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To complete your needlepoint belt, use a professional finishing service to apply a leather backing, leather ends and a buckle. The standard finishing charge is $100. Or you can finish the belt yourself with cotton belt webbing or suede and a buckle Finishing the Project. Step 1 for Master Craftsman in Canvas Embroidery, EGA. After placing the final stitch in an exacting needlework project, we have other things to consider. Will the project be placed in a picture frame? Will it be finished as a pillow

Needlepoint 101; Finishing Services. Finishing Services; Finishing Stitch; Hobby. Hobby Belt Designer; About; Location and Contact; Finishing Stitch How we add the final touch. Finishing Stitch creekmoremarketing 2017-08-05T15:12:45-04:00. Watch Our Tutorial Video. The Nation's Finest Needlepoint Shop Written By Peggy Bond A needlepoint doorstop is one of the most functional needlepoint projects you can stitch; and finishing it doesn't require any unusual supplies or skills. If you can stitch a canvas, you can finish the doorstop. The supplies are simple: Needlepointed canvas Brick Lightweight quilt batting or flannel to cover the brick Felt or [

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Belt Length: Your needlepoint needs to be 6-7 shorter than your finished belt size... for example, if you need a 38 belt (to fit 36 waist pants) your needle point needs to be 31 to 32 leaving 1 1/2 of plain stitching or stitching you don't mind covering up some of, on each end of your needlepoint design (included in your finished length) so that no important designs will be lost when. How to properly measure the size of a needlepoint belt for leather finishing work. Be sure to have the buckle you'd like to use

Needlepoint belts are usually about 1.25 inches wide or 21 threads on 18-mesh canvas. That's the finished length. When stitching you need to add a row of binding stitch, or overlapping cross, on each side. The overlapping layers of binding stitch help because the edges get the most wear (See edge of belt on left.) We do not suggest a binding stitch. For recommended STANDARD 1-1/4 wide finished belt, stitch 1-1/2. (A child's belt may be narrower.) For finished widths of 1, 1-1/8, or 1-1/2, stitch the desired width plus 2 extra rows on top and bottom. NOTE: Painted belt widths vary greatly, so you will need to. First, secure your thread under some stitches on the back of your work. I like to use the same thread for the binding stitch that I used as my background thread. F lip your canvas back over so that the front is facing you. Bring your needle and thread to the front at the top of the row, two threads over from the end of the needlepoint Check the needlepoint canvas edges on all sides and trim, if needed, before measuring and marking belt size. In addition to the final belt measurements, add about 2 to 3 more inches on each end for attaching the canvas to a belt needlepoint frame

You guessed it! It took me about a month to finish, but I made a needlepoint belt! And I am very proud of it if I do say so myself! I chose the sailboat design because Neil loves the water and boating and it was a. Article by Linda. 120. Needlepoint Belts Needlepoint Designs Needlepoint Stitches Needlepoint Canvases Needlework Dyi Crafts. When you bring in your needlepoint for finishing, we will fill out a form with you. If you ship in your needlepoint, please send it to 3811 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27607, attn: Caroline. You should include a note with your finished belt that has the following information: Your name. Your phone number and email Needlepoint length: Your needlepoint should be 6-7 shorter than your finished belt size. For example, if you need a 38 belt to fit a 36 waist size, your needlepoint should be 31-32 leaving 1.5 of plain stitching (or stitching you don't mind being covered up) on each end of your belt canvas (included in your finished length) so that no. Needlepoint Finishing. We have several local expert finishers that cover most needlepoint items. They finish pillows, Christmas stockings, Christmas stocking cuff, mini socks, mini skates, ornaments, 3 d mini houses, stand-ups, tote bag inserts, leather goods with inserts, tallis bags, eye glass cases, scissor cases, bean bag frogs, signs, brick covers, along with a variety of custom items. Services. Wholesale pricing is also available. Please send wholesale inquiries to finishing@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com. All finishing projects include up to 2 blockings. Additional blockings may incur a fee. Includes stuffing, basic backing fabric and hanger. Includes standard base fabric, batting, and brick

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Fennells have been finishing my needlepoint belts for years now. So far 4 belts and more to come. Their finishes are elegant, sturdy, and durable. A belt finish should match the love and time that it takes to needlepoint a belt, and Fennells always make my belt stitching look better than it is! Thanks With this finishing style, the entire piece of needlepoint will be leathered and five grommets will be inserted into the needlepoint. Request a Grommet Belt - supply or order the buckle. Supply the waist size or belt size. Request the leather color. Grommet Belt With Buckle, Tip and Keeper Set - Needlepoint shows off well with the buckle sets. Se In order to select your canvas size, you should stitch a length that is four inches shorter than your belt size. So if you are a 32, the amount of stitching that you needlepoint is 28 inches. Of that stitching, two inches on either end of the design will be covered during the finishing process

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Basically, once you finish the actual needlepoint, you take that into the store and they add the leather and buckle to it. The total cost of a belt is about $150. It also depends on if you want a custom painted canvas or you purchase a pre-made one. I have done 3 custom and one pre-made. They can also add a monogram/initials to a pre-made canvas Needlepoint Finishing Estimates. Unfortunately, I cannot post the cost for finishing, as the prices change frequently. However, I am very happy to provide you with an estimated cost. Thanks for understanding. Belt Finishing: Allow 3-4 weeks for finishing, plus 1 week for returning belt to you Lastly, I think they hold up based upon the finishing. I think some kits come with finishing pieces, but I'm also fairly sure needlepoint shops offer finishing services, or you could inquire through a monogram shop, as they probably have a source that can so custom belts, and could take your needlepoint and make it something magic

I think you could finish a belt on your own if you had the tools and the patience, but I found it much easier-and honestly, probably more cost efficient for someone only making one belt-to just send it off to a needlepoint finisher. I used Hill Top Leather and it cost me $5 Needlepoint Stocking Finishing Prices. Our needlepoint stocking finishing prices start at around US$75 for a basic knife-edge finish (no edging details). Talk to us about your needlepoint stocking finishing so we can make sure it's perfect! Send us an email to info (at)needlepoint-for-fun.com or call us on 877 722 8463 How many stitches high is a needlepoint belt? 21, with a finishing/binding stitch on top and bottom. Otherwise, stitch two extra rows across top and bottom for a total of 25 rows tall. Do you have contact information for finishers? Yes, we do. Danny and Elaine Place 859-253-3343 belts, collars, and fob The best way to finish a needlepoint canvas is to bring it to a local needlepoint shop. You can leave the final design up to the experts or choose all of the details—such as the fabric for the back of a pillow or the trim for an ornament—yourself. Where to Buy Needlepoint Canvases

Finishing needlepoint is easy. Once you understand the basics, you will have the skills to mount any project you desire. Finishing Needlepoint: A How to Book is an instructional guide showing how to finish stand-up with weighted base, mounted on a dowel, square stand-up, ornaments and much more Preparation. 1. Remove the completed needlepoint from frames or stretcher bars. Use tracing paper to make a pattern for a left and right heel, and left and right toe. Measure 1/2 inch from the last row of needlepoint stitches and draw a line around each shoe piece. Cut out the patterns and set aside Ribbon Backed Needlepoint Belts. Marymac is known for finishing needlepoint belts with grosgrain ribbon. We use quality grosgrain ribbon made in the USA to finish your needlepoint belt. The patterns, stripes and colors are woven into the ribbon. When placing an order for a ribbon backed needlepoint belt, please specify ribbon choice by names shown

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  1. Alot of people who make these belts, make the needlepoint canvas (the main part of the belt) and then send it off to a Finishing Shop that will back it with leather and put ends and a buckle on it. This usually costs between $50 - $150 depending on where you send it
  2. Self finishing projects are a fun and easy way to get something done quickly with a lower investment than traditional finishing. Links to our various self-finishing projects are below. For information on traditional finishing click here Traditional Finishing Informatio
  3. DeVaris Needlepoint Finishing . Because of the amount of work we have, we do not have the resources for retail customers to visit the shop. If you live in an area where there is a shop we service, we would prefer that you visit them - they have better hours, more staff! When you visit, please let them know we sent you....
  4. The Porcupine Needlepoint Shop provides the Pittsburgh area with expert needlepoint finishing services. Boasting a wide variety of finishing options to choose from, we have added the custom finishing touches on a myriad of items, including pillows, purses, belts, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, stockings and more
  5. g a stitched and blocked piece of needlepoint into a pillow with well-shaped edges is a beautiful way to display your needlework. While you may want to take a specialty needlepoint project to a professional trained in textile finishing techniques, you can easily learn how to do it yourself at a fraction of the cost for simple projects like a pillow cover
  6. We'd love to help and offer custom needlepoint designs and leather finishing for needlepoint belts. This listing is for leather needlepoint belt finishing only. You will mail us your needlepoint belt canvas and we'll turn it into a beautiful needlepoint belt. We recommend ordering a belt that is 3 inches larger than the pant size of the wearer

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I want to make a needlepoint belt in a checkerboard pattern and I was wanting to know if you could list the steps from start to finish on how to create a needlepoint belt. I would like to attempt to create an orange and white checkerboard belt and then have that put onto a leather belt, my boyfriend is a die hard University of Tennessee fan and. is famous for finishing needlepoint belts, needlepoint sandals, cummerbunds, needlepoint handbags, needlepoint shoes, as well as needlepoint thongs, needlepoint pet collars and leashes. We can add monograms and initials or company logos to all items and custom design wedding party belts and hobby belts for golf, tennis and sports enthusiasts The turnaround for Pillow & Stocking finishing is 4 weeks. Don't forget to stitch 2 waste rows around all pieces. BELT FINISHING Whether you're lengthening or shortening an existing needlepoint belt or having one created for the first time, our belt finisher will create a work of art you can wear MaryMac Needlepoint Belt Finishing, Little Silver, New Jersey. 775 likes · 5 talking about this. Needlepoint belt finisher Leather backed belt$95 Ribbon backed belt$125 Hatband$125 FreeShipping We.. WHAT CAN YOU FINISH NEEDLEPOINT CANVASES INTO? Ornaments, pillows, framed pieces of art, brick covers, patches for clothing, Christmas stockings, pouches for glasses, eye masks, lucite trays, napkin rings, belts, wallets, key fobs, clutches As you can see there are really many ways you can finish needlepoint

Needlepoint 101; Finishing Services. Finishing Services; Finishing Stitch; Hobby. Hobby Belt Designer; About; Location and Contact; Sort by Show 72 Products; Accessories Baby Sleeping Backgammon Board Backpack Belts Best Sellers Birth Announcements Bookmarks Bourbon Bottles Brick Covers Camera Straps Champagne Bottle Change Purse Checkbooks. However, once you finish stitching the needlepoint design, you may be wondering how to fashion the canvas into an ornament. Finish your needlepoint design by creating a miniature pillow with ribbon hanger. Hang the needlepoint ornament on your Christmas tree, or give it away as a gift or creative gift tag on a wrapped present

If you decide to hand wash a needlepoint pillow, it is best to remove the backing and the pillow filler. For accessories like belts or purses, if possible, remove any metal that could corrode. To hand-wash, fill a deep sink or plastic tub with cold water. If you have hard water or iron bacteria in your water source, you should use distilled. The eyelet stitch looks like a flower and adds some interesting dimension and movement to a design. As the author points out, it has a lacy feel to it. I like to use various stitches in my needlepoint. It always adds a special touch to a pattern. In fact, in this article, you will find a free belt pattern that incorporates the eyelet stitch in it MaryMac Needlepoint Belt Finishing, Little Silver, New Jersey. 896 likes · 11 talking about this. Needlepoint belt finisher Leather backed belt$95 Ribbon backed belt$125 Hatband$125 FreeShipping We..

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Needlepoint Belt Finishing - Real Leather and Brass NeedlePainters 5 out of 5 stars (831) $ 65.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites American Flag Needlepoint Belt - USA - Magnolia Row MagnoliaRowBelts 5 out of 5 stars (13) $ 59.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites. Needlepoint is an enjoyable hobby that you can take anywhere and it only requires the use of a few basic types of stitches. Create designs on a painted or blank canvas, and then turn your designs into a new decorative item. You can make key chains, belts, pillows, bookmarks, stockings, belt buckles, or almost anything with your needlepoint designs To increase success, three key decisions must be made after you have stitched the needlepoint but before final assembly. These decisions affect the finishing process. You need to decide on a choice of fabrics for the stocking back and lining, a choice of decorative cording and trim and the desired finished size of the stocking KC Needlepoint is a full service needlepoint shop in Kansas City, Missouri providing hand painted needlepoint canvases, needlepoint kits, threads, accessories and finishing. Always free shipping at KC Needlepoint

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Leatherprize specializes in custom leather needlepoint finishing of belts, handbags, and accessories. We offer repairs and alterations of leather outerwear and patch sewing for leather motorcycle jackets and clothing. Located in Fort Myers, FL area ABOUT WAIST SIZES - Needlepoint belt canvases are 36 inches long, but you determine the actual waist size by finishing the belt at any length you choose. Much more to see in Belts : 1. More Needlepoint Belts . Needlepoint Belts. Zebra and Poppy By Voila 18 mesh. canvas only $97 BS801

STEP TWO: Needlepoint Stitching. First, I matched the needlepoint wool yarns to the original carpet colours. Then I had the great pleasure in stitching it! If you look at the close-up photos of the stitching, you can see the beautiful range of soft blues juxtaposed with a rich rust colour and gentle peach tones Finishing the belt is also very expensive- done the wrong way. If you take it to your local needlepoint store they will send it away and charge you $150. I found a leather man in Kentucky (he makes leather halters for fancy thoroughbred race horses) who does a beautiful job for $50 Needlepoint kits, handpainted needlepoint canvas, needlepoint accessories. We carry a large range of needlepoint designers and have needlepoint pillow kits from all over the world. Plenty of how to needlepoint tutorials and needlepoint instruction. All the needlepoint help you need If you don't have access to an existing belt, please order 3 inches larger than the pant size. Also note, we can create odd sizes, let us know in the monogram field and order the size down. Timing. Our belts are needlepointed by hand and it will take us 7-12 weeks to stitch and finish your needlepoint belt

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The Christmas deadlines will have past for most finishing by the time I get this posted. In 2021 the finishing deadlines for Christmas are May-August so stitch like the wind! If you know of a finisher or a shop with great finishing I haven't listed, let me know so I can add them to the list. Just email me at chillyhollow@hotmail.com. Thank you 905 U.S. Highway 1, Unit K | Lake Park, FL 33403 | 561- 691-3223 | info@needlepointalley.co

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Self-Finishing Tray Kit: Mahogany with Inset Needlepoint. A wonderful way to commemorate a graduation, wedding, birth or any special occasion! Includes 14-mesh canvas, stitch pattern for Single Initial or Three-Letter Monogram, Two Merino Wool Fiber Colors, Finishing Supplies and Gift Box. One-time set-up charge for Customized Tray Inscription. Rittenhouse Needlepoint Attn: Finishing 1216 Arch St, Suite 2A Philadelphia PA 19107 215-563-4566 Leather Belt ☐ Standard Belt SKU 72061 ☐ Rebuilding an Existing Belt SKU 72062 ☐ Pet Collar SKU 48072 ☐ Belt Resizing SKU 72063 Key Fob ☐ Flat Key Fob SKU 72065 ☐ Folded Key Fob SKU 72066 Leather Color Needlepoint belts either have to be turned under or have a finishing or binding stitch on the edge. Add the stitch below IF on 18 mesh the belt is 22 or less stitch width. Add the binding stitch IF on 14 mesh the belt is 17 or less stitch width

We take great care with our finishing. Whether you need standard finishing, resizing, repair or purse strap, we will get it done! For more details on the merchandise we can help you with as well as the process, Contact us or stop by the shop to speak with one of our team members. Click below for more important details The BEST way to determine your belt size is to measure your current belt from the tip of the buckle (including the buckle) to the hole most worn. THIS IS YOUR BELT SIZE. The amount of needlepoint you need to stitch is 4 shorter than this measurement. EXAMPLE: My belt size is 40 = I will need 36 of stitched needlepoint Needlepoint Belt Finishing . by Guest10332072 | 12 years ago 0 LIKES Like UnLike. I am looking to have my needlepoint belt finished in bridle leather. Is there a good online store or saddlery that will do this? Thank you. Tags: belt, Finishing, needlepoint Report. Answer. As of April 2021, Needleworks has received all of the pieces that we will be able to finish for the 2021 year. Our 2022 calendar will begin May 1st. Exceptions to the May 1 deadline include Christmas stockings and belts, which we will accept until August 16, 2021 Finishing Forms. KC Needlepoint will be happy to finish all of your needlepoint projects. Please mail your items along with a finishing form to: KC Needlepoint. 410 E. Gregory. Kansas City, MO 64131. Finishing Form. Belt and Dog Collar Finishing Form. Leather Goods Finishing Form

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Nov 18, 2019 - ideas and tutorials for finishing your needlepoint. See more ideas about needlepoint, needlework, cross stitch Creating a Needlepoint Plaid. This needlepoint instruction shows you how to adapt any plaid to stitching. Plaids are so easy to turn into needlepoint. All plaids, especially symmetrical ones, such as tartans, make wonderful needlepoint. First we'll talk about plaids and how they are constructed, then we'll cover how to turn that into. For all other items please contact Two's Company Needlepoint of Rock Hill. Two's Company has over 40 years providing quality finishing services to needlepointers. When you call them simply describe what you would like done and they will help you handle the rest. Telephone 803.327.2967. www.twoscompanyneedlepoint.com Needlepoint Basketweave Tip #2. Secure your threads horizontally or vertically. When finishing off a thread, secure it under basketweave stitches on the back of your canvas in a horizontal or vertical direction (rather than in a diagonal direction). Needlepoint Basketweave Tip #3. Don't drag your thread too far Belt Finishing - size is important! To determine belt length, measure a current belt of the intended wearer from the tip of the prong to the most used hole. This is your belt size. To determine the amount of needlepoint needed, subtract 4. So if your belt length is 38 you will need 34 of needlepoint

Needlepoint with Colorful Canvases, Thriling Threads, and Fabulous Finishing... Needlepoint with Colorful Canvases, Thriling Threads, and Fabulous Finishing... Home Classes Custom Paint Order Belt Finishing Trunk Shows Newsletter Contact Us. SHOP. Belt Finishing. Download Belt Finishing Form (PDF) Download Binding and Finishing Stitch (PDF From finish stitching to shaped canvases, there are many different ways we can finish any project you have. Try needle-pointing a pillow or eyeglass case design, or even a basket cover - we will do the finishing for you. Belts are also a great finishing option. Styles include conventional leather, slip loop or even ribbon extentions Needlepoint Belts Practical, quick and fun: start stitching one of our needlepoint belt kits today! We offer everything from just the canvas, to the full kit and even provide finishing services after you have completed your stitching so it can be transformed into into a masterpiece you wear

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Hand-stitched traditional needlepoint belt is 1¼ wide and is finished with full grain, chestnut colored leather and a solid brass buckle. Sizing: We recommend adding 2 inches to a men's pant size to obtain the best belt size. When the waist is an odd size, increase the belt size by 3 inches (i.e. a size 33 wears a size 36 belt). $175. Finishing: This term refers to what your completed canvas will become once you've completed the stitching portion. For example, a stitched canvas could be finished into an ornament, a belt, a Christmas stocking, etc. Most local needlepoint shops offer finishing services in-house or via a third party Two's Company Needlepoint of South Carolina is a full-service needlepoint shop. Painting Custom Canvases has always been our specialty. Whether it's a canvas of your home, your pet, or any subject, we can design any size custom needlepoint canvas for you from a Needlepoint Belt to a Needlepoint Rug

Custom Landscape Finished Needlepoint Belt,Belt Custom Landscape Finished Needlepoint,Do you have a favorite place/landscape that you would like for us to create and finish into a needlepoint belt, Our designers are amazing, so let us help create a one of a kind custom needlepoint belt for you, Place your order and email us the photo(s) of the. Marymac Leather Backed Needlepoint Strap Order Form. Marymac Ribbon Back Needlepoint Belt Order Form. Marymac Needlepoint Hatband Order Form. Marymac. Needlepoint Belt Finishing. 287 Rumson Road. Little Silver, NJ 07739. . MarymacNJ@gmail.com Click Here to Download Absolutely Needlepoint's Finishing Form. 2020 Finishing Deadlines Updated. Due to COVID -19 all finishing deadlines are fluid Our finishers around the country are experiencing some supply chain issues, as well as receiving an unprecedented number of stitched canvases in need of their finishing talents Easy needlepoint instructions for even the most beginner of beginners! Find the supplies you need and learn the basics to get you started creating a beautifu.. There are places all over DC and VA that finish projects for you, which is a fancy way of saying they turn your completed needlepoint canvas into a pillow, door hanger, ornament, clutch, etc. The Point of it All in Northwest DC is my go-to local shop for this. They can help transform your completed project into just about anything

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Known especially for her belt canvases, she is also the creator of the needlepoint sandals and key fobs featured at the Bristly Thistle. She will be painting monograms on her self-finishing needlepoint/leather key fobs in the store-a perfect gift for the holidays. Come meet the artist between 10 to 1 and 2 to 5 each day The Art of It. Welcome to the world of needlepoint. Here, thread is the paint, stitches the stroke and canvas the surface. Up and down, down and up, we work patiently and lovingly to create heirlooms that will be handed down for generations. Pillows, belts, ornaments, eyeglass cases and Christmas stockings

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As you can see from our finishing page, the needlepoint canvases are beautifully finished and our prices are better than any in the industry for such quality work. Design-We can design any size needlepoint canvas for you from a belt to a rug. NEEDLEPOINT BELTS - We have over 300 belts in our line. All belts are made to size Needlepoint is a great way to make DIY decorations, embellishing clothing items, or one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. To submit requests for assistance, or provide feedback regarding accessibility, please contact support@masterclass.com. Articles. Videos. Instructors. Needlepoint is a great way to make DIY decorations, embellishing. Classic needlepoint finishing created to last a lifetime. We cherish the relationships we maintain with our clients and are proud to always work directly with our customers. We are one of the few 'retail brick-and-mortar' services dedicated to needlepoint finishing, and the only one in the state of Alabama Description. Our iconic needlepoint belt, as elegant as it is casual and fun, is the perfect accessory to help you stand apart from the crowd. This hand-stitched traditional belt is 1.25 in width and is finished with full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather and a solid brass buckle. Each belt is elegantly packaged in a handmade wooden gift. We are delighted to share with you this fabulous design by Ramsay Gourd! Finish as a double-sided sunglasses case or as a playful pillow. Dimensions: 7.5 W x 8 H on a 12 x 12 canvas. Mesh Size: 13 holes per inch. Hand stitch-painted pattern made with love to order in every stitch. Please note they do not come stitched

Customize a needlepoint belt with a landscape design that uniquely reflects a city, town, golf course, or beach that you love, or create a design to reflect the flags of states, countries, or organizations that you are proud to represent. Good Threads custom needlepoint belts range in size from 30-44 and are made with high-quality materials to. The Needlepoint Clubhouse offers start to finish support that makes the process seamless for the range of projects I stitch. From a FaceTime meeting to help me with fiber selections, to beautiful finishing, and everything in between, the full service experience quickly drew me in to switch from another local store I thought Hey! If I made a needlepoint belt, I'm sure I can make a key fob!! The finished key fob. NMC in Signal Flags. Supplies: -Size 5 Pearl Cotton Thread in your choice of colors-14 Count Aida Cloth-Size 2 Tapestry Needle-Fabric of your choice to finish back side-D-ring-Thread for attaching Needlepoint Canvas to Backing Fabric-Leathe Beth Gantz Designs is a hand-painted needlepoint design company for tweens, teens, and big kids too! Geared toward beginners -- but perfect for stitchers of any experience-- these designs are fun, fast, and easy to complete, giving everyone the power to create beautiful and whimsical customized needleart projects Jan 30, 2019 - Explore margaret kieffer's board needlepoint on Pinterest. See more ideas about needlepoint, needlepoint belts, it is finished