6'' across. Bloom in early to mid summer. Multiply over time. Sun or partial shade. Zones.

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Welcome to The Lily Nook. New Website: www.thelilynook.com. Mail order Lily Bulbs - Largest selection of lily bulbs available! Asiatic lilies, Martagon lilies, Trumpet lilies, Oriental lilies, Interdivisional hybrids and species lilies! Lilium Specialists: 25 Years in the mail order Lily Business 5 for $13.00. Buy More and Save! At KVB, we carefully choose only the best, biggest and healthiest Asiatic lily bulbs for you to offer your customers. For customers that want something a little different in their front gardens or At KVB, we carefully choose only the best, biggest and healthiest Asiatic lily bulbs for you to offer your customers

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Crinums grow well in either in dry or boggy soils. Crinums are tough, low maintenance bulbs which make them perfect for rain gardens, and although drought-tolerant, crinums bloom more if well-watered. Full sun to part shade. Zone 7-10 (mulch heavily in zone 7 and 8, and plant the bulbs extra deep) Height:36-48 inches Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Asiatic Lily (Lilium ) 'Oklahoma City' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden Priced $20.99. Botanical Name: Gran Paradiso Red. Asiatic Lilies have become more popular in American gardens in recent years because they are so easy to grow and produce such outstanding color. To add to the monochromatic colors that have become so popula.. Asiatic Lilies are available for sale as dormant bulbs from the following nurseries. BRYAN H TONKIN - Ph (03) 9728 1295 Fax (03) 9728 1299. 'Sylvan Vale' 375 Olinda Creek Rd, Kalorama, VIC.3766. Including a large range of Rare and unusual bulbs, corms and perennials. www.tonkinsbulbs.com.au Dwarf Asiatic Lily Mix. A colorful mix of Lilium 'Happy Sun', 'Cavoli' and 'Abbeville Pride'. Great for planting in containers, the front of borders and along walkways. Growing just 14-16 tall, they will return year after year, increasing in number and beauty. Dwarf lilies have all the treasured attributes of full-sized lilies: exotic-looking.

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  1. Lily, Asiatic (Njoyz) $ 4.00. Strong, lasting colors. Scentless. These bulbs increase year after year. Divide when stems are crowded. They bloom from the end of June into July. Bubblegum pink with white centers. Variety name is pronounced enjoys.
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  3. Tiny Serie. The Tiny Series are the genetically short Asiatic hybrids that are 22 tall or less and provide a lots of warm flower colors. These Asiatic hybrids have been selected for their excellent performance in patio pots and border gardens and will provide you with a striking color pallete in the middle of spring
  4. Naturalizing Lily Mixtures. Heirloom Species Lilies. View All Lilies. X. Asiatic Hybrid Lilies. Chinese Trumpet Lilies. Oriental Lilies. Orienpet Lilies. Naturalizing Lily Mixtures
  5. They had already started to sprout (stem looked a little white-yellow), and within the first few days in the garden, they were steady and greening up! They have already started to bud and are less than a month behind the Asiatic lilies I have planted from previous years although I planted them almost 2.5 months after the others had already come up
  6. Tiny Lion Asiatic Lily. Size: #1 Pot $ 14.99 Read more; Tiny Bee Asiatic Lily. Size: #1 Pot $ 14.99 Read more; Tiny Comfort Asiatic Lily. Size: #1 Pot $ 14.99 Read more; Tiny Dino Asiatic Lily. Size: #1 Pot $ 14.99 Read mor

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Asiatic Lilies are one of our all time favourite lily bulbs and we offer you a brilliantly colourful range of bulbs to choose from. The bulbs of Asiatic lilies are as tough as old boots, provide a bounty of colourful blooms for vases, are easier-than-you-can imagine to grow and wonderfully tolerant of searing Australia's hot, hot Summers Lily Bulbs, Calla Lily Bulbs. Planting Lily Bulbs. Many Discounts. Tropical Like Flowers. FREE Growing and Care Information. Secure Ordering

In general, the Lily bulbs that we carry are sized according to what is the normal biggest size bulb for each class of Lily. For example, Asiatic Lilies usually make a top size 16/18 centimeter bulb. But Asiatic Lily Apricot Fudge, Elodie and Landini grow slightly smaller top size bulbs Lilies are one of the most graceful and beautiful of the garden bulbs and 'Heartstrings' is no exception - an Asiatic type lily, it's large and upright facing and produces around 5 flowers per plant. A little later flowering than other types, you can expect blooms at the end of June and into July from its sturdy 1.2m stems Lily, Asiatic. Lilium . Landini. Deep black-burgundy makes a spectacular focal point anywhere you place it. ***** Strong, lasting colors. Scentless. Any plant photo with a credit line including the words Friends School Plant Sale photo may be used with credit to the Friends School Plant Sale and named photographer, under the Creative. Liliums are fabulous and simple garden plants. The bright blooms come in a wide variety of colours, fragrance and sizes. They shine on through summer in garden beds or pots. The tall, straight stems are good for picking too! Lily bulbs are easy to plant and maintain. They grow well in full sun to part shade and they can be left in the ground. Asiatic lilies (Asiatic hybrids) start the season in early to midsummer. Most have upward-facing flowers and all are hardy in zones 4 to 9. To extend the Asiatic lily season, consider planting LA Hybrids, a relatively new type of lily. These plants produce larger flowers than most Asiatics, with the delicious fragrance of the Easter lily

3 bulbs 1 price sale! Lycoris Blushing Lady PINK New Japanese type SPIDER LILY. $17.99. Free shipping. 18 (Large-Flowering) Gladiolus Bulbs-MIXED Colors flowers pink yellow red Lot of 4 Bulbs Asiatic Lily Reddish Burnt Orange Perennial Plants ~ for charity. $14.99. Free shipping. 3 watching. Oriental Stargazer Lily Lilium Live Plant 2. Lily, Asiatic. Lilium . Tiny Moon. Big light apricot flowers. Strong, lasting colors. Scentless. These bulbs increase year after year. Divide when stems are crowded. They bloom from the end of June into July. Friends School Plant Sale is a fundraiser sponsored by the Friends School of Minnesota in Saint Paul Asiatic lilies prefer a moist, free draining, neutral to acid soil that is rich in organic matter. Prior to planting, add plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost to the soil to give your lilies the best start. When growing lilies in containers, use a loam based compost such as John Innes No.2

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The term lily gets bandied about quite a bit by flower gardeners. But the Lilium genus refers to a specific group of perennial plants, including beloved flowers like the Easter lily and the famous 'Stargazer' lily, which are important to the cut flower trade.A great many plants that carry lily as part of their common name are not, however, true lilies Daylily plants create a beautiful garden scene. The Latin name for Daylilies is Hemerocallis. They are related to thousands of species of the lily family. These unusual plants are well known for their ability to multiply. From a single daylily plant, up to 50 plants will bloom in Zones 3 to 9 from July to August 40 Types of Lilies with Pictures. We've pulled together a list of 40 different types of lilies with photos, including favorites like Calla lilies and different colored lilies including white ones, purple, orange and more. You'll even learn about seasonal lilies like the Easter Lily and super fragrant ones like Asiatics

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  1. CALL 1300 606 242. Visit our store in Monbulk, Victoria. Open: 8:00am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday (excl. Public Holidays) 10:00am - 2:00pm Saturday, excluding public holiday weekends. Customer Service Available: 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
  2. Boasting some of the brightest and biggest petals in the plant kingdom, not to mention potent perfumes, lilies unfold their gorgeous blooms from early summer to early fall. There are several types to choose from, including Asiatic, the enticingly fragrant Oriental, and longiflora hybrids. Each offers an array of colors and forms
  3. Container Grown Lilies. To grow potted lily plants, you will need these few things: Healthy lily bulbs - You can purchase lily bulbs from many places. Mail order catalogs, home improvement stores, garden centers and plant nurseries often have lily bulbs for sale in packages. When you get these bulbs home, it's important to sort through them
  4. Caring for Asiatic Lilies. Fertilize your plants with a slow-release food in the early spring. Use a fertilizer that is recommended for lilies. Check the back of the bags, and it will tell you how much to apply to each plant. Lilies need at least 1 of water per week
  5. The best time to plant lily bulbs is in early spring or fall. For spring planting, wait until you're able to work the soil but don't plant when it's still muddy. If you're planting in the fall, do so a month before the last frost date so that the bulbs can establish strong roots and don't fall victim to the winter chill

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  2. Plant Asiatic Lilies for Tropical & Exotic, Late Spring Blooms - Brecks.com. Brighten Your Garden with Asiatic Lilies from Breck's. Free Shipping with $50 Order
  3. Light for Asiatic Lily Bulbs: Full sun to partial shade Lilium hybrids make excellent perennials as well as cut flowers. Find all Asiatic hybrid varieties for spring shipping here. Pricing is per each and per hybrid lily variety (quantity discounts apply). View more of our Asiatic lily bulbs for sale today
  4. <p>'Forever Susan' Asiatic Lily is an easy-to-grow garden favorite whose burgundy, gold, and orange flowers are a dramatic addition to the summer garden. Great as cut flowers, and a pollinator favorite, 'Forever Susan' adds a dramatic touch to the garden. Plant them in a space where the 5 flowers can shower the garden with color. Plant in groups of threes for a nice look, 12 apart.
  5. Orienpet Lilies Bulbs. Similarly called Tree Lilies or Giant Lilies. Cross bred between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. Extremely fragrant and much taller than any other lilies. Also, can produce huge blooms (from 4 inches to 8 inches across). And large-sturdy stems to support the massive blooms
  6. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Asiatic Lily 1 Bulb Plant Perennial Resistant Flower Rare Fragrant Bride Bouquet at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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Asiatic Lily Plant Care. Asiatic lilies need at least six hours of sunlight daily to bloom properly, so keep that in mind when you choose a spot for your container. Often, indoor plants will need. Flower Description: These naturally short, early blooming Asiatic lilies were some 20 years in the making and are perfect for garden, containers and the greenhouse. Plants grow 18-24 tall, flower May/June and are unscented. Expect more flowers per stem than the older Pixie lilies. These lovelies can even go into a bit of shade without a need of staking, but will tend be somewhat taller Hillsdale Lily Garden is located east of Glenwood, IA and south on US Highway 275 at the intersection of Lytle approximately 2.3 miles south of Highway 34. If coming from Highway 34 our entrance is an immediate right at the top of the 3rd hill. 61258 Hwy 275 Glenwood, IA. Get Directions. Scintillation In Pink

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  2. SHIPS IN FALL Steals the show in early summer! These special hybrids are very easy to grow in just about any garden situation - sun or partial shade. The plants overflow with long-lasting blooms that are great for cutting. They naturalize well, so that you can enjoy them for years in your garden. Top-size 14/16 cm bulbs
  3. This item must be picked up at the in-person plant sale, May 6-8, 2021. It will not be mailed to you. Lily, Asiatic (Tiny Diamond) $ 3.00. Strong, lasting colors. Scentless. These bulbs increase year after year. Lily, Asiatic (Double Sensation) Product Type: Bulb $ 4.00 Add to cart; Lily, Asiatic (Double Sensation) Blazing Star (Floristan.
  4. Colourful, Gold Medal Winning Lily Bulbs Asiatic Lilies are mostly unscented and brightly coloured varieties. These are plants with medium sized, upward or outward facing flowers. They grow between 1 to 5 feet and are the hardiest of the lilies. They are ideal for pots or borders and will tolerate most soils
  5. Lily Bulbs for Sale at Van Meuwen. Lily bulbs are easy to grow and their large, showy blooms will lend an exotic feel to your garden. From dwarf ground-cover lilies to giant tree lilies, you're sure to find the perfect lily for your garden in our superb value range. Visit now for great offers
  6. Treat yourself or Send a gift of Unscented Asiatic Lilies delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly anywhere in the UK. Perfect to send as a gift for people who love the beauty of a Lily but may feel the scent of an Oriental Lily too overpowering. We will select a different variety of Asiatic Lilies each week - there are lots to choose from

Liliums - Bulbs and Plants Liliums with over 100 species of lillium bulbs for sale these flowering bulbs provide a wide range of possibilities for the garden. Liliums prefer a well drained soil with lots of well rotted compost, some protection from hot afternnoon sun, and you have a good spot for liliums Mixed Asiatic Lily Flower Bulbs - 10 Count. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store Asiatic Lilies are super easy to care for and are dependable bloomers year after year. Blooms are upright and look as if they are looking up towards the sun. The Tiny Series provides countless blooms and are perfect containers. Our Tiny Shadow Asiatic Lily will provide an abundance of eye catching blooms

Longiflorum-Asiatic Lilies (LA Hybrids) These lilies are the result of crossing a Longiflorum lily with an Asiatic lily. The flowers have thick, smooth petals and upward facing, open flowers. Most varieties stand about 4 feet tall and have a light fragrance. Longiflorum lilies are hardy in zones 4-8 Spathiphyllum plants (also known as peace lilies) boast a classic appearance with creamy, white flowers set on the backdrop of glossy, rich, green foliage. FTD has an elegant selection of spathiphyllum plants for sale in charming baskets and containers. This, in combination with the plant's simple and clean look, makes it a versatile option. Lily Bulbs. Grow a variety of lily bulbs to create stunning splashes of bright colour across your garden in summer. Oriental lilies grown in patio pots are firm favourites for their powerful and seductive scent. Giant lilies make a stunning focal point at the back of flower borders, while dwarf varieties, like Lily 'Dazzler', make colourful ground cover Lilium 'Orange Pixie'. Dwarf Asiatic Lily. USDA Zone: 2-9. Plant number: 1.318.110. Asiatic Lilies are easy, dependable perennials that put on a great show in the early summer border. This is one of the dwarf Pixie series, bred originally for their compact habit in containers, but equally as unique and useful in the garden Perry's Baby Red Water Lily. Small Hardy Water Lily. Heavy Bloomer! $52.00. Plant description Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily has rich, rosy-red color with lighter outer petals. Lily pads on Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily are green. Perry's Baby Red Hardy Waterlily has a small 20 - 30 inch spread of pads and is just adorable in small ponds.

White Lily Asiatic Lily is a variety of White Flowers from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is just right for Easter Flowers, Lily Bouquet, Lily Centerpiece, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Bouquets, Anniversary Flowers, Happy Birthday Flowers, and more. The sheer white color of this Lily Flower is breathtaking and. Recent Lily breeding has created some huge and beautifully coloured Longiflorum Asiatic Lilies; Beautiful sunshine colours in a range of 'fruit salad shades' in yellow, pinks, orange and red, Short and strong enough to grow in pots, yet tall enough to cut armfuls of flowers each Summer, Plant in Spring, and pick in Summer - and again year after. Plant database entry for Lily (Lilium 'Starlette') with 19 images, one comment, and 20 data details For container production, the Lily Looks series is suitable for 1-qt. to 1-gal. containers. The number of bulbs used depends on the container size, customer specifications and the product's price point. Asiatic lilies perform best when grown in a moist, well-drained, porous growing medium with a slightly acidic pH: 5.8-6.4

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Asiatic Lilies. Asiatic lilies are an excellent choice for borders or rockeries as they produce very strong stems. Available in a number of exciting colour combinations, these little garden beauties appear in June-July each year. Asiatic Lily bulbs produce sturdy and colourful flowers that make cut flowers. Supplied as top sized Lilium bulbs A Blanket of Green to Cover the Ground Asiatic Jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) is a tough and adaptable evergreen groundcover that tolerates heat, sun, shade and drought while being insect-, disease- and deer-resistant -- a true bulletproof plant! Asiatic Jasmine is not a true jasmine (although its common name hints otherwise), and although it doesn't typically produce flowers. Aurelian/Asiatic or Asiapets (AA) hybrids are yet another newer breakthrough in lily breeding; crosses between hardy Asiatics and the Aurelian trumpets, resulting in hardy bulbs with magnificent, huge, fragrant blooms which show themselves in late August through September. Plant them 8 inches deep, mulch in zones 1 and 2 is recommended, be sure. Plant a few different lily varieties for fresh cut flowers all summer long, Asiatic Lilies are the first Lilies of the season to flower followed by Turks Cap Lilies, Aurelian Lilies and Tiger Lilies flowering mid summer and Oriental Lilies flower at the end of summer. Plant your Lily bulbs as soon as you get them. Lilies are very easy to grow.

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Lily Asiatic &#39;Pink Brush&#39; (Tango Lily) NEW – Easy To GrowAsiatic Lily Landini - Asiatic Hybrid - Hardy LiliesAsiatic Lily Mixed | KBlue vs