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I've definitely known of a Hereford breeding a cow when he was eight months old. It all depends on his maturity level. Besides, a seven month old bull would be more equivelent to a 12-14 year old human. And how do you equate a seven and a half month old heifer to a 20 year old woman A generally accepted guideline is to purchase/use only yearling bulls that have a minimum 32-cm scrotal circumference. Bulls can remain in service until they are 10 or 12 years of age. However, this is not the norm and usually remain in the herd for 4 to 5 years. Many do not last nearly that long due to hoof problems, structural problems.

Most normal bulls are fertile at around 12 months of age, though in brahmans and brahman crosses they aren't fertile until 18 to 24 months. Jerseys and other earlier maturing breeds such as Angus can be fertile as early as 9 months, and Limousin bulls tend to be mature at 15 months or so, so it does vary. 199 Angus Beef cows, 1 Jersey cow The young bull went to the cow, nursed a bit, then bred her. 9 months later, she delivered a healthy heifer. This 5 month old bull beat his daddy by 2 months. Brenn bred a small dairy herd when he was 7 months old Likewise, how many cows can a bull breed in a day? The traditional rule of thumb has been 25-30 cows per bull, however, there has been research that indicates this number could be increased to as many as 50 cows per bull without a negative impact on conception rate. However, a breeding soundness exam must be done 30-60 days prior to bull turn out Inexperienced bulls (< 2 years of age) cannot service as many females and should only be exposed to 15 to 20 females in a 60- to 70-day breeding season. One rule of thumb is that a bull can service about as many cows as his age in months I was always told that the number of cows a bull could manage was equal to the number of months of age of the bull. So for an 18 month old bull that would be 18 cows. Also I find that an older bull won't walk those 10-15 miles after a cow. He'll wait until she's ready, jump once and not bother again

In single-sire situations, young bulls can normally breed a number of females about equal to their age in months. Thus, a newly purchased, 18-month-old bull could be placed with 18 cows or heifers. Bulls used together in multiple-sire breeding pastures should be of similar age and size Puberty for bulls is not an immediate process. As young bulls go through puberty a number of changes must occur as they move from an infertile calf to a fully fertile bull. As the testicles develop and sperm production begins there is a period during which the sperm cells which are produced are not fully mature. The Breeding Soundness Examinatio I have a 5 year old Highland bull, he's just pasture art. I have gotten into the miniature Herefords and don't want him breeding them, so my question is can I cut him at his age? Will it change his personality? No one wants to buy him so I think I may just keep him. He is a gorgeous big white bull and I don't want him to be food Watch for estrus activity. If a cow is not coming back into heat after approximately 21 days, nor is showing any signs heat activity any time between day 21 to day 45 post-breeding (or even an estimated breeding date if you weren't there to see it happen), then it's likely that she has been successfully settled. A bred cow may display false heats on occasion, but should not be an indication. 1 calf at a time. Cows rarely have twins or triplets, but it can happen Lactation Period: Cows lactation period can last for up to about 10 months (305) days. Milking From: 1 to 6 weeks after Calving Drying off Period: The cow should have a 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. Drying off period for around 60 days before she can calve again

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Depending on the age of your bull or bulls, and assuming bulls have passed a Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE), the general rule of thumb is to place about as many cows/heifers with a young bull as his age in months. For example, a bull that is 12 months old should be able to cover about 12 cows in his first breeding season Can a 14 month old bull breed cows? Ideally bulls should have a similar Body Condition Score (BCS) to that of replacement heifers: from a 5 to 6.5. Top performing bulls will breed 6 to 8 cows per day. For example, a yearling bull 14 months old could be run with about 14 females. A three year old bull could be run with up to 36 females A 15 month old bull can cover 10-12 cows, at 18 months he can cover 12-18 cows, 24 months he can cover 18-25 cows, and after 2+ years of age a bull to cow ratio should be approximately 1:35 maximum, and maybe less if only one bull. Some bulls are better than others are (libido) British breed yearling bulls will generally be sexually mature if they: are well grown. are in good condition (fat score of high 2 or low 3) are 12 months of age or older. have a scrotal circumference of 32 cm or more at 12-14 months. The onset of puberty is directly related to the level of nutrition

Q: How many cows can a bull breed? A: Until they loose their milk teeth, a good rule of thumb is 1 cow for every month old they are. So, a 20-month old Brahman bull can breed 20 cows in a breeding season. Once they mature, usually 20 to 25 cows per bull. Q: What is the difference between a Braymer - a Brahma - and a Brahman For a typical herd, this is not a very useful answer because the herd may consist of a variety of cows by age and breed. Cow weight will greatly vary based on many factors. Angus beef cow will be about 450-550 pounds when 6 months old, while a mature heifer could weigh anywhere between 800 and 1400 pounds If breeding and calving seasons are controlled (less than 120 days), if only virgin bulls are purchased, and if bulls are culled at 5-7 years of age, trichomoniasis can usually be avoided. The saying that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link is very applicable to beef cattle production Can a 12 month old bull breed? Puberty in bulls occurs when they can produce viable sperm. This happens at approximately 12 months of age, though it can vary in individual bulls several months before or after this age depending on biological type (primarily frame size and potential mature weight), nutrition, and health status

Through natural instinct, the cow watches the calf from a short distance, drawing near when it is threatened. Breeding. The rut, controlled by the day/night cycle, is from late August to late October. For best success, breeding bulls should be three years old or older. One bull can service 20 to 40 cows In 2011, the U.S. exported $124.7 million worth of bull semen to other nations, The electroejaculation method involves restraining a female cow in a breeding crate. Then, they insert the IAV into her vagina and the bull is forced to mount her. Young bulls—starting and eight-months-old—are used for semen collection. The industry uses.

Q: How many cows can a bull breed? A: Until they loose their milk teeth, a good rule of thumb is 1 cow for every month old they are. So, a 20-month old Brahman bull can breed 20 cows in a breeding season. Once they mature, usually 20 to 25 cows per bull. Q: What is the difference between a Braymer - a Brahma - and a Brahman Will try to post pics of them as they are right now at the ages of 6 year old jersey milk cow. 8 month old black Angus bull. 7.5 month old jersey/Holstein heifer. 7 month old jersey steer. And a 5.5 month old Holstein bull. If anyone could give me an estimated worth of my cattle as they are now and in 1-2 years it would be much appreciated Breeding Animals. Replacement heifers, cows, and bulls should generally be vaccinated at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the breeding season so that immunity is high during the breeding season. Vaccination against Brucella abortus for heifers between approximately 4 and 10 months old (the exact age for official calfhood vaccination is state. days in cows (ranging from 17 to 24 days from the start of one heat period to the start of the next, if the animal does not become pregnant). During the last part of the cycle, the reproductive tract prepares for the next estrus and ovulation. Reproduction 101: Basics of Breeding Cows and Heifers by Heather Smith Thomas Reproduction Issue Year old heifer having a calf. « on: June 28, 2010, 03:20:08 AM ». We had a heifer born last year at the end of March. She calved today. So that would make her a year and 3 months when she calved. She would of came into heat in the pasture, there were no signs that she was going to have a calf. The calf did die

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1. Depending on the breed of the heifer, most heifers will start to show the first signs of heat when they are between 9 and 22 months of age. The rate of sexual maturity or puberty is determinate of genes and breeding. The rate of maturity, being carcass maturity, is not directly related nor determinate of when a heifer is ready to breed For example, a bull that is 12 months old should be able to cover about 12 cows in his first breeding season. An 18 month old bull should be able to settle 18 or 19 cows. While a two-year-old bull could be expected to cover up to 25 cows. Mature bulls normally should be expected to cover 25 to 35 cows per season The old rule of thumb is to place the young bull with about as many cows as his age in months. Therefore the true yearling would only be exposed to 12 or 13 females. If he is a year and a half old (18 months), then he should be able to breed 15 - 18 cows. By the time the bull is two years of age, he should be able to breed 24 or 25 cows

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If the majority of the opens are old cows.....then you may have kept them to long. Bull to cow ratio. For young bulls, 1:12 to 1:15; older bulls 1:25 to 1:30. Did you have any breeding pastures that had only one bull for the entire breeding season? Maybe the bull was good early and got hurt or sick later in the breeding season Bull management can be divided into the following seasons, which may vary in length depending on the operation: pre-breeding or conditioning (2 months), breeding season (2 to 3 months) and post-breeding season (7 to 8 months). Prior to the Breeding Season Bull Purchasing Plan ahead. Purchase bulls at least 45 to 60 days before the breeding season

Normally, it is a good idea to breed heifers one month ahead of the main cow herd; so, we need to get heifers that have a mature weight of 1,200 pounds to weigh 780 pounds by the time they are 12-14 months old. Now, if we weaned at 7 months of age and the average weaning weight of our heifers is 550 pounds, what heifers do we select She says bulls can usually cover as many cows as months in their age. For example, a 30-month-old bull should be able to breed 30 cows. Thirty cows per bull for bulls over 30 months of age generally works well, although clean-up bulls could cover up to 60 cows. She says a BSE should help determine which bulls will be ready to work

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  1. Bulls should be allowed access to cows for no more than about 90 days to reduce the potential for heifer calves being bred prior to weaning. Physiologically, 6-7 month old heifers aren't ready to be bred even though they may come into heat, he said. It's best to wait until they are 13 ½ months to 15 months old
  2. Bulls become fertile around 9 to 12 months of age. The females can begin breeding as young as 8 or 9 months of age. However, most Jersey cow owners prefer to wait until their cows are around 15 months old before breeding them for the first time
  3. Multiple-sire breeding pastures were used and the bull to cow ratio was constant at 1:25. Number of calves sired per bull averaged 19 head per breeding season but ranged from zero to 61 head. In any given breeding season 4.4% of the bulls sired zero calves
  4. Female cows reach their puberty between 8 and 16 months of age, and it is during this period that they may get pregnant for the first time. Factors such as breed and size play a significant role in the development of female cows. The preferred age for the first pregnancy of a cow is 15 months so that it can deliver its first calf around the.
  5. Fertility in Summer Months. Temperature and humidity during certain months are stressful and can reduce fertility. Table 4 shows that if cows exhibit their first estrus after the month of May in Central Texas (Trial 1) or April in the Gulf Coast region (Trial 2), the chances of conceiving are dramatically reduced
  6. The traditional rule of thumb has been 25-30 cows per bull, however, there has been research that indicates this number could be increased to as many as 50 cows per bull without a negative impact on conception rate. However, a breeding soundness exam must be done 30-60 days prior to bull turn out

A yearling bull should not be expected to breed more than 20 to 25 cows, while a mature bull with large testicles, good semen and good libido can breed 25 to 40 or more cows. Condition You cannot expect fat or thin bulls to perform up to the standards of properly conditioned bulls Speculation would put the bull at 2,500 pounds as a 5-year-old. The center would not feed bulls with the expectation of having a 2,500-pound bull at mature weight and the center does not keep the older bulls. Seldom has the center kept bulls or utilized them as 4-year-olds. Instead, the center would focus on younger bulls and those bulls that. Calves are ideally weaned when they are 7 to 8 months old. The right time to wean a calf depends on the condition of the cow and not the age of the calf. Calves should be weaned before the condition score of the cow falls below 2,5 if adequate winter feed is available and the cows maintain their condition

The better the condition of a cow at calving, the better her milk supply and the sooner she will show oestrus after calving. Weaning of calves at 6-7 months, from two-year-old heifers, light condition and later calving cows, allows the cows to improve in condition, calve in better condition and show oestrus earlier Fertility in Summer Months Temperature and humidity during certain months are stressful and can reduce fertility. Table 4 shows that if cows exhibit their first estrus after the month of May in Central Texas (Trial 1) or April in the Gulf Coast region (Trial 2), the chances of conceiving are dramati-cally reduced A pig is harvested at approximately 6 months old and ____ lbs. 270. A sow will be allowed to lactate for ____ days before her piglets are weaned. 21. A sow will stay in estrus for ___ day (s) 2. Consists of a breeding herd which produces early-weaned pigs or feeder pigs can do more harm than good. Shortly after birth, the navel cord should be dipped (not sprayed) with a 7% tincture of iodine solution. (Do not use teat dip or weaker iodine solutions.) The cow should be allowed to lick the calf after delivery. In cold weather or if the cow does not lick the calf, the calf should be dried with clean cloths. Thi

Homebred cows and calves. Pedigree Angus but not registered with Angus Society. 1 cow with 7 month old heifer calf. 1 cow with bull calf. Very quiet No, we don't raise veal. Our calves stay with their mothers until they are at least 7-8 months old, but often longer. We don't harvest our meat animals until they are 18-24 months old. We don't ship to feedlots. They get to live on green grass and pasture and fully enjoy being a cow their entire lives

Nice cowno mastitis she's an asset to any breeding program. AI bred on 02/26/2010 to a registered Jersey bull. Will make a great family cow. Coming 5 year old Jersey cow. Will hand or machine milk, but would be better suited to hand milk LOR FIRST SARGEANT MM43218 is a fine 6 month old 75 Lowline Aberdeen bull calf. His confirmation is correct as is his breeding. If you are looking for a young bull you can raise yourself - then consider Sarge as an the addition to create your future herd. Call or text Marvin for info and delivery information. Thank you Use of young, inexperienced sires after synchronization is discouraged due to the concentrated breeding window, but bull-to-cow ratios should be reduced if young bulls are used (e.g., 12 cows for a yearling bull and 18 cows for an 18-month-old bull). Single sire breeding pastures also inherently involve more risk On says his juvenile bull now stands at 1.55 metres tall and weighs over 300 kilogrammes as he has turned two years and six months old. A farmer takes his cows to stay in the shade. KT/Moeun.

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Basically, how many cows/heifers will the bull cover, and for how long? As a general rule, a bull can service one cow for every month of age up to four years. For example, a 15-month old yearling bull should be able to cover 15 cows in 90 days. Don't overwork a bull that needs to cover a second set of cows immediately after the lease ends. If th Within the purebred dairy community, there are now 7 recognized breeds: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, and Red and White Holstein. Each breed is desired for its unique qualities whether that be in milk production, size, or color but each breed encompasses cows and bulls

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Very nice 19 month old bull ready for breeding season . Get Insurance Get Shipping Quotes. Here he is! 18 month old commercial angus bull! Just perfect for heifers, with a 63lb birthweight! His mother is a 9 year old black motley cow. This bull has tremendous growth and will surely add pounds to your calf crop Ruckmans 1 Willdale 1445 pedigree registered cow with 3 month old pedigree registered bull calf at foot Knowle Barn 1 Cameo. TB clear 7.6.21. Running with bull Knowle Barn 1 Autumn Glory. Cracking cow and calf. Bloodlines include Rempstone, Dorepoll, Solpoll, Bosa and Boundless. Out at grass year round and calved with ease. Will be PD tested Name of Animal: BBF George Washington GW Description: White Dexter bull calf. 7 m/o ready to go to a new pasture. Parents verified. De-horned. GW is gentle and loves to be around barnyard animals. Registration Number: 010721 Parents Registration Number(s): Sire 010453 Dam 010308 Sex: Bull Date of Birth: 01/02/2021 Horn Status: Horned Chondro Status: 7 Month old Bull Calf Read More

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Married to the Most Amazing Man Ever and Mama to nine children, ages 18, 16, 16, 14, 12 year-old twins, 7 year-old twins, and a 2 year old. Our cows are Belle (Jersey/Guernsey), Violet (Dutch Belted), Candy (Brown Swiss/Simmental), Hershey (Murray Grey/Guernsey), Cinnamon (Guernsey/Murray Grey) and their calves Bullock - A Young Bull Usually Less Than 20 -24 Months of Age Cow First Estrus Noticed: 7 -8 Months of Age First Breeding: 3 yrs Old. Optimal Production Levels. 4-6 yrs old. Death. 15-18 yrs old. Typical Feeder Calf's Life Cycle. Birth. Weaning. 6 months. Warm Up Period expected number of cows in a short breeding season. Such a bull has greater economic value than one of lesser fertil-ity (1,17). early as 7 to 9 months of age, bulls are slowly introduced formed at the end of breeding can determine whether a bull has undergone any changes that may have compro many yrs ago, I was going to have my holstein/angus heifer bred when she was 18 months old. she had different ideas and jumped 4 fences to get to my brother-in -law's hereford bull when she was 15 months.. no problems. howsomever, her best calves were from a jersey/brangus bull. did not grain the calves for butcher - just mama's milk goood [no chemicals] pasture and hay. meat was so sweet and.

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As with the Charolais, you can add a new cow per month of the age of the bull up to 15 cows to 1 bull. What a breeding set will cost. Based on the 2020 prices, you can expect to pay roughly $7 427 per head, with bulls being more expensive than cows. You will need 1 bull and roughly 15 cows. You can expect to pay roughly $118 832 for your herd Images Gr Meadow Herd Pasture Grazing Agriculture. Pictures Cow Mating Bull Stock Photo Iard 210267172. A Bull Moose And Cow Mating In West Anchorage Autumn. Cattle Hortobágy Nationalpark Hungary Sd Stock 877 281. Watch Bulls Before During Breeding Season Ag News From Ndsu. Cattle Mating License Or Print For 8 00 Photos It can be seen that calving first at two years had no effect on cow survival and life span in the herd, virtually no effect on mature cow size, but a large effect on productivity. The 59 two-year-old calvers produced an extra 51 calves during their lifetime in the herd The bull calves should be castrated at a young age to prevent breeding with heifers; this is typically done by 6 months of age in this situation, and at this time we would like you to consider giving injections to keep the heifer from having a baby too young if they are this age or definitely if 7-8 months in age

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I am buying a 7 month old jersey bull and I'm not sure how old he has to be before he is able to breed. Can anyone help me?Thank you in advance!!!!shawn patrick -- shawn patrick (sapatrick2001@yahoo.com), April 09, 2002 Answers I don't have any experience in this, but I looked it up for you. The American Jersey Cattle Association says 16 months If the bull is good, it could be the cow's supplemental mineral program that should be addressed. Bulls tested sat-isfactory should be expected to service 25-30 cows or heifers with no difficulty. Abnormally long heat intervals could indicate an infectious disease such as Leptospirosis- which can cause early embryonic death related to many factors [16]. As a rule of thump a bull that is 14 months old going into his first breeding season should be expected to breed 14 or 15 cows; whereas a two‐year old bull may be placed with 20 ‐ 25 cows. Mature bulls can be placed with 25 ‐ 35 cows and normally giv MOTHER's staff discovers a little-known but productive small-farm cow: Dexter cattle. These cows are a perfect project for children, produce quality milk and are a hardy breed that will thrive on. Table 3 shows the number of cows that a bull of average fertility can be expected to impregnate in a 60-day breeding season on pasture. Cow numbers may be increased by about 30% if cattle are kept in a confined area or are presented to the bull only when in heat

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Feeding calves from 4 to 6 months old. At this age, calves can start to transition to a higher-forage diet and can be introduced to fermented feeds. However, fermented feeds should not constitute a majority of their diet. To keep them on track for breeding at 12 to 14 months, aim for a 0.9- to 1.1-kilogram (2- to 2.5-pound) ADG 1. The modern dairy cow A cow can live for around 20 years but in commercial systems she will be culled at 6 years old, on average3. She can give birth from 2-3 years old. Dairy cows have a hierarchical social structure and communicate by touch, smell, vocalisations and body language. It is thought that cows can

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A full-grown dairy cow can cost between $900-$3000. Bulls are usually kept for breeding and for beef. Prices for bulls are similar to prices for beef yearlings. A full-grown bull can cost between $3000-$5000. Oxen are sold across the United States, and they are relatively more expensive than bulls Mature bull can reach up to about 47 inches in height, and weigh more than 450 kilos. You can raise about 54 breeding cows per 100 acres, compared to 33 for Angus and 38 for Wagyu. I have a 3 month old miniature, possibly Micromini Angus bull calf. He is about 18 inches high at the shoulder and doesn't seem to be growing much A circumference of 30 to 31 centimeters would be bare minimum for a 15-month-old bull, and older bulls should have larger testicles. Keeping records on scrotal circumference also allows me to go back to last year's records and I can know if the bull is a lot bigger (or smaller) than he was the year before, says Grant A commercial steer or bull calf is expected to put on about 32 to 36 kg (71 to 79 lb) per month. A nine-month-old steer or bull is therefore expected to weigh about 250 to 270 kg (550 to 600 lb). Heifers will weigh at least 200 kg (440 lb) at eight months of age

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This means that dehorning can be carried out genetically by breeding a polled cow and bull to a horned cow and bull as the calf most likely will come out as hornless. These breeds that are naturally polled include Red Poll, Angus, Speckle Park, American White, and British White Park previous bull was of the same breed as the bull that you are considering, his weaning If you use the same bull on mature cows and first- and second-calf heifers, then you need measured in the exam and a 12-month-old bull should have a minimum scrotal circumference of 31 centimeters. Som Retiring, selling off my herd. I have 6 purebred charolais cows with calves, 2 1/2 black angus, 1/2 charolais running with purebred Charlie's is bull, and one two year old purebred bull. Asking $2000 for each cow with calves, $1500 each for 2 year old cows that are most likely bred, and $1800 for bull. Will to break up herd Replacement beef heifers should attain 65 to 70% of their potential mature weight by the time they are bred at 14-15 months of age. From weaning to first breeding, heifers should gain an average of 0.56 kgs to 0.80 kgs, (1.25 lbs to 1.75 lbs), per day or 115 to 160 kgs, (250 to 350 lbs), total (depending on breed) from Cow Camp Ranch. His steer calves averaged 650 pounds at 7 months old this year (no creep). His EPDs are in the top 25% or better for WW, YW, ADG, MWW, STAY, YG, MARB, BF, REA, SHR, API and TI. Effective is an Angus bull with a +17 calving ease EPD (top 1%) and his calves can come at less than nine months gestation. Cleanup bull was our low.

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Farmers usually use this bull on average of about 1 to 2 months. Once the clean up bull has been used, farmers will wait about a month to make sure each cow became pregnant. Farmers can also tell if the cow became pregnant from artificial insemination or the clean up bull by simply analyzing the size of the fetus Bred 4 year old-SS bred cows and they're listed to go fast (three figures people)! All mouthed and palpated by vet with info on each cow. Will range from 3-7 months but we can sort off whatever you.. Check pregnancy of all cows. Cull: All open breeding-age heifers. All open cows with calves five months of age or older. 4. Place bulls with cows for 6 months. 5. Breed replacement heifers 3-4 weeks ahead of the final long-range planned breeding. Year 2 : 1. Follow all previous steps except leave bulls with cows for 4 ½ months. Year 3 : 1 These cows would therefore have high progesterone 21 days later, yet not be pregnant. Also cows with short and long cycles can cause misinterpretation of the test. Note the chart above. A false positive if breeding was not done at estrus. The progesterone 21 days later may be high and indicate a pregnant cow. The blue line indicates the 2 ng/ml. We have 3 midsized not registered Highland heifers are 6-7 months old and a white 10 month old highdex steer eat of your hand. Hard-to-get the silver/white coloring.The heifers are out of the same white 43-44 bull and 43 white cows are laid back but not eat out of your hand yet. Tag# 42 white colored heifer 6 months old