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  1. These tools let you document and report or publicly chastise dangerous drivers without giving away your identity - thus switching up the power dynamics and reinstating a little justice on these crazy roads. There's an obvious irony here. Using a mobile phone to report a reckless driver can also be an offense
  2. If you witness dangerous driving, you can report a bad driver to the police. Call 999 if dangerous driving's in progress and you think the driver could cause themselves or others a serious injury, for example if they're a drink driver. Make sure you're not driving and are in a safe place when you call
  3. istrations, and concerned relatives can report drivers who they think are no longer able to safely operate a motor vehicle due to a medical condition

Report Dangerous Drivers. Notify the Highway Patrol of a Reckless Driver. Now you can send a message to the Highway Patrol real-time. Often we see reckless drivers on our interstates and highways and have been unable to do much about this. A car or truck passes you at a high rate of speed and you can't identify their plate number Submit Complaint via FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Website. IMPORTANT: If this is a safety emergency, please call 911 immediately. The NCCDB complaint system is intended only for investigation of past events. Last updated: Monday, January 13, 2014 However, we also want to make sure that potentially unsafe drivers are evaluated. All records received by DMV which report a physical or mental condition are confidential and cannot be made public (California Vehicle Code (CVC) §1808.5) unless mandated by law On an as-needed basis simply place one or more gaming devices in the Timeout Box. Attach an expiration note to clearly identify when the box can be reopened Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver Please be as specific as possible about the driving abilities and medical or vision conditions of the driver, and include supporting documents with the completed form if necessary. The age of the driver isn't a consideration

If a driver is stopped by law enforcement but is not issued a ticket, it does not mean the officer cannot request the driver to be reviewed by the Medical Review Program. A law enforcement officer may report a driver by completing the Re-Examination Request, which may also be used by MVD personnel Report a road incident or unsafe driver - *555 and Roadwatch *555 Call *555 FREE from a mobile phone to report road incidents which are urgent but not life-threatening. This includes such things as non-injury crashes, traffic congestion, breakdowns and obstructions on the highway If you see a dangerous driver, you can report it to the police. How to report a dangerous driver If you or others are in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000). Report dangerous driving online or phone 13 HOON (13 46 66)

Identification: You must provide information to help the director identify the driver you are reporting such as: name, date of birth, driver license number, current address and license plate number for the vehicle being operated. Unsafe Driving Behavior: You must provide as many details as possible about how the driver is unsafe such as: any traffic violations, accidents and dangerous driving. Alternatively, if you witness dangerous driving you can always report it to the police, which will then be passed onto the DVLA. Any police reports allow you to remain anonymous. If you are wondering what constitutes as dangerous driving, here are some of the types that should be reported if they occur Members of the public can call Traffic Watch lo-call number 1890 205 805 to report aggressive driver behaviour, driving hazards and traffic-related incidents. Calls are answered and logged by civilian personnel at the Garda Information Services Centre, Castlebar. The reported incident is then forwarded to the relevant Garda Station for.

How to Report an Unsafe Driver. If you feel that someone you know is no longer able to drive a vehicle safely, complete a Driver Evaluation Request. Things to Remember When Reporting an Unsafe Driver. Please include examples of their unsafe driving or any medical conditions that may affect their driving Report any behavior by a truck driver that seems reckless, regardless of whether it falls into one of the categories above. Where to Make a Report . If an unsafe driver's conduct behind the wheel puts you or others in immediate danger, call 911 to report it as an emergency Dangerous Drivers Are a Real Thing, And So Is Reporting Them. Are you wondering how to report dangerous drivers in British Columbia? Call 911 if the threat is immediate. Otherwise, there are options for this, so keep reading to find out all the details. A reader's comment inspired this article

Each driver has a responsibility to: remind health professionals (doctors, specialists, eye doctors and pharmacists) that they drive ask if any medical condition may affect the ability to drive safely and if it should be reported to VicRoads ask if any medicine being taken could affect their ability to drive safely Note: If you see a car on the road with an unknown operator and they are driving in an unsafe manner, please call your local police to report it. Medical Review & Fitness Unit P.O. Box 7918 Madison WI 53707-791 How to Report a Dangerous Driver. January 7, 2021 by Post. Dangerous driving is defined under traffic laws in the United States as driving that puts other road users at risk. The driver involved in dangerous driving violations is not following the traffic rules that have been provided by the state or the federal government

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But only call if you feel it's a dangerous situation. Remember, the 911 system is intended to render urgent assistance in true emergencies. 911 should not be used for simple motor vehicle violations This website allows you to report dangerous driving. If you witness a dangerous driving incident, all you have to do is get the license plate number of the vehicle, state of the plate, and the incident you have witnessed To Report An Aggressive Driver The Colorado State Patrol's Star CSP (*277) aggressive driver program was implemented on July 1, 1998. The CSP partnered with several cellular companies to provide a phone number, free of charge, to be used by motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to report real time aggressive driving behavior The Department relies on information from law enforcement, medical personnel, Secretary of State branch staff, and concerned citizens, including family members, to identify unsafe drivers. The Department of State provides a form, called a Request for Driver Evaluation (DA-88), that can be completed and submitted to the Traffic Safety Division. Report a serious incident with a driver. If you were a co-rider on a trip or a third-party witness and wish to report a serious incident involving a rider, driver or vehicle, fill out the form below to help us identify the trip. We'll be in touch to help. Uber enforces strict safety guidelines to keep rides safe and comfortable

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  1. Report aggressive drivers to the appropriate law enforcement authorities by providing a vehicle description, location, license plate number, and direction of travel. If an aggressive or threatening driver is following you, do not stop or get out of your vehicle. Drive directly to the nearest police station. If an aggressive driver is involved.
  2. Report Unsafe Drivers. If you see a motorist violating one or more traffic laws, we encourage you to report it to our Traffic Services Section. Provide us with the vehicle's license number, make and color, along with the date, time, location and a description of the violation. The Traffic Services Section will send a letter to the vehicle's.
  3. You can report unsafe drivers to the California Highway Patrol's Southern Division headquarters in Glendale at (818) 240-8200, said CHP Sgt. A. James. The operator will direct your call to the.

Keep reading to learn about three important options you can use to report dangerous and negligent behavior from a truck driver or trucking company. Reporting Option #1: In an Emergency, Call 911. If you're witnessing an emergency on the road, call 911 right away VicRoads relies on both self-reports from drivers, and reports from relatives, police, health professionals and other members of the public about drivers who may be a road safety risk. Anyone can make a report of a potentially at-risk driver. slowing or stopping without reason in a traffic lane. date, time, place and description of the observed. Our online Citizen Self Reporting tool allows you to report minor crimes such as theft, property damage and driving complaints. You can use this tool to submit a report from your computer or mobile device without going to an OPP detachment. All submissions will be sent directly to the OPP and reviewed by an officer If you've had a scary experience or a near-miss, you may want to report someone for dangerous driving. You can use dashcam footage, phone the police or repor..

Phone the Illinois State Police to report the reckless driver and give them the information you recorded. Anyone in Illinois can do this from a cellphone by dialing *999. It is highly advised that someone other than the driver make the call to police. The last thing a person should do is create a road hazard while trying to report one to police Additional Complaints: There are many situations in which a situation should be reported, such as lumping, which is the practice in which a driver will pay others to unload cargo, or when a driver is engaging in unsafe or erratic behavior while on the road. If a situation can potentially be dangerous, it is worth lodging a complaint

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There are three levels of involvement in a driving complaint. From least effective to most effective they are: You report the incident as an anonymous complainant. You report the incident, identify yourself, but decline to become involved any further. You report the incident, identify yourself and commit to attending court if necessary Do you report dangerous drivers or know where it can be done / best way to go about it? Just travelling home with my family and some a hole in a Merc A200 slaloming in and out of traffic towards a.

Drivers can commit the offence of dangerous driving in one of two ways, either because the standard of their driving is very poor, or their vehicle is in very bad condition. In relation to the standard of driving, section 2A of the Road Traffic Act 1988 provides that a person will be regarded as driving dangerously if Road rage occurs regularly in California, as drivers explode in anger at other drivers out of personal or traffic-related stress. These incidents can become life-threatening situations. In California, road rage should be reported to law enforcement by phone and/or to the DMV by written statement Report dangerous driving. Report a dangerous driver. If you see dangerous, reckless or anti-social driving behaviour on Queensland roads, report it to police. Make a complaint about government vehicles. If you see a government vehicle being driven dangerously, report it to us Dial *FHP (*347) if you witness aggressive or dangerous driving. For more information about TACT and FHP's Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement, visit: The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides highway safety and security through excellence in service, education and enforcement. The Department is leading the way to.


The report must include the following information: • Date of complaint. • Full name of unsafe driver. • Address of unsafe driver. • Unsafe driver's licence number, if known. • Birth date or approximate age of unsafe driver, if known. • Specific concerns about the driver describing why they are a safety risk To submit a driving behaviour report, you must undertake that you are willing to testify in court in respect of the incident/violation. It is preferred if you are able to provide at least one independent eyewitness and/or corroborative evidence i. e. photograph (s) or video of the alleged violation to assist in the investigation A Driving Complaint, which includes a specific driver and vehicle involved in unlawful behaviour such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, disobeying traffic lights and failing to stop at a stop sign.. In order to submit a report for a specific driving complaint, a brief description of the vehicle is also required to validate the licence plate information Anti-social driving is a form of intimidating driving behaviour; it can include speeding, burnouts, tailgating, menacing driving and street racing. These illegal activities may result in the loss of licence, heavy fines, the seizing of vehicles and potentially imprisonment. ACT Policing will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or unsafe driving practices which could endange

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ADOT announces new process for bus drivers to report dangerous drivers. PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has announced a new process for bus drivers to report. The driver must wait at least 30 days, and can then re-apply for a driver license. A driver who fails a re-evaluation road test may want to consider the services of a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. To qualify for a new driver license, the driver must. apply for a Learner Permit at your local DMV Office (written test is waived) pass a vision. Travel time information along I-95 and live traffic cameras are available online at www.tmc.dot.ri.gov, and more information can be found by calling 511 or listening to the Highway Advisory Radio (1630 AM). Also, motorists are reminded to call *77 (*SP) on their cellular telephones to report dangerous drivers or hazardous road conditions Witnessed an AT&T employee running a red light, endangering cyclists and pedestrians today in SF. Intersection of Powell & Market in SF on Feb. 8, 2016 at approx. 4:50PM; vehicle license [edited..

The #77 Dangerous Driver System should be used to report aggressive or erratic driving that poses a risk to other motorists on the roadway. While these calls are important, 9-1-1 calls are prioritized over #77 calls as required by law. In #77 call response, police services are made aware of the report and respond according to availability and. Crime Stoppers worked with NSW Police calling on road users to report drink, drug, dangerous and distracted driving as part of a new road safety campaign. The campaign is focused on enlisting the community's help to crack down on the Four Ds to prevent crashes and keep loved ones safe. 280 people have died on NSW roads so far this year (from. Road users called on to report drink, drug-affected, dangerous and distracted drivers, as part of new campaign Use a passenger to record the time of the incident and the registration of the driver's vehicle. If possible, keep dashcam vision of the incident and provide it to Crime Stoppers or police The report also indicates that more than 23,000 significant violations were never properly reported. These shortcomings opened the door to unsafe truck drivers getting behind the wheel and moving upwards of 80,000 pounds at high rates of speed

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Reporting Dangerous Drivers. By. Summer Smith-December 15, 2011. We understand that no one wants to be a snitch, but sometimes long haul truckers witness something so drastic that something has to be done. Maybe it's a clip n' run, maybe it's a new driver who doesn't know how to tie down free-standing freight correctly - whatever the. report unsafe drivers, such as physicians, chiropractors, registered nurses, psychologists, and dangerous driving habits. Condition of Driver: You must report any conditions the driver has that may affect safe driving such as: • problems moving legs, arms, or head If you see a reckless semi-truck on the road, there are a few ways you can report an unsafe truck driver. Doing so may prevent an accident, or at the very least aid a truck accident investigation later on. Report the Driver to FMCSA. If you see a truck driving dangerously, you can report it to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Report an Aggressive Driver. This is not official documentation to report a crash. To file a traffic crash report or for police assistance, please call 615-862-8600 or 911 for a life-threatening emergency. Report Aggressive Driver. Required information. Area of Incidents (Name of roadway-Interstate, State Route, Municipal Street, cross streets. The law provides a list of persons who may report unsafe drivers such as: physicians, law enforcement personnel, social workers, therapists and immediate family of the driver. However, if the director has good cause to believe a driver may be unsafe to operate a motor vehicle, from any source, he may further investigate and if necessary require.

In summary, always call the police to report bad drivers. If you think they are dangerous, follow them (if you can do so safely), and either way rest assured that either today or in the future the information you provided will have consequences for that driver. posted by BlueSock at 5:41 PM on May 3, 2012 [67 favorites Schfifty Five. You report him for being unsafe and 50 people complain about late deliveries. In today's world late deliveries are a bigger first world problem than unsafe driving. Click to expand... Until that unsafe UPS driver gets into an accident and is the Company's fault and has to pay millions in damages Pick-Up & SUV Drivers: Aggressive Drivers?, Atlanta, 21 replies Reporting Dangerous Drivers, Lehigh Valley, 4 replies Does Aggressive Driver Mean Aggressive Personality?, Other Topics, 11 replies Orange County drivers are overly aggressive drivers, Orange County, 56 replie Welcome to License Plate Reports. We encourage you to report anybody that may have violated traffic law. Here you can voice your opinions about other drivers that you see on the road today. Driving should feel safe. If every driver on the road today followed the traffic laws there would be no need for this site, and you would not be here to.

Reporting hoon behaviour (traffic complaints) How to report hoon behaviour. Use a Report a Hoon Form (Traffic Complaint Form) form to record the details of the incident. Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence. Remember the only way a hoon may be convicted, if police don't witness the incident, is for you to attend Court How can you report an at-risk driver? If you have an elderly loved one who is an at-risk driver, a loved one with a medical condition, or see someone else at risk driving, you can report this to the local At-Risk Driver Program. You can report someone based on the person's known medical condition or if you see dangerous or odd driving behaviors New Jersey Drivers Can Now Report Dangerous Driving with #77 Alert System. Posted by Lydia Rich on Apr 28 2017 Tweet; Law enforcement has always encouraged people to contact them if you notice any suspicious behavior or have witnessed a crime. Similarly, local news stations usually have a hotline to call for this exact reason

The DVLA will then ask its Drivers Medical Group to carry out an investigation, contacting the driver's GP if necessary. Unlike visits to the optician, if you ignore its letter you will have your licence revoked immediately for non-compliance. #2 Saving for Christmas 2021 - £1 a day challenge £550/£638. #36 Saving for Christmas 2020 - £1 a. We get situations where people want to report another driver and, quite simply, we do an investigation, says Calgary Police Traffic Sgt. Paul Stacey. They all say calls about dangerous.

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How can I report a dangerous AT&T driver This At&t truck just cut me off and almost slammed into the car in the next lane on the San Mateo Bridge. License plate was [edited for privacy - please do not post personal information] it happened at about 2:50PM in Hayward just past Santa Clara Street. 10/1/1 In order to report a concern: Write a letter detailing the motorist's medical condition and as much of the following information as possible: name and address, driver license number and date of birth. Include your full name and address, your relationship to the driver and your observations regarding the person's driving safety Report Something. The Washington State Patrol is committed to keeping the public safe but we need your help. You can help keep our state safe by reporting crimes, illegal activity, or unsafe driving. Whether it's reporting an intoxicated driver or alerting us of license fraud, you can make a difference every day posted 2011-Nov-17, 11:22 am AEST. Depends on how dangerous their driving is - if it's likely to threaten someones life then you can call 000, if it's dangerous but not overly likely to kill someone/the danger has stopped then just report it to your local police station report on good, helpful and courteous driver behaviour and friendly and helpful traffic officers; request information on road and traffic conditions, etc; All reports must please be specific. If reports on reckless and inconsiderate behaviour are submitted, please provide factual reasons on why you think a driver behaved recklessly or.

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Calling 311 to report dangerous taxicab drivers works The taxi driven by the man who harassed me and against whom I testified in an administrative hearing. This is the story of my being harassed by a taxi driver while cycling in downtown Chicago the day before Thanksgiving in November 2011 • Report aggressive drivers by calling 311. If necessary, police departments invite motorists to report unsafe drivers by calling 311. Include the vehicle description, location, license plate number, and direction of travel to authorities, if possible. • Call 911 if threatened. Anytime a motorist i Can you report a dangerous driver after the fact? Discussion Driving on my way to work two days ago and a driver in front of me was driving erratically, it got worse as the drive went on until they were swerving over the road, flipping people off and even made out they were going to side swipe the person in front of me side on

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A report to the relevant driver's licensing authority may be a service to the patient as well as to the public. While loss of driving privileges is almost certainly an inconvenience and can even be detrimental to a patient's well-being, the risk of injury or death to both the patient and third parties due to a medical impairment is too. Report an Unsafe Driver. Florida law allows any physician, person or agency having knowledge of a licensed driver's mental or physical disability to drive to report that knowledge to Florida DMV. This information is kept confidential and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report. Sadly last year there were 358 fatal. I would like to report a reckless driver in Anaheim California. Driver was tailgating, swerving in and out of traffic as well as cutting people off at a high rate of speed on local streets. He even tried to push me out of a lane. The driver was male driving a red Toyota Corolla license plate 7v07675

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To report dangerous driving, pull over to the side of the road, dial 901, 800 7777 or 800 4353, citing the number plate of the driver in question. Alternatively, you can email information to mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae Click here (English or Spanish) to report a medically unsafe driver. The Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board is a panel of physicians that advises the FLHSMV with medical criteria and vision standards relating to the licensing of drivers Report aggressive driving (vehicle description, license number, location) Find a safe place to call 911; Be prepared to provide location, vehicle description and license plate number; Report unsafe driving online when you get to your destinatio

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How To: Report Dangerous Drivers In a thread on The Chainlink, a Chicago bicycling online community, I asked what one should do in the situation I was in last month. Recap: I was riding along on a quiet street, lalala, when a guy in an SUV honked continuously at me, pushed by me so closely that my fingers brushed his truck when I put my arm out. If you have information on a crime, call Crime Stoppers confidentially on 1800 333 000 or submit an online report here. The Victims of Crime Helpline, operated by the Victorian Government, helps people in Victoria manage the effects of violent crime. Victims can receive free information and support to help them manage the effects of crime and. If you observe unusual or dangerous actions behind the wheel that may be caused by a medical condition, please complete a Driver Condition or Behavior Report MV3141 . Once completed, these reports can be submitted to the DMV through TraCS, fax, email or mail. Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver Step 1. Write report. The report must include: date of report; full name of unsafe driver; address of unsafe driver, if known; unsafe driver's licence number, if known; birth date or approximate age of unsafe driver, if known; any known medical or physical conditions that may affect safe driving; name, signature and phone number of the person.

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Report Dangerous Drivers With the Touch of a Button. Dear Dr. Gridlock: What can be done to put the brakes on an aggressive driver? I have seen this driver on the Beltway a couple of times The Nightteam's Patrick Fraser has this exclusive special assignment report: Dangerous Driver. Here is the quick version: Michael was riding on a county bus. He and the bus driver got into an. Dangerous Driving Drink Driving Drug Driving Disqualified Driving Enquiries@Dorset.PNN.Police.uk (or dial 101) for attention of Operation Dragoon. Road Rage; Damage to vehicle (Fail to Stop Collisions) Theft from parked vehicl I do know how to use 911, but other states have other methods to report dangerous drivers so it doesn't clog the main emergency lines (like dialing *HP) Wasn't sure if Oregon had a line like that. Probably contributes to the fact that the 911 lines are always busy here HOW TO REPORT DANGEROUS DRIVERS USING A VIDEO CAMERA January 16, 2021 . Yavapai County Sherriff's Office. 255 E. Gurley Street. Prescott, Arizona 86301. Sir / Madam