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  1. Shop for decks 8.5. The best choice online for decks 8.5 is at Zumiez.com where shipping is always free to any Zumiez store
  2. Polar Shin Sanbongi Faces Blue Deck 8.5 Polar Skate Co $59.99. Polar Hjalte Halberg Insomnia White Wheel Wells Deck 8.5. Quick View. Qty. Add to Cart. Polar Hjalte Halberg Insomnia White Wheel Wells Deck 8.5 Polar Skate Co $64.99. Polar Nick Boserio Year 2020 Moss Green Deck 8.5
  3. Antihero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck 8.5. $64.95. Baker Rowan Mario Deck (8.5) $65.00. Baker Rowan Wizardry Deck (8.5) $65.00. Anti Hero Trujillo Show Pigeons 8.5 Deck. $65.00. Real Skateboards - Real Ishod Customs Twintail Deck 8.5
  4. Delivery times are taking longer than normal. 1-9 decks is 3-4 Months 10 or more is 6-8 Months. These are Estimated time frames. This wood shop is working overtime. Views: 44706. Product Code: B-8.5 Blank Deck. Availability: Fresh Cut Made To Order. $20.00
  5. A crisp-yet-comfortable cut makes this Deck short a must for everyday wear. Flat-front tailoring and trouser pockets keep the look sharp

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Element Skateboards Elemental Seal Black Skateboard Deck - 8.5 x 32.7 with Jessup WS Die-Cut Black Griptape - Bundle of 2 Items 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $63.99 $ 63 . 9 Thanks to active stretch technology, these signature crisp-yet-comfortable Deck shorts are a must-have for your warm-weather wardrobe. 97% cotton, 3% elastane Classic fit The Best Skateboard You Will Ever Ride aka the VX deck by Santa Cruz Skateboards has landed and is ready to rip session after session. Each VX deck is constructed with 5-plys of hard rock North American Maple and reinforced by two layers of Santa Cruz Quad X Technology material on either side

Hi guys, I am relatively new to skating, so I was wondering if I can run 8.25 independant 144 trucks on a 8.5 deck? Thanks in advance This 8.5-Ton Carry Deck Crane Diesel is compact, with a low-profile design that clears overhead obstructions and maneuvers in tight spaces. This deck crane has a large, self-loading cargo deck ideal for transporting heavy objects on the job. The maximum carry capacity is 11,500 lbs., and the horizontal reach is 38'/55'. Applications include industrial and manufacturing plants, equipment. Polar Skate Co. Hjalte Halberg Isolation Skateboard Deck - 8.5. £62.99. Quasi Portland Tyler Bledsoe Deck - 8.5. £66.00. Madness Skateboards - Back Hand Deck 8.5 Wide. £54.95. Quasi Magiq One deck 8.5. £66.00. Quasi Bledsoe Portland deck 8.5 Real Ishod Glitch Oval Deck 8.5 Real $59.99. Anti Hero Curb Riot Redux Deck 8.5. Quick View. Qty. Add to Cart. Anti Hero Curb Riot Redux Deck 8.5 Anti Hero $59.99. Magenta Jimmy Lannon Sleep Deck 8.5. Quick View. Qty Decks. REFINE. Tri-Color Pod 8.5. $ 63.00 Dela Eye Level 1 8.125 / 8.75. $ 65.00 Kaue Aerovias Brazil 8.25. $ 65.00 Insecta 8.0. $ 63.00 Pod Contour Medium 8.0. $ 63.00 Tri-Color Pod 8.125. $ 63.00 Tri-Color Pod 8.25. $ 63.00 Kaue Harper Brazil 8.25.

Dixon Blood Drill Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Dixon Blood Drill Deck 8.5. $ 69.00 Add to Cart. Includes 1 sheet of black grip View full product details » + Quick Shop OG Toy Logo Shaped Deck 8.75 $ 66.00. OG Toy Logo Shaped Deck 8.75. $ 66.00. Krooked Team Wild Style Flowers 8.5 Skateboard Deck green $57.95 Compare. Krooked Cromer Stay Off 8.38 Skateboard Deck $62.95 Compare. Krooked Flowers 8.38 Price Point Skateboard Deck $46.95 Compare. Krooked Sandoval Klassik 8.25 Skateboard Deck $62.95 Compare. Krooked Sandoval Funnie Barroles 8.38 Skateboard Deck $62.95 Compare I haven't ridden a 7.75 deck in like 12 years. I switched from 8.25 to 8.5 exactly 10 years ago. Here are my thoughts trying to skate such a small board

Plan B Canucks McKay 8.5 Deck quantity. Add to cart. SKU PBDE0021B035 Categories PRODUCT, DECKS. Share. Additional information; Reviews 0; Additional information. Weight: 1.2 kg: PRO: Colin McKay. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review The width of your truck should match the width of your skateboard deck. This data table shows exactly what size you need. Deck size. Axle width. Hangar width. 7.75 inch to 8.0 inch. 7.75 inch / 197 mm. 5.0 inch / 129 mm. 8 inch to 8.5 inch Model Axle width Deck width 109 6.9 6.2 - 7.4 129 7.6 7.4 - 7.8 139 8.0 7.8 - 8.2 144 8.25 8.1 - 8.4 149 8.5 8.3 - 8.7 159 8.75 8.6 - 9.0. Banner Year Schaar Skateboard Deck. $55.00. Pro Model. 1 Color. Quick View. Timber Forest Wolf Dragon Skateboard Deck. $55.00. 1 Color. Quick View The Patriot Deck Barometer features an easy-to-read white dial with popular inch and millibar scales and a precision, double-bellows holosteric movement. The case is made from phenolic - a high-impact, heat-resistant black resin that stands up to time and the elements. Featuring a clear glass lens, its hinged bezel and brass screw-bolt lock.

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Kirby Burgandy White Gang Name Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Sold out. Gang Logo Navy/Red Foil Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Quick Buy Delfino Dystopia Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Get in touch. 818-284-4168. cs@bakerboysdist.com. deathwish / Website template by Shopify. 4 BLANK Skateboard DECKS Deck 8.5 in (8 1/2) NATURAL INCLUDES PRO GRIPTAPE. Brand New. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1 product rating. - 4 BLANK Skateboard DECKS Deck 8.5 in (8 1/2) NATURAL INCLUDES PRO GRIPTAPE. $107.95. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings. Returns, money back The Heart Supply Jagger Eaton Trinity Gold Foil Skateboard Deck - 8.25 x 32. $59.99. 1DHEAEATTNY82D8. New Item. The Heart Supply Jagger Eaton Trinity Tie-Dye Skateboard Deck Impact Light - 8 x 31.875. $64.99. 1DHEAEATTNY80TT. New Item. The Heart Supply Stripes Pearl White Skateboard Deck - 8.5 x 32.5 Re: Indy 159 or 169 for deck sizes fluctuating between 8.25/8.5. 159s would fit 8.25 thru 8.5 perfect. on a full 8.5 the outside edge of the wheel nuts will be flush with the edge of the board. on a 8.25 they would be sticking out, but the edge of the riding surface of your wheels are now flush with edge of the board, so aside from a mental. Black Label Skateboard Deck Troy Skull 8.5 Yellow. $127.00. Qty. 1 2. Add to cart. Add to wish list. Blind Skateboard Deck Girl Doll RHM 8.5 Green. $59.00. Qty

Hawk Brand Name Blue Foil B2 8.5. $ 69. Dollin Brand Name Deck Red Foil B2 8.25. $ 66. Rowan Brand Name Foil Green Deck B2 8.0. $ 66. Baca Ribbon Grey Veneer 8.475. $ 69. Tyson Ribbon Green Veneer Deck 8.5. $ 69. Theotis Ribbon Pink Veneer Deck 8.0. $ 66. Herman Ribbon Blue Veneer Deck 8.25. $ 66. Impact Hoodie Grey Heather. $ 70. Drop Out Crew. Beam span maximums are based on a maximum anticipated live load as well as other factors. Building codes for residential decks only require 40 psf in some areas, but check your local requirements to make sure you are aware of any additional local guidelines. In addition, many residents prefer the fell of a deck that is designed for higher loads

5B DECKS. 5B FISH SERIES STATEN ISLAND EEL 8.5 $ 56.95. Quick View. 5B FISH SERIES QUEENS PIKE 8.375 $ 56.95. Quick View. 5B Jessup Grip Tape. $ 5.00. Quick View. 5B MANHATTAN MARLIN 7.75 & 8 $ 56.95. Quick View. 5B FISH SERIES BROOKLYN CATFISH 8.25. Baker Hawk Brand Logo BLUE Foil B2 Deck 8.5 x 32.5. $67.99 Quick Order. New. Baker Zorilla Brand Logo GRN Foil Deck 8.0 x 32. $64.99 Quick Order. New. Baker Dollin Brand Logo RED Foil Deck 8.25 x 32.2. $64.99 Quick Order. New. Baker Peterson Ribbon GRN Veneer Deck 8.5 x 32. $67.99 Quick Order. New. Baker Herman Ribbon BLU Veneer Deck Produced in the USA with the highest quality wood and most functional shapes, these are some of the most solid decks in the industry. Please Note: Top ply stain will vary from photo.8.5 wide14.5 wheelbase6.5875 tail7.0 nose32.25 lengt Cheap Blank Decks NATURAL RAW 7.75″ 8.0″ 8.25″ and 8.5″. $ 34.95. What an amazing deal for a deck! Blank skate deck is the choice if you want to rip around plain jane style. Same 7 plies of durable great wood are pressed into this deck with medium concave. The shape maintains nice balance between square and pointy, so it would appeal to.

FULL - Deck width: 7.5 or larger - for all skaters over age 13, taller than 5'3 with a shoe size of 9 or up. 7.5 to 8 Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical trick Description. Skateboard Manufacturer making 8.5″ width Blank Skateboard Decks in steep or medium concave. All decks are made in our factory in Huntington Beach California. Additional information. Weight. 2.7 lbs. Dimensions. 32 × 8 × .5 in. Stain

Plan B Dracula Danny 8.5 Deck quantity. Add to cart. SKU PBDE0021B018 Categories PRODUCT, DECKS. Share. Additional information; Reviews 0; Additional information. Weight: 1.2 kg: Sizes: 8.25 Serie: Monsters. PRO: Danny Way. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review MINI LOGO DETONATOR 15 SKATEBOARD DECK 191 K16 NATURAL - 7.5 X 28.65 - MINI. Skate One manufactures and distributes a full range of concaves, shapes, sizes, and graphics, guaranteed not to delaminate during the useful life of the skateboard. Custom designed and fabricated AirLam™ low pressure air bladder presses are used to laminate 7 plies. 8.0in x 31.8in Provost Phantasm VX Deck Creature Skateboard Deck 8.25in x 32.04in Martinez Phantasm VX Deck Creature Skateboard Deck 8.6in x 32.11in Russell Phantasm VX Deck Creature Skateboard Deck 8.375in x 32in Malt Sliquor SM Everslick Creature Skateboard Deck 8.65in x 32.20in Malt Sliquor MD Everslick Creature Skateboard Deck.

npm install @deck.gl/react@8.5. SourceRank 18. Dependencies 0 Dependent packages 28 Dependent repositories 128 Total releases 278 Latest release 8 days ago First release Apr 11, 2018 Stars 8.81K Forks 1.59K Watchers 1,778 Contributors 92 Repository size 285 MB. width: 8.5 | length: 32.125 | wheelbase: 14.2 | nose: 7.25 | tail: 6.625 | high concave | shaped | 7-ply maple construction | Dragon.. BLOOD WIZARD FUTURE WASTELAND DECK-8.5 SIL/NAT. $59.00. Add. Blood Wizard BLOOD WIZARD GIVEN EVIL SAGA DECK-8.5 NATURAL. $59.00. Add. Blood Wizard BLOOD WIZARD GIVEN NEANDERWOLF OCCULT DECK-8.0. $59.00. Add. Blood Wizard BLOOD WIZARD GIVEN NEANDERWOLF OCCULT DECK-8.37. $59.00. Add. Blood Wizar

Animal Farm / 8.5 Deck. Regular price $65.00 Sale price $0.00 Quantity. Add to Cart. Artwork by Sean Cliver; Manufactured at PS Stix (Heat Transfer) Dimensions: 8.5 x 32.25; Specs: Nose: 7.125 / Tail: 6.75 / WB: 14.25; Product Description: No more than a few March weeks deep into the Great Worldwide Shut Down of 2020, I couldn't help but wonder. Theories Of Atlantis Ecunumy Deck 8.5 X 32.25 Assorted Bottom Stains Free grip with purchase of deck Theories Of Atlantis Coffin Deck 8.5 X 32.25 Free grip with purchase of deck Dixon Blood Drill Deck 8.5. $ 69.00 Add to Cart. Includes 1 sheet of black grip View full product details » + Quick Shop OG Toy Logo Shaped Deck 8.75 $ 66.00. OG Toy Logo Shaped Deck 8.75. $ 66.00.

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Madness - Fardell Gonz 8.5 Deck. $64 95 $64.95; Width: 8.5 / Length: 32.63 / Wheelbase: 14.8 Jack Fardell signature model; Graphic art by Mark Gonzales; Lenticular swirl inlay; Mellow concave with steep kick; Resin-7 Canadian Maple construction. Hosoi Pro Team: Handplant Series - Assorted Sizes. O.G. Hammerhead Double Kick 10.5 x 31 - Electric Shocker Deck. Hammerhead Double Kick 10.25 x 31 - Sunburst Deck. Hammerhead Double Kick 10.5 x 31 Wheelbase 16 - Multi Color Stain. O.G. Hammerhead 10.5 x 31 Wheelbase 16 - Multi Color Stain. Dragon (Signed), Paint Air (Signed), Gold O. P7CAM154STT (7 Ton Tilt Trailer Split Deck 8.5 x 15+4) Floor Length: 19' or 228.00. Width: 8' 6 or 102.00. Weight: 3500 lbs. GVWR: 16100 lbs NPET Blank Skateboard Decks, Canadian Maple Wood Deck for DIY 31inch. Size: 31inch x 8inch. Save 10% on NPET Skateboard Wheels Combo Set (B076SH7KNT) when you purchase 1 or more NPET Blank Skateboard Decks. Holes spacing: 4 cm (Fit normal 5 inch truck) Material: 7 plies Canadian Maple Deck. Color: Natural. Deck with a double kick, concave shape

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Madness Back Hand Holographic R7 8.5 Skateboard Deck Resin 7 Construction Width: 8.5″ / Length: 32.3″ / Wheelbase: 14.5″ Nose: 6.93″ / Tail: 6.63″ Mellow Concave / Steep Kick. Features: Holographic Foil and Prism Effect Duet Shape. Resin-7 North American Maple Construction · 7-ply 100% North American Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue. Shop Nautica Men's 8.5 Stretch Classic-Fit Deck Shorts online at Macys.com. Made of a stretch cotton fabrication with a flat-front design and a clean cut look, these shorts are an essential pair to keep around for Saturdays and vacation days

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Deck Size 7.38 2 items 7.50 2 item Skateboard Truck & Wheel Size Chart. *All measurements are basic recommendations, but may change based on personal preference. Risers can be used to prevent wheel bite, we recommend using a 1/8″ riser when you have a 56mm to 60mm size wheel. You can use 7/8″ (flush fit) or 1″ (a little extra) hardware for most setups, we recommend using 1. A beginner skateboard setup for should have the following parts: A deck between 8.0 and 8.25 inches. Wheels between 50mm and 54mm. Wheel hardness between 96A and 99A. Quality trucks that match the deck's width. Hardware, grip tape and optionally a skate tool. I'll go through the list and explain what you need under different circumstances Enjoi - Bird Watcher 8.5 Deck. $4995. $49.95. Default Title. Default Title - Not In Stock. Width: 8.5 / Length: 32.1 / Wheelbase: 14.25. Mellow concave with steep kick. 7 ply birch and maple hybrid construction with epoxy resin

Team Deck Art by Ron Chatman Black Pearl bottom 8.5 x 32 14.5 Wheelbase Classic Shape, mellow concave for quicker response 100% Hard Rock Canadian Maple Includes 1 sheet of black gri Krooked Skateboards Cromer Multi Deck - Brad Cromer signature skateboard deck - 8,5″ x 31,8″ - Wheel base: 14,25″ - 7-ply - Varying colors - Free Jessup Ultra griptape - Made in Mexico by BBS/Generato Request More Info *116704* 8.5x20 Flatbed Deck Over Trailer |LRT Tandem Axle Trailers 8.5 x 20. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more information Request More Info *116340* 8.5x30 Gooseneck Flatbed Deck Over Trailer |LRT Haulers & Trailers 8.5 x 30. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more information

Kirby Chatman Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Neen War Masters Deck 8.125 $ 66.00. Dickson War Masters Deck 8.25 $ 66.00. Foy War Masters Deck 8.0 $ 66.00. Hayes Smoking Roo Deck 8.0 $ 66.00. Foy Spanky's Big Boy Deck 8.25 $ 66.00. Delfino Nine Lives Deck 8.5 $ 69.00. Neen Astrovore Twin Deck 8.25 $ 66.00. Kirby Sacrilege Deck 8. Polar Decks. Polar was created by artist and skateboarder Pontus Alv, in support of the European inedependent and DIY skate scene. Their skateboard deck artwork is unmistakable and their logo is sign of great skate wear, from hoodies and T-Shirts to their trousers and caps. Order in the next 12 hours 46 minutes to receive this product by Monday.

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How to Calculate Stair Stringers. Having a stable, sturdy set of stairs leading to and from your deck is one of the most important—and complex—parts of the deck building process. To calculate the stringer length, follow this formula: (run) 2 + (stair rise) 2 = [square root of your total Hello, I am running the latest version of Rekorkbox v5.8.5 and I noticed that the Master Deck Auto-switching is not working. I still have an old version installed (v5.8.2) and I verified that the function does work in the previous version but not v5.8.5

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This professional quality Creature Skateboard Deck measures 8.5″ wide x 32.25″ long and will satisfy the needs of skater of any skill level. Creature Chris Russel Valhalla 8.5″ deck is loaded with Powerply chip resistant technology. It slows down wear on nose and tail, besides resisting the chip formation Choosing Your First Skateboard Trucks « Back. Now that you have your skateboard deck picked out (if you don't, here's our choosing your first skateboard deck guide), let's figure out the best trucks for your first skateboard.Trucks are sold in pairs, they allow your skateboard to turn, they're what you grind on, and are what your wheels and bearings spin on 8.5 x 31.75 x 14.25 WB - Krooked Flowers - Price Point Skate Deck - Krooked - Shop decks from Krooked and more at CCSurf.com - Central Coast Surfboards - Fueling Fun Since 197

Thunder Trucks sizing chart including universal sizing comparison, axle lengths, and suggested sizing for deck widths. FREE SHIPPING AU • $29.95 WORLDWIDE ONLINE 24/7 • DISPATCH DAILY Currency: AUD Community Help & Info Contac 32.08. Deck Width. 8.5. Deck Nose. 6.88. Deck Tail. 6.63. To enter all you need to do is grab a new Mini Logo Skateboards Masterpiece Deck, create your artwork in the wood grain area inside the picture frame of the graphic, and post a picture of your completed Mini Logo Skateboards Masterpiece Deck artwork to Instagram, including @mini_logo. Girl 8.5 Griffin Gass Pin Point One Off Skateboard Deck. $86.00. Girl 8.5 Griffin Gass Vibrations OG Skateboard Deck. $86.00. Yardsale 8.5 Otherworld II Skateboard Deck Green. $78.00. Yardsale 8.5 Siren B II Skateboard Deck Navy / Red. $78.00. Yardsale 8.5 Xenomorph Light Skateboard Deck White Rvca AVYXD00102 ANDREW REYNOLDS BAKERRVCA 8.5 SKATEBOARD DECK. Sign in to get your rewards, free shipping and free returns or access your account savings Hello. Sorry for my bad english probably, becouse I'm from Poland. Dudes, do you ride 8.5 boards on street? I think that small stairs, rails, ledges and skatepark. I like grind and flips a lot. Currently I'm riding with 8.25 Sk8mafia deck with 139 Indys. I'm going to buy 8.5 deck and wider Indy trucks. Which should I choose? I used to ride on 8.0 deck with 139 Indys and this was perfect

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L: 32.25 | W: 8.50 | WB: 14.50 Shuriken Shannon's signature shape with a softer concave for increased board feel. Artist: Connor Getzlaff Notable Features Deck 7 Ply Canadian Hardrock Maple Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products Shuriken Shanno Amelia 8.5 Baba Yaga Deck. L: 32.25 | W: 8.50 | WB: 14.625 $54.95 Arbor Collective Home Sign up and Save. Sign up and Save Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Email Address Subscribe bot prevention input More Info. More Info Customer Service; Warranty. My favorite decks are Toy Machine, but they're boards always feel a bit bigger than they are, so I think a Toy Machine 8.5 will feel too big. sk8rat97 07-20-2014, 08:51 P Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Taper Tip Deck - assorted sizes 8.5 x 32.3 8.375 x 32.15 8.25 x 32 8 x 31.